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Keeping the flag of women writers flying Rhonda Pollero over the past few decades has been able to capture the imagination of thousands of male and female readers by her unique and exclusive style of writing. She has written a number of books in her own name and additionally she also has a pseudo name, Kelsey Roberts. Her strength lies in her ability to write across a number of genres, including romance, murder, suspense thrillers and mysteries. Hence she could be called as a complete and total writer. Her romance and mystery writings in particular have won her a lot of critical acclaim and made her what she is today.

She is married and lives in South Florida with her family. She has written close to thirty books in her pseudo name Kelsey Roberts and each one of them have been received well by her readers and admirers. This certainly is a great achievement. She also is a member of many famous associations and forums and her writings have also received special mention and awards over the past few years. Her latest books are set in the beautiful and exotic West Palm Beach area. It would be pertinent to mention here that Pollero is a member of Romance Writers Of America, International Thriller Writers Association, Florida Chapter Mystery Writers Of America, Space Coast Authors Of Romance, just to name a few. Hence she well and truly is a much-respected and sought after writer.

What Makes Her So Different

There are a number of reasons as to why Pollero is more popular than many other writers, especially when it comes to certain generic areas of writing. First and foremost, she is a master when it comes to setting up a plot and organizing it properly. In fact it would be pertinent to mention here that she has conducted a number of classes in this area in some renowned colleges. Further she also has trained many budding young writers on constructing and setting up plots. She also has attended many seminars on the subject, apart from being a regular participant in various discussions forums on television and radio. Her natural flair for writing novels on romance and thrillers also has caught the attention of many newspapers, periodicals and magazines. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine apart from being talked about in reputed newspapers like The Washington Post and The New York Times. Getting a few lines of space about her in such famous newspapers certainly is no mean task and it goes a long way to prove her credentials and quality as a writer.

Her Writing Career

We will be looking at her writing career in some details by looking at a few of her books. Given the fact that she has written a number of books both in her original name and her pseudonym it would be not possible to look at each of her books. It would be pertinent to mention here that her first book in her real name was Knock Off Which was published in 2007. Since then she has written seven more books and her last work was Bargain Hunting which was published in the year 2012. All the seven books written during the period 2007 to 2012 have been well received and they broach on various genres and as usual are extremely interesting, exciting and captivating. We will have a look at two such books which have been randomly picked up. We are sure that these two reviews will help readers to have a better insight into her style of writing and the way she approaches various subjects.

Knock Off

This book has the central character Finley Anderson Tanner, who is also better known as F.A.T to her detractors and enemies. She is a subdued sort of a personality and believes in keeping a low profile. She hates to be at the gym, and believes earning rent from her condo. She likes to hang around with her friends and spends hours together lunching with her friends. She likes to shop designer goods available for a big discounts and she would always like to wear them when she is at her law firm. She finds a grieving widow sitting in her chamber. She believes that her husband’s death is not an accident but a clear case of murder. She might be sincere in her belief but F.A.T feels that her thoughts could be crazy.

However, she has to tread carefully because she is the friend of her boss. Her boss wants her to personally monitor the investigation. Hence F.A.T has no other option but to say goodbye temporarily to her meeting with her friends and to her shopping sprees. She is not the best of murder investigators but as she gets going she comes across many strange things. For her discomfort she comes across abnormal number of “accidental” deaths. As she gets going into investigation of this accident or murder, things are not smooth to say the least. She comes across many obstacles along the way and the book is all about the way she approaches and investigates the murder and tries to take it to its logical conclusion.

Slightly Irregular

Finley Anderson Tanner or F.A.T has a crush on private investigator Liam McGarrity which perhaps has never progressed beyond infatuation. It has not graduated to a full-fledged romance party because Liam is not willing to share anything related to his past. He also is not willing to divulge much information about his gorgeous and attractive ex-wife. He also has had a previous job as a police officer about which too he is not willing to talk much. However, things take a different turn when the former partner of Liam is murdered. A gun which was stolen from Liam around three years back was used for committing this murder. Hence Liam becomes the main suspect. Finley needs an escort for her sister’s wedding which it taking place in Atlanta. She chooses Liam and she also believes that Liam is innocent. The story is about Finley using her legal connections and also her amateur investigating skills to try and uncover the truth and save Liam. It is a suspense-filled, sophisticated and at times funny novel and it certainly will be a big treat for Rhonda’s admirers and fans.

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