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Restoration by Terri Blackstock
Author Terri Blackstock pens the “Restoration” series of Christian suspense mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2005, when “Last Light” was released. After four novels, the series ended publication, when “Dawn’s Light” was released in the year 2008. All of the books in the series are published by Zondervan.

The series focuses on the Branning family after an electromagnetic pulse wipes out the electricity all around the world. In these books, Terri weaves a what-if tale where global catastrophe uncovers the darkness inside of human hearts and it lights the way to restoration for this self-centered world.

In the year 2007, “Night Light” won a Retailer’s Choice Award for General Fiction. “True Light” was the number one selling Christian book the month it was released.

“Last Light” is the first novel in the “Restoration” series of novels and was released in the year 2005. Doug Branning’s mind raced to comprehend. Planes were crashing and burning, falling right out of the sky.

Birmingham has lost every bit of its power. The streets are jammed with cars that will not start, and the airport is engulfed in flames from all of the burning planes. Communications have gone silent, cell phones and computers, even radios.

During a crisis that takes the entire high-tech planet back to times before electricity, the Branning family is forced to make a choice. Are they going to hoard all of their belongings to survive, or to trust that God is going to provide for them while share their resources with those around them? The world of yesterday has gone. Community and family are the only things that remain, and the outage brings out the worst in some.

Desperation can be a dangerous thing when a murderer is living among you.

This book is an outstanding thriller with plenty of positive Christian teachings included in here. Some readers found the this book captured their imaginations and attention, and they wound up reading this one as much as they could until they had finished the entire thing. By the end, fans of this want to see where things go from here.

“Night Light” is the second novel in the “Restoration” series of novels and was released in the year 2006. Learn the real cause of the global power outage that brought the Brannings to their knees.

Technology has become a thing of the past while the power outage stretches across the globe. A single family fights to do what is right when there is so much going wrong. The Brannings catch two boys breaking into their home, Jeff follows them back to a filthy apartment and finds a family of kids living alone, robbing to survive.

Where is their mom? The hunt for answers reveals a trail of murder and desperation. For the Brannings, a powerful new purpose that is able to transform their whole community, and themselves, above all.

The action and suspense and the character development continues in this sequel. The Brannings are growing and rely more on God this time around. The family, as well as the neighbors feel like real people with good elements along with bad. Readers found it fulfilling on a spiritual level to see how these people help each other out and use their faith to help them get through their situation. The characters start to rethink their own values when certain things happen, and it helps them redefine themselves and the relationships they have with God.

“True Light” is the third novel in the “Restoration” series of novels and was released in the year 2007. Eight months have gone by since the global blackout, and the residents of Oak Hollow cope with the deep winter nights. The battle to survive can really bring out the worst in somebody or a whole entire community.

A teen has been shot and there is a suspect sitting in jail. Mark Green, who is the son of a convicted killer, has already got a strike against him. Now he faces the wrath of Oak Hollow as a whole. The Branning family stands beside him while he fights to survive and to forgive.

This is another engaging and interesting novel, and as it gets closer to the end of the book, it amps up the action quite a bit. Terri takes readers into this imaginary world and makes them feel like they are in this new life, while making them wonder if things would easier or tougher if there was actually an outage. From start to finish, readers were engaged in the book. Deni grows quite a lot from the first book until now, and this is something readers liked seeing play out.

“Dawn’s Light” is the fourth novel in the “Restoration” series of novels and was released in the year 2008. While the Pulses that caused the outage to start with finally come to an end, Beth Branning (who is thirteen years old) is the witness to a murder. She gets threatened by the murderer and stays silent about what she saw. This silence might cost Beth her life.

At the same time, Deni’s ex-fiance comes back to Crockett with newfound faith and influence to see that things get done, Deni finds herself torn between the guy who is able to fulfill every one her dreams and the guy that inhabits them, named Mark Green.

While the world slowly yet surely emerges out of the crisis, the Brannings will face their toughest crisis to date. Is God going to require more out of them than they have already given so far? How are they going to keep their faith if God does not answer their prayers?

Once more, fans were glued to each of the pages, feeling annoyed, flinching, feel heartbreak, and starting to cry the whole way through. Terri Blackstock delivers a fantastic conclusion to this captivating series that kept readers’ attention the entire way through. It is a very well written series that really makes you wonder what people would really do if all the things we are blessed with were taken away and just how lucky we are to have what we do.

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