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Publication Order of Azarinth Healer Books

Azarinth Healer: Book One (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Azarinth Healer: Book Two (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Azarinth Healer: Book Three (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rhaegar is the pen name used by author G. Harthane. Harthane is a talented writer who is mainly known for writing his online novel Azarinth Healer, which he turned into a series.

The writer has been working on his fantasy tales for some time, weaving up intricate stories that have snared readers’ hearts. Rhaegar has accrued many fans of his work along the way, releasing advance chapters online through Patreon for his subscribed readers and fans. He is known for actively sharing his work with the community online.

Rhaegar also has advice for any potential authors that are contending with burnout. He says when it comes to mental health, it’s just ‘as important’ as physical health. Personally, he experiences physical issues that come thanks to stress, anything from back pain to headaches, migraines, and issues with sleep, and they all end up feeding into the other. He knows that it’s easier to say than to do it, but taking mental and physical health and symptoms seriously is a good first step, and acknowledges that we are all human and contend with this.

Another thing that the author recommends is therapy, as it might be helpful for those dealing with burnout or just trying to take better care of their mental and physical health. He says that it might take a couple times to find the right therapist, but it does help. Rhaegar says that looking at mental health and working on it can be tough because people may not feel that they have the time or energy for it or that they have too busy of a schedule, but for himself the excuses he was using not to do it lost power when he started to reflect and understand why he was so stressed out to begin with.

Rhaegar also has advice for those who want to make a living from writing. He acknowledges that when it comes to the business, a lot of luck that can be involved. However, working and putting in the work is going to be required regardless, so his advice is to sit down and do it. He cautions that going in and having the expectation of being able to make a living from it may be detrimental. The author advises potential authors to do it because they want to, even if part of the time or alongside what they do to support themselves. More will be learned over time and in the future it could be possible to make a living off it.

The author says that personally, he started as a writing and just got lucky. He does understand the privilege of the approach of doing something you like for a living, but considering the entertainment industry and its realities, he would question why someone would pick writing as their method for making money since doing something that they didn’t enjoy would be more reliable and pay more.

Also, if aspiring authors are writing frequently but not seeing anything happen, they may benefit from sharing their work and considering the criticism received, since changing things may change things overall. Rhaegar contends that receiving feedback and putting writing out there is a good way to gauge whether people like it and get an idea of what can be made better.

Azarinth Healer: Book One is the debut book in the Azarinth Healer series by Rhaegar. The book contains 708 pages and was released in digital format in 2022.

The main character in this book is a young woman named Ilea, who enjoys eating as well as punching things. She likes to brawl and is constantly hungry. Unfortunately there just aren’t so many career paths for people like her.

Ilea still has a plan to ditch her lame job working in fast food to attend college. She might even end up being a part of society, even if she considers this to be a truly horrible fate.

One day Ilea wakes up in an unfamiliar world with no idea what happened. All that she understands is that there are apparently a bunch of monsters that are doing everything they can to kill her.

But it’s not all bad. There are some silver linings to her situation. Killing the monsters is actually a feasible career for her. Then she finds out that the place that she’s temporarily calling home has its own set of rules that actually let her punch things harder than she ever thought she could, which is awesome.

Ilea may not have any type of quest to pursue, and no guide that is going to show her what to do every step of the way. Ilea doesn’t even want to be a hero all that bad, really. She’s on a journey where she will find a strange world filled with magic that she might be able to harness in her favor to fight larger monsters.

Ilea is doing her best to survive in this unique place, and doesn’t have the faintest idea of what is going to happen next. She’s having a great time while she’s here, though. Even if she’s sometimes accidentally setting herself on fire or has inadvertently poisoned herself. Can Ilea figure out what’s going on and what to do, or will this weird world end up taking her down before she has a chance? Read the first book in the Azarinth Healer series to find out!

Azarinth Healer: Book Two is the second book in the acclaimed Azarinth Healer series of fictional novels written by Rhaegar. This installment is 719 pages and was released for readers to enjoy in 2023.

Main character Ilea has returned once more to delight readers with her adventures. She’s already dealt with the Taleen Praetorians and is actually still dealing with the effects of that encounter. Ilea decides to go south so that she can work on her skills and join a group called the Shadow’s Hand.

She’s fought beside members of the mercenary order before, and hopes that she can meet those similar to her that share her excitement for everything to do with adrenaline, battle, and coming close to death. Ilea would love to have a team that she can depend on and practice her skills with.

Ilea gets there and finds that the sparring matches are great for her training, making sure that she’s just that much more difficult to kill in the future. As long as the food’s okay, she might even spend time here. After all, the amount of skilled warriors in this guild means that she can train safely.

It’s the perfect situation after dealing with elven attacks, necromancers, dungeons, and Taleen killers. Ilea is enthusiastically training, not aware of what is stirring in Elos. Can she and her team be ready for what comes their way, or will they be taken by surprise? Read the second novel in the series to find out!

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