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Publication Order of Rescues/Kell Sabin Books

Linda Howard is an American author of fiction. She was born in 1950. She is an author of romance novels. Her full name is Linda S. Howington and she writes under the pseudonym of Linda Howard. Her novel Loving Evangeline of the American Heroes series was adapted into a movie for television that came out in 1999.

She always loved the sweeping romantic classic novel Gone with the Wind. Howard has since channeled that original enjoyment of romance into her romance novels and sold many copies as a result. She considered writing for an audience and decided to write and submit a novel that was published. The novel was pretty successful and the first book she ever wrote came out in 1982, published by Silhouette.

She is a member of the writing group, the Romance Writers of America. In the year 2005, she received their Career Achievement Award. Howard resides in Gadsden, Alabama and lives there with her awesome husband, Gary. They share their home and their lives with their pets too, as they have two golden retrievers. They also are parents to children, with Linda serving as stepmother to three and grandmother to three children as well!

She is the creator of the Rescues series, which features the main character of Kell Sabin. The series kicked off with the release of the debut novel, Midnight Rainbow. It came out in 1984 and was followed by the release of the sequel to Midnight Rainbow, which is titled Diamond Bay. That came out three years later. The third novel in the series came out the same year and is titled Heartbreaker. The fourth novel came out a year later and is titled White Lies.

Midnight Rainbow is the first novel in Linda Howard’s Rescue series. When it comes to this novel, you are going to love it if you love thrillers with tons of twists and turns. Meet the first main character in this book, Grant Sullivan. He is someone that works for the government and so far has managed to become one of their top agents in the process.

Grant has agreed to take on the mission this time of rescuing a wealthy socialite. She is a beautiful young woman named Jane Hamilton Greer an there may be more to her than initially meets the eye. That’s because Jane is not also a lady that enjoys going out and socializing and wearing and doing the finer things in life– she may also lead a double life as a spy.

Could this woman possibly be involved in espionage? That’s what someone like Grant is paid the money to find out. He’s being paid to spend time with her and get close to her in the hopes that she will trust him (while also at the same time having no idea that he works for the government). Grant does get the chance to spend some time with her, and he is trying to do everything in his power that he can to ensure that he does not fall for her.

It’s always best with things like this, after all, to keep relations strictly professional. Try as he might, Grant is struggling to resist the charms of this young woman. He’s even starting to believe that the two of them would be a perfect pair if they lived in a world where they could be together.

He was sent there to investigate whether she was guilty of something, but now any qualms about being innocent or being guilty have begun to take a spot of lesser priority. The two of them are starting to realize that they have feelings for the other. But at the same time, they are also starting to think that this was just bad timing.

If it had been any other profession that Grant had and any other situation for her, would they be able to give into their deepest desires and senses of passion? Maybe, but when it comes to this world of espionage and back alley dealings, you can never get too comfortable. Even if the woman you’re with is merely just a socialite.

These two come from worlds that are so far apart, yet they may find out that they share something in common in the end. Technically they would have never met if it weren’t for where they were in their lives, but what will they do if the job comes first? These star-crossed lovers may never actually make it to the love part of their relationship.

Can Grant do what he was assigned to do and find out the real truth about this mysterious and alluring socialite? What will he do if he finds out that she is guilty of espionage and treason or something worse?It’s a battle of duty against heart, and he has no guarantees that this woman wouldn’t play him like a fiddle. What will he do? You have got to pick up the debut novel in the Rescues series by Linda Howard to find out!

Diamond Bay is the second novel in the Rescue series by Linda Howard. This exciting sequel is a romance novel that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing! This novel starts out following the character of Rachel Jones. She is a young woman that just wants to avoid any type of trouble, and that includes relationships.

Rachel also was not looking for a man, but she has managed to find one anyway. She wasn’t expecting to fall for someone, but she also was not expecting to find Kell washed up on the shore of a beach and barely alive. On that hot summer’s night in Florida, she is the one to find him and what can she do but offer help and tend to this poor stranger?

She follows her instinct to help Kell and he slowly starts to heal. She’s starting to believe that she’s falling for him as well. However, there’s someone out there that wants him dead. Rachel may be in the way, but can he keep her safe? Will she lose Kell forever? Pick up Diamond Bay to find out!

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