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Saint Louis Blues (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pirate Radio (With: John Maclay) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Hot Blood Tales of Erotic Horror(1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Splatter-Punks: The Definitive Anthology(1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hotter Blood: More Tales of Erotic Horror(1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Crimes 2(1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hottest Blood(1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss and Kill(1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeds of Fear(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rex Miller was a reputed American writer of horror, detective fiction, and war novels. He was particularly famous for writing the Chaingang series, featuring the fictional homicide detective named Jack Eichord. The series penned by Rex features the detailing of the investigations carried out by Jack Eichord in catching criminals. Jack is depicted in the books as a specialist in tracking down and catching serial killers. The first book of this series has the title Slob. This 1981 book also introduced the character of a killing machine of half a ton called Daniel Bunkowski. Author Rex was nominated for the 1987 Bram Stoker Award for Slob in the category of the Best First Novel. After introducing Daniel Bunkowski in the first book, Rex resurrected him in last novels of the series, Savant, Butcher, and Chaingang, which do not follow the continuity of the Jack Eichord stories. Besides writing the successful Chaingang series, Rex is also credited to have written several widely successful standalone books in his career.

One of the most popular single books written by him is called Profane Man. It is set at the time of the Vietnam War. Another mind-blowing standalone book that Rex is famous for is called St Louis Blues. In addition to his writing interests, Rex was also a well-known disc jockey. He was widely popular during the 1960s. He was regarded as an expert of juvenile-related collectibles, specifically old radio premiums. Author Rex was born as Rex Miller Spangberg on April 25, 1939, in Sikeston, Missouri; and died in his hometown on May 21, 2004. He was considered an original writer with unique writing skills. Stephen King has praised him as a great author with terrific storytelling abilities. Likewise, many other fellow authors and critics have also hailed Rex’s work and have praised him with rave reviews.

Rex was grateful for all the support he had received from the readers and critics in many parts of the world. He was especially overwhelmed by the love given to his primary characters, Jack Eichord and Daniel Bunkowski. Rex’s fans believe that he left the world too soon and there was a lot more to explore in his writing abilities. They would have loved to read several more of his books containing his excellent writing styles, engaging characters, interesting plots, and amazing settings.

A successful book series written by author Rex Miller is known as the Chaingang series. It is comprised of a total of 5 books released between 1981 and 1994. This series mainly revolves around the life of a serial killer named Daniel Bunkowski. He calls himself as the Chaingang and others see him as a heavy killing machine. A few novels of the series also feature Jack Eichord as a homicide detective. There is a separate series penned by Rex called the Jack Eichord series with Jack Eichord as the central character. The two series have a few novels as common to both and so, they have characters recurring from both the series. The Chaingang series’ debut book is entitled ‘Slob’. It was originally released in 1981 and then released it again in 1987. Initially, it is shown that Daniel Bunkowski thinks he is Death. He likes to kill people mercilessly and feast on their flesh.

Daniel spills a pool of blood whichever place he visits. When the death tolls begin to rise at an alarming rate, Jack Eichord is tasked with finding this ruthless killer and bringing him to justice. Jack Eichord has a good record as a homicide detective and is employed with the Chicago PD. After going through the case study of Daniel Bunkowski, Jack Eichord realizes that he must hunt down the human monster as soon as possible so that no other innocent victim loses their life. With years of experience behind him, Jack Eichord has turned into a hard individual. As a result, he does not fear facing ruthless killers and takes up cases that most others decline to work on. As Jack Eichord begins the investigation to catch Daniel Bunkowski, he senses that he is still unprepared to go behind the trail of the human monster that Daniel Bunkowski is.

The search takes Jack underground into the city’s sewer system as he follows the trail of the serial killer and his innocent hostages. After investigating for some time, Jack Eichord begins to think that he has understood the patterns of the diabolical man’s violence and his way of thinking. But, every time he gets this feeling, something unusual happens and Jack is left wondering what could be the next move of Daniel Bunkowski. Things take a personal turn for Jack Eichord when Daniel captures the woman he loves. Now, Jack races against time and does everything in his capacity to save his lover from becoming the next victim of the dangerous killing machine Daniel Bunkowski.

Another thrilling novel of this series is called ‘Chaingang’. It was also released by in 2000, after its initial release in 1992. This book opens by mentioning that Daniel Bunkowski is a giant of flabby, angry, flesh that houses a genius intelligence. He keeps inventing new ways and twisted methods of inflicting pain on his victims. As he carried out his spree of killing and torturing innumerable victims with utter ruthlessness, Daniel was not clever enough to keep the police at large. He was finally caught and imprisoned. As Daniel Bunkowski waits for his trial for all his gruesome killings, the police drug him and beat him without any mercy. They restrain him inside the walls of solitary confinement with maximum security. However, Daniel Bunkowski does not break by all the beatings and ill-treatment. He keeps planning to find ways to escape and prepares to take revenge.

Daniel vows to inflict much more gruesome pain to his victims than ever before. And this time, he sets his eyes on the family members of all those who worked to catch him. Finally, the day comes when Daniel succeeds in escaping from prison. The police and residents of the city become fearful of Daniel Bunkowsk’s return to victimize and torture them. They start finding ways to catch him again. The police are ordered to follow a tight patrolling in every nook and corner of the city, while detectives start making a plan to make the inhuman and brutal serial killer fall in their trap again.

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