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Publication Order of Revanche Cycle Books

Winter's Reach (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Instruments of Control (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Terms of Surrender (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of the Night (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Revanche Cycle series is a popular book series of dark fantasy and fiction novels, which is written by the famous American author named Craig Schaefer. This four part fantasy series was published between the years 2014 and 2016. Author Craig has set the books in a world, which is vaguely fashioned during the years following the Italian Renaissance. All the stories are told in the style of switching point of view. The overall series follows 4 main plots, along with a few important subplots. The first of the four plots describes Felix Rossini as the heir a banking dynasty that is on the verge of crumbling. Rossini looks to run away with his betrothed named Renata and give a new beginning to their lives. However, he is bound by honor to save the legacy of his family first. Rossini is more worried about the legacy because it faces threats from their enemies’ machinations. The enemies of the Rossini family want to see them either destroyed or dead. In the next plot, author Craig has described the story of Liva Serafini. She is shown as the daughter of a pope, who is about to die. Livia Serafini is a devout girl, who sees the beloved church of her family about to slide into ruin and decadence. She makes up her mind to do whatever is needed to save the church. However, by doing the required things, she might end up losing her life and soul. The series’ next plot shows Mari Renault and Werner Holst in the lead roles. These two are depicted as bounty hunters, who are trailing a statesman in the state of exile. Werner and Mari seem to be a step ahead from their past and a step back from their quarry. It turns out that they are being trailed by a sadistic witch along with her followers. They seem filled with the determination of making the two pay for the killing of one of their young apprentices. In the series’ final plot, author Craig has penned the story of Lodovivo Marchetti, who has been mentioned as a successful and powerful businessman. He seems to have his heart filled with a bitterness of a lifetime. Lodovico Marchetti looks extremely determined to take revenge. For this, he has come up with a plan and has been trying to perfect for the last 20 years. The machinations that Lodovico draws brings together the other plots as well and snares the rest of them in the plans.

The first book of the Revanche Cycle series written by Craig Schaefer is entitled ‘Winter’s Reach’. This book was released by the Demimonde Books publication in the year 2014. Author Craig has introduced the primary characters in this book in the form of Pope Benignus, Livia Serafini, Felix Rossini, and a few others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Pope Benignus is dying. The person who will sit on the throne after him will control the reins of the empire. But, conspiracies seem to swirl in the empire like shadows. Also, the situation turns vulnerable after the pope’s daughter, Livia, after she refuses to work like a pawn to anyone. She does not like to chase the whispers of deadly coup. Rather, Livia Serafini swears to find out the truth and expose it in an attempt to prevent the church from facing a disaster. However, Livia seems to be having some of her own secrets. And if she takes even a single step in the wrong direction, she fears that she will lose her soul and her life. On the other hand, Felix Rossini is depicted as a merchant house’s scion that is on the verge of destruction. This man appears to be left with just a single chance of saving the woman he is in love with deeply as well as his family. The last hope that Felix has, lies in Winter’s Reach’s snowbound hell, which an old prison colony now turned into a ‘free city’ under the reign of a brutal tyrant. Felix Rossini and Livia Serafini had never crossed each other’s path before. But, they seem to have indulged in a greater web never imagined by any of the two. Both of them join a team of experienced bounty hunters, Mari Renault and Werner Holst, a sadistic group of witches, and a politician in exile to work out the apocalyptic plan of taking revenge. This plan of the whole team is expected to the leave the entire nation burning in flames, if it becomes successful.

The next installment of this series that Craig Schaefer wrote and published is called ‘The Instruments of Control’. It was also released by the Demimondo publication in the year 2015. Once again, the main characters depicted in the story include Livia Serafini, Felix Rossini, Werner Holst, and Mari Renault, along with the new entrants named Carlo Serafini and Basilio Grimaldi. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the enemies are planning to kill Livia Serafini. The church thinks that she is heretic and begins her trial in her absence. She is eventually given the death sentence and is ordered to be killed by making her burn. Livia appears to be a form of threat to her corrupt brother Carlo and his tyrant rule. Carlo Serafini sees her as a resisting symbol. The allies of Livia Serafini on the far east see her as a pawn. They think that they can use her services as and when it pleases them, and then play and sacrifice her if she is no longer required by them. The allies do not hear the whispers following Livia out on the streets. These whispers provide her hope and support in the form of a long dead saint’s name.

Livia knows that when decides to put up a fight, she will not be alone. Far away from Livia Serafini, Felix Rossini finds it very difficult to keep the fate of his family in control against a crime lord named Basilio Grimaldi. Grimaldi is rich, ruthless, and has more than hundred killers under his control. And the only things that Felix has with him are his courage and his wits. But, he knows it very well that these won’t be enough to fight against Basilio Grimaldi. For breaking free and saving the lives all those he loves very much, Felix needs to come face to face with the darkness that has followed him all the way from the Winter’s Reach. Later, it is seen that the horrific vengeance of the Owl is about to unfold, which will eventually give way to a devastating civil war. The dominoes get placed in the lineup throughout the swamps, frozen north, and a dead empire’s ruins. They seem all set to attack on the command of one man. And if this happens, a world will come to an end with them.

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