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Rhoda Belleza is the author of Empress of-a-Thousand Skies. For the most of her childhood, Belleza lived in Los Angeles where she stuffed her face with avocados and wrote X-Files fan-fiction narratives. Rhoda Belleza also doubles up as a children’s book editor at a leading publishing house. Instead of owning an office, Belleza pens her narratives in a sunny Brooklyn apartment, which is filled with too many shoes and bikes. When Rhoda Belleza is not creating stories, she can be found watching nail art tutorials and Kung Fu movies. Belleza also sews together crocked items that can be mistaken for clothes. Rhoda Belleza debut novel is titled Empress-of-a Thousand Skies.

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Empress of-a-Thousand Skies
Empress of-a-Thousand Skies is the first installment in the Empress of a Thousand Skies book series. The world building in Empress of-a-Thousand Skies is not only original but also extremely interesting. The narrative has been split between Aly and Rhee. Rhee’s family was brutally killed a while ago. Because she is the only surviving member of her family, Rhee is expected to be the Empress. However, during the initial pages of the narrative, someone tries to kill Rhee. Rhee must remain alive if the empire is to remain intact. If Rhee’s bloodline eventually dies out, then the treaty that was signed to stop the war will also die out as well. In the beginning, Rhee has a rude awakening when she comes to the realization that she has not only been wilful but also extremely blind as well. Nonetheless, as time goes, Rhee eventually turns into an extremely lethal heroine.

Vin and Aly have spent more than 16 months inside a spaceship, where they served as the main stars of a reality show. Vin is a golden boy who hails from high society, while Aly happens to be a refugee with an extremely super emotional backstory. Empress of-a-Thousand Skies is filled with so many political discussion and commentary on extremely important social issues. Aly, one of the main character does not forget that he is representing his clans, the Wraetans. Thus, before doing anything, Aly checks first on his behavior and then thinks twice right before doing something that someone such as Vin may do quite freely. One of the important issues that author Rhoda Belleza has tackled in Empress of a Thousand Skies is racial discrimination.

In the narrative, it is implied that Aly, the protagonist was framed because he had dark skin and also because of his people’s belligerent behavior. Despite the fact that Aly managed to gain fame through The Revolutionary Boys, a reality show, Aly is more than convinced that his community was expecting worse from him. Thus, Aly had to do his best by acting friendly and also charming as well to ensure that he is not deported back to his ruined planet. Rhee was also an extremely wonderful character in her different way. Just like Aly, Rhee was also discriminated as well. Unlike, Aly who was discriminated against because of his race, Rhee was discriminated against because of her youth. Many of the supporting characters treated Rhee with condensation, unaware that she had plenty of strength and inner beauty. As expected, Rhee was not perfect. Apart from being easy to manipulate, she was also impulsive.

Readers are going to admire, Rhee’s attitude towards failure. Many at times, Rhee was more than determined to learn from the mistakes that she made. Furthermore, she used the mistakes as the stepping-stones to victory and maturity. With that said, all the characters in the Empress of a Thousand Skies are relatable, and the readers cannot help but root for all these characters. There are instances that one will not agree with the choice that some of the characters make; however, readers will understand them. Author Rhoda Belleza uses barbed humor throughout the novel. From the first page of the Empress of-a-Thousand Skies, there is a tremendous amount of action, intrigue, grief, and action. The Empress of-a-Thousand Skies is undeniably a novel that is extremely hard to put down, considering the fact that putting the novel aside will disrupt the energy of the moment.

Belleza’s style of writing pulls the readers in, and leaves the readers immersed in what was happening with the characters themselves. The Empress of-a-Thousand Skies has been written using two POV’s, Aly’s point of view is quite interesting compared to Rhee’s. Nonetheless, both are gratifyingly intriguing.

Blood of-a-Thousand Stars
Blood of-a-Thousand Stars is the second installment in the Empress of-a-Thousand Skies book series. In Blood of-a-Thousand Stars, the readers meet with Rhee once again. The book begins as a revolution is brewing around the corner. Rhee has to make a choice; she should make a deal with Nero, the enemy or denounce him. If Rhee chooses to denounce Nero, then she stands the risks of losing her crown. Apart from Rhee, the readers are also introduced to Alyosha, an assassin who was framed. Alyosha has one main goal in mind; his plan is to annihilate Nero. However, for Alyosha to ensure that he gets his revenge, then he must first travel to the very first place, where he had initially believed that he would never return, home. Kara is also another entertaining character, who knows that all it takes to end the war is a single piece of technology. However, the technology is located on Wraeta, an inhabited planet.

Nero, the villain, is out to get blood. Nero is more than willing to go to any extent to ensure that his plan is successful. With that said, Blood of-a-Thousand Stars is a highly entertaining book series that will grip the reader’s attention.

Cornered is a 14-story young-adult fiction anthology that probes deeply into the experiences of being bullied, both socially, physically, sexually and psychologically. Walks home, school hallways and the house walls as well are not anymore the boundaries for harassment and intimidation. With an increase in popularity of smartphones and the widespread use of the internet, bullying can take place any place and any time. Cornered is an excellent book for young children, especially those who are struggling against bullying.

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