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Publication Order of Manny Rivera Books

Artifacts of Death (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
February's Files (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trails of Deception (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moonshadow Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Games (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Saint (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shaman's Secret (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coyote's Regret (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Arrangements (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cast A Cold Eye (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rich Curtin is a reputed American novelist of mystery, fiction, and crime novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Manny Rivera series. Curtin is credited with the creation of the lead protagonist Manny Rivera and depicting him in the role of Deputy Sheriff of a town called Moab in Utah. He began writing the series in 2011 and has contributed one book to the series every year since then. Author Curtin is believed to have developed a deep interest in stories set in the high desert from an early age. He has spent a large part of his life growing up in Moab, Utah. So, he is well aware of the place and has used it as the setting of his mystery and crime fiction novels featuring Manny Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera in the lead role.

While living in Moab, Curtin used to undertake interesting activities like rafting, camping, hiking, and jeeping. He used to hang out in the Four Corners region’s backcountry quite often and subsequently, spent his days and nights with great joy and adventure. As of now, Curtin is enjoying his life as a retired research executive after working for many years as the Southwest Research Institute’s Vice President. He lives in San Francisco, Texas, and spends most of his free time writing novels of mystery, crime fiction, and suspense. On many occasions, Curtin has been chosen by Amazon Kindle among its Top 100 authors. Curtin’s depiction of Manny Rivera as a soft-spoken solver of crimes in the desert town of Moab has attracted praise from one and all. Rivera is described as an honest, skilled, and smart sheriff. He has unmatching skills of finding clues, figuring out suspects, and tracking down the culprits of heinous crimes.

All the books featuring Manny Rivera have been labeled by the critics as riveting tales of desert drama, mystery, perceptive storytelling, admirable protagonists, and good detective work. The critics and reviewers have also spoken highly about the writing and storytelling abilities of author Curtin. Author Curtin has received wide appreciation from his fans and critics from across the world. He is greatly humbled by the love and support he has received so far and hopes to continue doing the good work for as long as he is capable of doing so. Curtin also likes to extend his gratitude to the members of his family and his close friends, who have always provided him genuine reviews and guided him throughout the course of his career. He believes that he could not have achieved so much success in his writing career without their support.

As of now, Curtin is busy with the after sales and promotion of his most recent Manny Rivera book. After that, he is expected to start working on the script of his next Manny Rivera novel and release it soon. Author Curtin is also hopeful of starting a new series with a new chief protagonist soon and prays that it also gets liked by the readers throughout the globe. The fellow authors of Curtin have liked his work very much and have motivated him by speaking praising works about his novels, characters, plots, and storylines. All the praise and appreciations have made Curtin much more determined and dedicated in his approach towards writing and developing a story. Curtin hopes that this continues for as long as he lives and his fans remember him even after his death.

The Manny Rivera series written by author Rich Curtin began in 2011. Every book of this series features Manny Rivera in the role of the Deputy Sheriff. The debut book of this mystery series is entitled ‘Artifacts of Death’. It was released by the Createspace publication in 2011. The book opens by depicting that several events that had happened in 1938 become the reason behind the present-day murder of a ranch worker in a distant canyon country. There is no clue left at the crime except a 9 mm slug in the head of the victim and an old Indian potsherd stuck into his front torso. Manny Rivera is asked to take charge of the investigation and find the culprit. He senses that the murder was the result of a drug deal that went bad. But, Manny Rivera faces a cunning and intelligent adversary who is extremely greedy.

The adversary discovers a long-forgotten cave that contains a collection of unique Indian artifacts of the museum quality. Manny Rivera is pressured by the local merchants and politicians to solving the case as soon as possible as the case poses a threat to the tourist season in Moab. The pursuit of the culprit takes Manny Rivera on an adventurous journey filled with dangers to his life. In the end, he succeeds in his attempt and also finds answers to the questions related to the 1938 events. This book contains a tightly-woven plot with an entertaining set of characters. There are also vivid descriptions of the vast landscape of Utah for those who have an interest in places of tourist attraction.

The second volume of this series called ‘February’s Files’. It was also published by Createspace in 2012. Once again, Manny Rivera is depicted as being in the pursuit of a killer to solve an intriguing murder mystery. Initially, it is mentioned that a skeleton is discovered in a makeshift grave near the Labyrinth Canyon in Utah. It is also found that the victim was murdered with a bullet shot to his head. When the identity of the victim is established, it is found that he was a notorious investigative journalist hailing from New York City and had relocated to Moab only a few years back. It appears that the journalist could not keep his investigative instincts on hold for long and was involved in the investigation of something sinister that lead to his murder. While trying to figure out who the killer might be, Manny Rivera is forced to deal with several other incidents and people. As the unsolved case poses a danger to disrupt the tourist services again, Manny Rivera races against time to catch the murderer. He ends up succeeding in his attempt only after unraveling a series of puzzling questions that he comes across at every stage of the investigation.

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  1. Bob JOHNS: 11 months ago

    The Manny Rivera series is great reading. Sure has been quiet since 2021 though. Hoping for another one soon.

  2. Barbara B: 2 years ago

    I just finished the 10th novel. The Adirondacks of NY hold my heart, but I have developed a burning desire to visit Utah and Colorado due to these novels. Looking forward to whatever Mr. Curtin publishes next.

  3. Will Riley: 2 years ago

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Manny Rivera series. They’re clever, fun to read, and Manny is a very likable protagonist. I’m not on facebook, so please zip me an email as soon as a new book comes out.

  4. Gloria Bernal: 3 years ago

    My husband has read and enjoyed manny Rivera series through Final arrangements. Are any more coming in the series?

  5. Dave Wallace: 3 years ago

    I read the first and was hooked. Have read all in the series and eager for next one to be available. Hope it is available soon. New series also sounds like winner.

  6. Alicia Platz: 3 years ago

    Love your books. I read them on Kindle as in Cozumel Mexico it is difficult to order books live the history. I am from southwest Colorado. Keep on writing.

  7. Ken Curtis: 3 years ago

    When is your next book coming out. We enjoy Manny. We have lived in Moab for almost 50 yrs.


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