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The Meet-Cute Project (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Rhiannon Richardson

The American author Rhiannon Richardson is an up-and-coming novelist working in the Young Adult genre. This has seen her develop her voice rapidly in the past few years, making a name for herself that is quite unlike anything else out there. Speaking to readers directly in a manner that truly resonates, she’s sharp and incisive, establishing both a style and tone the really stands out. From her characters to her world-building, she definitely knows what she’s doing, writing in a clear and confident manner.

Many of her books and stories feature romance, building upon the tropes of the genre, and taking them in her own direction. Fully understanding the format, she establishes her own voice, something that has really struck a chord with readers from around the world. Warm hearted and engaging, her stories really speak on a number of different levels, resonating with readers regardless of where they’re from. This has seen her become hugely successful, allowing her to create a brand and tone that is very much her own, as her readership continues to grow.

Her characters are heavily detailed, as they reflect real people in real situations, essentially coming to life off of the page. This is something that she does exceptionally well, in that she really works to flesh out their personality, making them feel wholly believable. Creating fully formed characters is something of a gift which, when coupled with compelling narratives, is a sure-fire recipe for success. With lots more to come in the not too distant future, she’s sure to continue for quite some time yet, with a lot more on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Oreland in Pennsylvania, Rhiannon Richardson would grow up with a keen interest in all things literature from an early age. This would continue throughout much of her upbringing, as she would continue to develop both her style, voice, and approach to the page. In time she would come to find her own niche, always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas to help inspire her as a novelist.

Attending the University of Pittsburgh, she would graduate with a bachelor’s based in English literature, allowing her to continue with her craft. Always writing, she would carry on, putting everything into her work, all while taking regular hikes with her dog. Living in Stow in Ohio, she continues to write, as her writing career continually carries both onwards and upwards.

Writing Career

The first book that Rhiannon Richardson would release was titled ‘The Meet-Cute Project’ in 2021, and it would be a Young Adult romance novel. This would introduce her as a writer for the very first time, finding an audience with readers from all over, setting her up a writer. Bringing her own perspective to the genre, she would see a different fresh look at the format, something that would really bring it to life.

In 2022 she would go on to write ‘Pizza My Heart,’ which was a children’s title, this time relating to younger readers. Clearly showing her versatility as an author, she would gain acclaim from both general readers and the critics alike. Maintaining a presence both online and off, she interacts with her fans, continuing to grow her reputation as an author with something to say.

The Meet-Cute Project

Initially released through the ‘Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers,’ this would first come out on 12th of January in 2021. Delivering her first novel, it would be a stand-alone title for Rhiannon Richardson, not being a part of any overall series as such. A romantic-comedy with plenty of self-awareness about the tropes of the genre, it’s also a Young Adult romance novel.

This has a lot of fun with the format, making for an engaging read which opens up numerous ideas for the reader. Told in an engaging and humorous manner, it really makes the most of its material and premise, giving the readers what they want. The narrative is self-contained, in a book that is very much an accessible and compelling novel on a number of different levels.

Mia hates all things rom-com, while all her friends like them, as she feels that they’re completely unrealistic and contrived. Dealing with her sister Sam’s wedding she has a lot to cope with, all the while navigating high-school, and coping with her education. That’s when she’s asked to find a date to attend the wedding with, so her friends devise a plan for her to ‘meet-cute.’ Will she be able to find a date in time? Can she find her own ultimate romance? What will happen as she finds herself subject to the meet-cute project?

Pizza My Heart

First coming out through the Scholastic Incorporated publishing label in 2022, this would come out on various different platforms. Aimed primarily at children, it would draw in plenty of new fans from all around the world with its fun and engaging story. Not a part of any series, it’s its own story, with a self-contained narrative that can be read casually at any time.

This is an easy-going and good natured book for young readers, making it instantly accessible, with engaging characters. The location is well used too, in a well established town that really comes to life upon the page for the reader. There’s a lot here, as it will ensure that children continue to read, and enjoy the well written story with its compelling premise.

Growing up in the Brooklyn pizza shop ‘Soul Slice,’ Maya Reynolds is very much a city girl, used to her environment and life there. That’s when her family move to Pennsylvania, setting up a new pizza place in a small-town there, and Maya must adjust to her new life. Meeting another boy during one of her pizza deliveries, she’s embarrassed after falling head first into the order, followed by the trials and tribulations of school. Can she come to terms with her new surroundings? Will she be able to make new friends? What will become of her in ‘Pizza My Heart?’

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