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A Brother's Journey: Surviving a Childhood of Abuse (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Teenager's Journey: Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Richard B. Pelzer
Richard B. Pelzer is a non-fiction writer known for his memoirs A Brother’s Journey and a Teenagers Journey. In these books, Pelzer documents his experiences growing up in an abusive home and the way the trauma affected his life. Their mother abused Richard and his brother David for many years before they were rescued. Incredibly, the Pelzer brothers have transformed their misfortunes into books that could help others with similar experiences.

A Brother’s Journey
A Brother’s Journey tells the story of Richard Pelzer and his experiences growing up in an abusive home. This book sort of follows A Man Called Dave and The Lost Child. After years of abusing David, the mother finds herself with nobody to beat, and that’s when she turns to Richard. Abuse has been the norm for these children, and Richard saw his mother attempt to kill his brother. Who is to say that the same fate will not face him now he is all his mother has in the house? The unfortunate thing is that there is nothing Richard can do to stop the abuse. No amount of obeying, staying away, or acting invisible can help where a mother seems to get satisfaction from inflicting pain on her children.

David first exposed Pelzer’s family history with abuse in A Child Called It. After years of being used by his mother to torture David, becomes the recipient of his mother’s wrath. Here, the author exposes the harrowing abuse that went on behind closed door and his ultimate liberation. If you have read David’s books, this story will help answer some of the questions you may have about his experience. Why did the mother only target David? What did his brother and the people who knew about the abuse think about the situation?

Through Richard’s story, it is easy to see how the human heart can triumph over trauma. Richard also shows the roles siblings can play to aggravate abuse in a home where this is the norm. The author’s mother always used him as a pawn in the games against his brother, and when David is rescued, Richard quickly fills his brother’s role in their mother’s twisted world. Through Richard, we also see the importance of treating others the way we want to be treated. Richard joined his mother in treating David bad, and he faces the same fate as soon as his brother is taken away.
This is a horribly sad story. It is hard to imagine that a mother would go to such lengths to hurt her children. Since this story is written in the first person, it is easy to identify with the author and feel his pain. Imagine having to lie in bed, worrying about your life every time your mother gets into your room? The author even wet his bed often because he was not supposed to get out of it without his mother’s permission. Imagine such a twisted home for an eight-year-old boy.

A Brother’s Journey is a heart-wrenching story. Richard tells his experience living in the Pelzer homestead and the drastic change that happened in their lives. From this book, it is clear that the boy’s mother was mentally unstable. What triggered this condition? Why didn’t their father do something about it? While this is a short read, the content will move you to tears. In the end, you can only hope that Richard will enjoy a better life in adulthood.

A Teenager’s Journey
A Teenager’s Journey is a follow-up of the author’s A Brother’s Journey memoir. In this book, the author chronicles his teenage struggles and the effects of the abuse he and his brother went through. Many years after he escaped from his abusive mother, Richard started experimenting with drugs and emotionless physical relationships. He even confesses that he thought of killing himself more than once. Thanks to a surrogate family, Richard was able to enjoy some hope and comfort in his surrogate years.

Aside from educating you on the long-term effects of abuse and trauma in childhood, this book will also make you understand people who struggle with drugs in adulthood. If you have a drugs or alcohol addiction problem, this book will shed some light on some of the issues that you struggle with. The book is also perfect if you feel purposeless and directionless. Richard’s struggle with pain, addiction, and suffering relates to many, and the good thing is that he also offers solutions to help his readers come out of that dark hole of despair.

While the theme here is haunting and dark, this book also serves as a beacon of hope. It is impressive that Richard found the compassion he needed from strangers. The book also highlights the act of forgiveness and the effect it has on someone’s life. After all the abuse, Richard found the strength to forgive his mother. Unfortunately, by the time his letter reached his mother’s address, Richard found out that she had already died. To book also shows that the future doesn’t have to be bleak for survivors of abuse. With a will to live a fulfilling life, they can change their stories and refuse to let the past define the rest of their lives.

Richard not only forgave his mother, but he also went ahead to create a successful life for himself. Who knew that a boy who though he didn’t deserve to live could go-ahead to write a book and become a success in his thirties? This shows that there is hope for anyone who has gone through traumatic experiences. If you have been a victim of abuse, the truth is that you can rise above it and become a success in whichever field you set your mind to. If you are in contact with an abuse victim, this story should make you understand that person better and see what you can do to offer the love and compassion they need.

A Teenager’s Journey is another moving story. This story is a continuation of the author’s first book and ties all the strings the author left hanging. The flow is excellent, and from his writing, it is clear that the author is talented. This is a perfect book if you are looking for a child abuse-related story.

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