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Publication Order of Resurrection Man Books

The Resurrection Man book series is an exciting series of mystery, thriller, crime fiction, suspense, and action-adventure novels. It is written by a renowned English novelist named Colin Campbell. The series is comprised of 6 novels and 2 short stories in total released between 2009 and 2018. Each and every book of this successful series features the lead protagonist in the role of Jim Grant, who is depicted as an English cop based in Yorkshire. During one of his official assignments in Boston, Jim Grant was involved in preventing a robbery. He spread his arms wide in order to make the culprits believe that he didn’t have any weapons on him. And when the robbers fell for his trick, he took out his licensed revolver and held them under arrest. This whole event was caught on live TV, thereby making Jim Grant very famous on foreign land. In addition to his bravery and courage, his pose with widespread arms caught the attention of the public, who later gave him the nickname of Resurrection Man.

Each novel of this series is filled with action-packed adventures, intriguing mysteries, mind-blowing characters, and excellent settings. Some of the other exciting characters mentioned by Colin Campbell throughout the series include Freddy Sullivan, Terri Avellone, John Cornejo, Dominguez, Sam Kincaid, Daniel Hunt, Cole Thornton, etc. As the series progresses further, Jim Grant is seen leaving his former employer as well as his hometown and joining the Boston Police Department as a detective. He gets a new residence at Jamaica Plain. The settings of the stories are done in various places like Boston, Los Angeles, New York, California, Texas, and Yorkshire. The critics have praised this series as gritty, grim, and packed with crackling dialogue and action. Colin Campbell has been hailed for developing the gritty novels and catching the unique atmosphere of each of the cities where the stories take place. Several other critics have appreciated the character of Jim Grant as a detective who never fails in entertaining the readers from start to end. This series is a perfect read for all the fans of Lee Child, Reed Farrel Coleman, Nick Petrie, etc.

The debut book of the Resurrection Man series written by author Colin Campbell is entitled ‘Jamaica Plain’. It was released in 2013 by the Midnight Ink publication, following its initial publication in 2009. Colin Campbell has set the book’s plot in Yorkshire, England and in Boston, United States. The important characters described in this novel include Jim Grant, John Cornejo, Freddy Sullivan, and Terri Avellone. Initially, it is seen that English police officer Jim Grant is asked to visit Boston on an assignment on a temporary basis. He is told not to do anything out of the rule book and just keep himself and other outs of trouble. But, Jim has the habit of lading in trouble all the time. He thinks he acts as a magnet for troubles. Nevertheless, he accepts the assignment and lands in Boston as per the instructions.

The first thing he does after arriving in Bostin is to purchase a map. And after completing a couple of personal adventures, Jim Grant heads to fulfilling the task he is assigned, that is, interviewing a prisoner named Freddy Sullivan. While conducting the interview, he almost gets blown up. With his uncanny personality and bare-knuckle fist fighter image, Jim leaves behind a trail of burned-out buildings and broken bad guys. Later, he ends up in a tussle with a few armed thieves and the next thing he knows is that he has gotten himself a nickname, the Resurrection Man. Jim Grant is given refuge in the city by the sensuous and beautiful Terri Avellone and the hardworking former marine John Cornejo. With more clues adding up later, it becomes clear to Jim that a big and bloody political intrigue is brewing in Jamaica Plain that could turn much worse if not stopped before times runs out. The aid of Terri and John helps Jim to overcome the hostile situation and save the city from huge damage.

Another excellent novel penned in the series by Campbell is known as ‘Montecito Heights’. It was also published by Midnight Ink in 2014. This novel’s plot takes place in Los Angeles. The story opens by depicting that Jim Grant saves the daughter of a US senator from the dark web of the porn industry in Los Angeles. His determined work earns his serious discretion and adds to his popularity as the ‘Resurrection Man’. Being in the spotlight works in the favor of Jim Grant as he receives lots of praises and appreciations in the foreign country. However, it also turns out to be bad for his safety. Jim’s efforts in bringing down the drug smuggling get noticed by the drug cartel of Dominguez. They make several attempts on his life to get him out of the way. But, Jim manages to dodge all the murder attempts. Besides the deadly drug cartel, several dirty police officers want Jim dead as soon as possible because his work in saving the senator’s daughter has uncovered their dirty dealings.

Upon realizing the kind of danger Jim Grant has landed himself in, a former cop working for a TV crime show comes to his help. He informs Jim that he must move ahead carefully and watch every step he takes further because there are people everywhere who want him dead. Jim Grant realizes that the city is full of corrupt people, fragile loyalty, and untrustworthy cops. Knowing it is going to be very hard to find justice if he goes by the book, Jim decides to follow his own set of rules and do what he thinks is right to help justice prevail. In the meantime, he tries to stay out of trouble and complete the tasks that he is asked to do by his employer. Just like the previous novel, this novel is also filled with intriguing plot sequences, mind-blowing characters, interesting illustrations, etc. The writing style of Colin Campbell is so original that it made the readers enjoy every part of the story. This book’s success set the stage for the other books that followed in the series later. It also motivated Colin Campbell to develop a few more exciting novels. The success added to his own success as an author and helped him get noticed for his work. Many fellow writers and critics have given rave reviews to his books on various platforms.

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