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Publication Order of Repairman Jack Books

Publication Order of Repairman Jack: The Early Years Books

Repairman Jack series is a series based on the character created by F. Paul Wilson. Jack originally appeared within the Adversary Cycle series, but eventually went on to have his own series of books referred to as The Repairman Jack series.

Repairman Jack is known as a “fix-it” man, but the thing that he fixes isn’t broken washing machines or refrigerators. Jack is an underground mercenary who is hired to fix situations that simply can’t be handled through legal means. In his work, he must be careful who he agrees to work for. He prefers to help innocent or desperate people with no one else to turn to, and he shies away from those who wish to do harm to others. In fact, he refuses to take any murder for hire jobs and tries to stay away from any cases that involve anything domestic between couples, kidnappings, and anything involving the police of any kind. The cases that he takes on in his books tend to begin simply and grow in more complex problems with science-fiction or supernatural elements.

The cases that Repairman Jack takes on are always relevant to problems in the real world. The stories cover everything from conspirary groups to grassroots movements, designer drugs, terrorism, biological experiments gone wrong, to public shootings. In order to solve these cases, Jack relies on his wits, experience, and real-life weapons to do battle. He will use supernatural sources for information, but does not use any sort of supernatural weapon or abilities in his battles.

Repairman Jack is always trying to hide his identity from the government and does his best to cover his tracks by not leaving behind anything that might identify him. He does not even advertise his “fix-it” business, instead relying on word of mouth and an anonymous website.

The Tomb is the first Repairman Jack novel. The book sees Repairman Jack getting his latest fix, a job to find a stolen necklace. It seems like the job will be simply to find a piece of jewelry, but the jewelry itself turns out to be much more than that. The necklace itself is powerful, some call it cursed while others call it blessed. The quest leads Jack to Manhattan’s West Side docks and a rusty freighter where he finds an item that threatens not only his sanity, but the entire city around him. Worst of all, it will threaten his girlfriend’s daughter, Vicky, the last surviving member of a bloodline marked for extinction.

The series continues with Legacies where Jack takes his latest fixing job from Dr. Alicia Clayton. She is a pediatrician who treats children with AIDs, but is also full of secrets and the inheritor of a house that has a secret of its own. Alicia is haunted by the painful memories of the home and wants it destroyed. She has hired people to do it for her, but everyone one of them has ended up dead. The house holds a powerful secret of its own and it seemingly won’t let itself be destroyed. While Alicia’s brother will do anything to get his hands on the secret. He’ll have to compete with Repairman Jack to find it first.

The third book in the Repairman Jack series is Conspiracies. The book sees Repairman Jack looking for clues in hopes of finding a missing conspiracy theorist named Melanie Ehler. To find her, he heads to a Jack heads to a conspiracy convention that is filled with other theorists. It is a place where aliens are real, the government is out to get you, and the world is heading for a war between good and evil. Repairman Jack soon finds that nobody here can be trusted and many of that aren’t all that they seem to be. As he continues his search, Jack begins having vivid dreams that make him wonder whether he’s headed for a clash of his own, a clash with his own past.

The series continues with All the Rage. A new designer drug is hitting the street that allows its users to heighten their assertiveness, opens the door to their primal self, and gives them an edge in competition. It doesn’t matter if it is an athletic competition or a meeting in the boardroom, it gives the user the ultimate advantage. That fact makes it nearly irresistible to temptation, but that’s before you learn about the side effects: uncontrollable rage and a desire to kill. Repairman Jack finds himself up against the dealers and makers of this dangerous new drug. He finds that the drug comes from a surprising source, a source that could effect those he most cares about. Stopping the source could save lives, but it may cost Jack his.

Another great book in the Repairman Jack series is Hosts. Things get personal for Jack when he is contacted by his long-lost sister Kate. It has been fifteen years since he last saw her and now she needs his help to track down the source of her girlfriend’s trance-like behavior. She seeks out someone who can help and is surprised to find that it is actually her little brother. She’s not happy with what he’s been doing with his life all these years, but is ready to accept the help. Kate and Jack find out that Jeanette’s behavior is because of an experimental therapy she underwent for a brain tumor. The therapy has given her a mutated virus that wishes to multiply and stopping it could have deadly results. Making matters worse, Jack stops a shooter on the train which leads to him being seen in the tabloids as a hero. A reporter is on the train with him and wants to make him a hero which would definitely be bad for business.

The Haunted Air sees Repairman Jack heading to the Astoria, Queens neighborhood where a house is being haunted by the ghost of a nine-year-old gir in riding clothes. The girl was abducted from the stables in Brooklyn more than two decades ago and now it’s up to Jack to find out the truth, and liberate the spirit.

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  1. Deborah Jeanne: 1 year ago

    Someone told me, “If you like Reacher, you’ll like Repairman Jack.” And they were so right! I was hooked halfway through The Tomb, and I’m thrilled there are 19 books to go. Hopefully by the time I’m done, another book will have been published!

  2. Marilyn Bargemann: 3 years ago

    Have everyone of his books they are brilliant


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