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A writer of thriller and suspense novels, the American writer Richard Bard is well regarded for his high-octane action and adventure fueled narratives. A former RAF pilot who beat cancer at a young age despite the odds, he is resilient in his writing as he is in his real-life. This has gained him a loyal following of fans worldwide, with his tense exciting story-lines and well drawn characters and plots that provide a level of world-building that really draws the reader in, immersing them in their narratives.

Early and Personal Life

Born to American parents in Munich, Germany, Richard Bard was to have a lifelong affinity with the United States Air Force, as he followed in the footsteps of his father. This would also later come to inform many of his novels, as he’d also have a passion for both reading and writing from an early age. Combining these two interests of his in the intervening years to come, he’d establish himself as one of the foremost writers working within his genre to date.

Gaining a management degree from the University of Notre Dame he would beat all the odds set against him after being given only a few months left to live. This was after he had left the Royal Air Force as a young pilot, something which would later come to define a lot of his overall writing career. Despite cancer stopping his career as a pilot short, he wouldn’t allow it to stop him, as he went on to become a highly successful writer.

Not just a successful writer, though, he’d also go on to run over three major security firms, ones which also had major ties to the government. All of this would inform both him and his writing, allowing him to build a far more authoritative profile as one of the leading authors on such subject matter. Giving his work a greater degree of accuracy, he’d allow it to shape his novels, giving them both structure and content.

Still writing to this very day, he continues to put out work at a regular pace, whilst also increasing his profile on an international level. Living in Redondo Beach in California, he currently resides there with his wife, as he continues to be constantly on the lookout for new story ideas. This is something that’s expected to carry on into the foreseeable future, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2010, he entered the literary world with his first novel titled ‘Brainrush’, which was also to be the first in the long-running series of the same name. This would work to firmly establish who he was as an author, as it contained many of the suspense fueled thriller elements for which he is now famous. It would also allow him to develop many of his ideas and themes as well, carrying them forward from there, along with a number of his leading characters as well.

Creating the long-running Brainrush series of novels he started back in 2010, following up with another six novels and counting. Coming a long way in a short amount of time, this has progressed a great deal over the years, allowing the leading characters to grow and develop. Telling the story of one Jake Bronson, they follow him as he comes to terms with a set of powers bestowed upon after facing an earthquake during his time in an MRI.

With a lot more to come yet he now continues to write, as well as maintain a strong presence both online and off. Holding a strong moral code, he has managed to put this into his work, something which his many readers worldwide have come to appreciate. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon either, this looks set to carry on for some time yet, as there’s plenty more titles set to be released on the horizon.

Beyond Judgement

Initially brought out on the 2nd of July in 2013, this was to be the third book in the ongoing ‘Brainrush’ series of novels. Released on the Kindle it managed to provide another exciting and thrilling installment in the ever engaging and entertaining franchise. Picking up from where the previous book left off, it offers a development of the story and characters, giving the readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series.

Following a six-year long coma, Jake Bronson has completely forgotten his past due to his amnesia, but he also has a set of uncanny mental abilities due to a previous earthquake occurring during his MRI scan. Try as he might to live an anonymous existence in Italy he can’t avoid the cross-hairs of an assassination squad out to get him. That’s when an American scientist turns up with the technology to help him remember his past and reactivate his dormant abilities. Will he be able to prevent a global catastrophe? Can he stop his power falling into the wrong hands? Where will he Jake Bronson find himself beyond judgement?


This was to be the fourth title in the ongoing ‘Brainrush’ series, as well as being the first in ‘The Everlast Duology Series’ of books. Continuing on directly from the previous title, it manages to pick-up directly from where the last left off, providing another adventure for Jake Bronson. Originally published by Richard Bard himself again, this was first brought out in 2014 on the 6th of December to much acclaim.

Looking to create a life-extension project, a scientist with a vision seeks to build avatars which can have human personalities transferred into them. Meanwhile his grandson aims to use the same technology in order to break into some of the most secure networks in the world and claim the recognition he so craves. That’s when Jake Bronson and his now seven-year-old son step-up as they could be the key to solving the problem between the scientists, all before getting kidnapped and left in the wilds of South China. Will Jake Bronson and his son make it out alive? Can Jake’s young son do what it takes to survive, even kill if necessary? What will become of the brainchild?

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