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Publication Order of Return Of Aladdin Books

By: J.R. Rain, Piers Anthony
Aladdin Relighted (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aladdin Sins Bad (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Piers Anthony is an English author of fiction and one of the authors of the Return of Aladdin series. He was born on August 6, 1934, in Oxford, England. Anthony spent four years in England before his family moved to Spain. They then immigrated to America two years later. His book A Spell for Chameleon is the first in the Xanth series and is in development for a motion feature. His novel Companions of Xanth was released in video game form in 1993.

Anthony attended Goddard College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. He went on to get married to one of his fellow students at Goddard. Anthony did not turn to writing straight away; instead, he worked in a variety of fields and professions for fifteen years before taking up writing as a full-time occupation. He is an avid environmentalist and lives with his wife on a tree farm in Florida. They have two daughters, both grown. Anthony appeared in the 2016 film, The New 8-Bit Heroes, as himself.

J.R. Rain is one of the authors of the Return of Aladdin series. He is also known by his pen name, J.K. Drew. He used to work as a private investigator but now spends his days writing. Rain resides in a small house on an island with his dog in the Pacific Northwest.

J.R. Rain played football and baseball in high school while managing to complete five novels. He says that he was able to do it all and study by not having a girlfriend and didn’t even kiss a girl until he got to college. In college, he composed two novels and over eighty short stories. He graduated with a degree in Anthropology and got married just two weeks later! He worked for a brief while after that as an insurance claims investigator, a choice he eventually rectified and made up for.

Rain wrote his first adventure novel shortly after that, which he spent four years researching and writing. He titled it The Lost Ark. He got a Hollywood agent and worked writing screenplays and developing television and movie projects with Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Productions.

He left insurance after getting fired and moved to Carlsbad, where he wrote a few books. Rain’s wife eventually left him, but he continued to write, moved back to southern California, and he got a new life, a P.I. license, new movie agent, moved to Hollywood and had his first book published in 2005. Other books to follow include Elvis Has Not Left the Building and The Body Departed.

The Return of Aladdin series is a series of fictional novels written by Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain. The series of fictional books started off with the release of the debut novel in the series, Aladdin Relighted. The series is a trilogy and the first book was followed by Aladdin Sins Bad and the third book in the trilogy, Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman.

Aladdin Relighted is the first novel in the Return of Aladdin series by co-authors Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain! Readers will love this take on the fairy tale of Aladdin, set in the world of Arabian Nights. When the original story concluded, clever young Aladdin had ended up the ruler of a vast kingdom. However, many years have passed since that event came to pass.

Now Aladdin is older, not to mention richer and wiser. However, not all is well within his world. He also has a broken heart that will be difficult to mend. He has lost his wife and his son to malevolent circumstances. As such, he no longer wants to be the king and resigns his position. He then sets out into the world to wander.

Aladdin changes his name to the alias Niddala, which is simply his name spelled the reverse way. He is working for a relic hunter and ends up being approached for a job. A gorgeous but desperate noblewoman needs him to go out and bring her son back. The woman is named Jewel, and her son has been kidnapped.

Little does he know that Prince Zeyn may be behind all of this. He is a powerful wizard that hails from Djinnland, a magical land with things like castles, magic carpets, and dragons. He has plans to take on Aladdin’s kingdom and wants to use the boy as part of his evil design to rule both worlds. In order to get Jewel’s son back, save the lands, and defeat Prince Zeyn, Aladdin must find an old friend.

He needs the help of the Djinn of the lamp. But the genie is being held in Djinnland by Zeyn. Time is running out and Jewel and Aladdin must go together into a world that may end up being stranger and more dangerous than they ever dreamed it would be.

They must use every bit of their energy and cunning to stay alive in order to rescue Jewel’s son and Aladdin’s kingdom. But can they pull it off? You’re going to have to read Aladdin Relighted by J.R. Rain and Piers Anthony to find out for yourself!

Aladdin Sins Bad is the exciting sequel to the debut novel as part of the Return of Aladdin trilogy by Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain! When he last left Aladdin, the former king was working with Jewel to save his former kingdom from great peril, thanks to villain Prince Zeyn.

Now Aladdin is back to life as usual and has once more been restored to the throne as the true king of Agrabah. Every day something new happens, and when a sailor shows up to request a ship in order to rescue his kidnapped wife, Aladdin is intrigued.

Sinbad receives help from Aladdin and gives the sailor his ship. Because he is also brave, he goes with Sinbad on his quest as they sail out to sea on a mission: find and acquire enough treasure to be able to pay the ransom for Sinbad’s wife.

Raising the money may be the least of their problems, however. Sinbad and Aladdin quickly run into all manner of adversaries, such as demons, sirens, zombies, evil djinns, and nymphs. With yet another plan to take over Aladdin’s position as king secretly forming, Aladdin must defend his kingdom at any cost.

He might just have the upper hand in terms of alliances, however– with the help of a certain lamp and the djinn inside, Aladdin cannot fail. What happens in the end? Pick up this book from the Return of Aladdin series by acclaimed authors J.R. Rain and Piers Anthony to find out!

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