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Publication Order of The Revenger Books

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Books compiled into two above.Original listings:

A Bullet for Sartain
Death & The Saloon Girl
The Bittersweet War
Gold Dust Woman
Savage Barranca
San Juan Bushwhackers
Silver City Wolfpack
No Mercy
Wild Night at the Sundance Saloon
Fatal Woman

Peter Brandvold was born in North Dakota and is a leading American western novelists who has penned more than seventy first action western novels under his real name and also under his pen name of Frank Leslie. Peter is the author of the exceedingly popular .45 caliber books, which feature Cuno Massey, and other books such as Lou Prophet and Yakima Henry. Most recently, he published his very first young adult western novel, Lonnie Gentry and a second novel, the Curse of Skull Canyon which he published with Five Star.

Frank is the head of Mean Pete publishing, the publisher of lightning first western books and also four of the books in the Trailsman series. Currently, Frank resides in Western Minnesota with his dog. Additionally, Frank Leslie has also written an estimated 29 entries in the Longarm series, which was published by Berkeley Books. Additionally, he has also authored four other books in the Trailsman series, which was published by Signet. Frank has also written two of the Ralph Compton novels, Bullet Creek and Navarro. Additionally, he also has numerous film scripts, which are under development in Hollywood.

Revenge at Hatchet Creek

Frank Leslie has been writing novels, which are exceedingly good that have established him as one of the best. He brings out all the elements of a great writer to his books. The skills he has attained throughout the years has given him the ability to construct stories, which are not only exciting but also believable. His characters are not only well developed, but they are also exceedingly interesting and believable. The way he describes scenes whether it is the struggle against various elements or the struggle for survival against exceedingly impossible odds, encounters with wild animals or gunfights. Frank truly grabs the attention of the reader and also holds his interest from the very first page to the last.

Revenge at Hatchet creek opens up with the sound of a .45 caliber rounds, which comes out of a 6 barrel. Yakima is forced to kill Wesley Lassiter, the deputy sheriff in the Dakota plateaus. Apart from killing the deputy, he has also been forced to kill six other men in Cottonwood Canyon using the same gun. A short knife stab has wounded Deputy Lassiter’s cousin and Yakima is on the verge of bleeding to death or alternatively being attacked by wolves. Suddenly, a blizzard begins to blow as he had just began riding, and eventually he collapses into the snow that had already began to pile up. A sudden death was for sure.

A widow, Aubrey Coffin who nurses him back to some degree of normal health, eventually finds Yakima. However, the deputy Sheriff was the son of Ma Lanissister, one of the richest ranchers in the area. The author describes Aubrey as a fireplug woman who exceedingly understood. The Sheriff, Mr. Rance Hagan was expected and was paid in advance by Ma Lannister to bring Yakima to her so that she can do her own justice. Rance does not know where Henry is since he had been held up with June Treveylan. Additionally, as an officer he is still undecided as to whether hand Henry over to Ma. Keeping his horn gripped Colt and Winchester Yellow boy handy, Yakima’s body count will continue to rise before he meets face to face once more with Sheriff Haggan. Yakima may prove to be somehow delicate with the law but however, he has surely placed Coffin right into the crossfire. It is indeed going to require a great effort by Henry and his horse, Wolf if they are going to save this loving and caring woman.

Revenge at Hatchet Creek is not only a fine writing but also a fine entertainment by Frank Leslie. Frank’s characters whether lawless gun slicks or lawman slicks can be exceedingly humorous and entertaining. With a great ease, his stories move at a pace of their own.

Bullet for a Half Breed

Each time Yakima leaves, his half-blood status normally betrays him as a marked man for insults like half-breed, savage and breed. Despite the fact that he may be able to tolerate minor treatments, he is not going to tolerate mistreatment from his close acquaintances or friends, those evil individuals who take joy in looking down on him. Additionally, those individuals who tend to look down on him are individuals who had lower ethics than him. In this installment, due to a mistreatment he faced and the murder of his work place friend, Avril, he must strike back and strike out not for revenge but also as a necessary reason for survival. In a town that is so crooked and has lots of evil people, Yakima’s riffle yellow boy will do so much damage.

While reading this novel, we become fully aware of the writers knowledge of the regions in which the book is based but also the smaller historical details that he includes in each story. To readers who are funs of western novels, Bullet for a Half Breed is an excellent read and an amazing experience. Two years after the death of Faith, Yakima wants to be left alone with his true love, Wolf.

The Dangerous Dawn

Just like all the other books in this series most of the stories takes place south of Wyoming border during the dead winter. We all have heard or read about the prodigal son in the bible, but in this installment we have the prodigal daughter. A man who goes by the name of Barstow has headed home for the burial of his daughter who had taken her life to the wrong side and resulted in her death. Many people believe that she knew about the loot that her husband and lover had stolen. Many of the killers believed that the daughter had shared this vital information with her father. In this book there are numerous interesting and well developed characters who are involved in lots of actions and shootouts. Like all this was not enough for him, Yakima has also taken another task to protect a beautiful eastern girl. Later on, things do not go well and she sadistically murders her husband and eventually ran away.

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