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Publication Order of Richard Browning Books

Beverly Hills Browning (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning Takes Off (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Box Office Browning (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning In Buckskin (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning P.I. (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning Battles On (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning Sahib (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Browning Without a Cause (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Richard Browning series is another well known crime fiction novel series written by the Australian novelist Peter Corris. This series is comprised of a total of 8 books, which were released between the years 1991 and 1995. All the books feature the central character in the role of Richard Browning. He is depicted as a private investigator living in Sydney, Australia. The whole series is set during the time of the 1940s in Australia. Richard Browning is believed to have some high connections in Hollywood, due to which he is seen as someone who can get around easily. In one of the books, Browning is shown running into crime writer Raymond Chander, in Los Angeles. Author Peter began writing this crime fiction series in the year 1987 and released its debut book, Beverly Hills Browning, in the same year. After lasting for eight novels in total, the series finally came to an end in 1995 with the final book titled Browning Without a Cause. At the start of the series, author Peter has described that Richard Browning gets deserted from army and then returns to Sydney. Later, he gets stowed away on board a ship. Richard intends to join the film industry and become an actor in Hollywood. In the inimitable ways, Richard manages to get into hot water, while heading towards Hollywood and even after reaching there. While sailing with the crew of the ship, he begins starts gambling and loses all the money to the crew. After some time, he joins a group of Mexican rebels, jump off a freight vehicle, steal a Hispano Suizo, get chased by the airplanes, indulged in a battle in Mexico, but manages to come out alive, etc. Richard even manages to get a chance to act in a Fairbanks movie. His small stint in acting allows him a chance to play a game of tennis doubles along with Fairbanks and a couple of winners of Davis Cup. Later in the series, it is seen that Richard Browning sabotages a movie set, get involved in stealing a yacht, and enter into Mounty encounter. Throughout the series author Peter has offered non stop action and multiple scenes filled with laughter as well. In fact, the hero appears to be a laconic from Australia having questionable morals. Peter has conveyed the atmosphere in various locations of the plot in an excellent way. Even the dialogues and characters seem to be believable. Overall, the series looks like a fun read, having an authentic touch due to the presence of editorial comments and endnotes.

One of the initially released books in this series is titled ‘Browning P.I’. The Angus & Robertson publication released it in 2015 after its original release in 1992. Author Peter has included the main characters in this book as May Lin, Richard Browning, Peter McVey, and Hart Sallust. At the beginning of the story, Hart Sallust is shown traveling in his car when he sees a big car coming in front of him suddenly. After hearing a siren Hart slows down and pulls over to see what is the matter. Soon, he sees that a couple of men with big hats and sunglasses enter through the front doors of his car. They pull out a gun and kidnap Hart Sallust. When he hears the screaming of May Lin, he comes to know that she has already been kidnapped by them. The next day, the newspapers read that popular screenwriter in Hollywood and a patron of nightclubs and sleazy bars, Hart Sallust, has gone missing. A private eye named Peter McVey gets hired to search for Hart. As Peter finds the region as quite unfamiliar, he hires Richard Browning to help him in the search. Browning is very well known by Peter McVey as a part time private investigator and part time actor, and can be easily found in any bar in Hollywood. The two undergo a journey from the Hollywood bars to the underworld of the Chinese and finally find May Lin. They also find Sallust, but the story that they hear from May Lin makes them doubt her. A few eyebrows are raised at May Lin, but everyone seems relieved that Hart Sallust was found. The novel appears to be fast paced and witty. Peter has also depicted a cameo by Raymond Chandler and described him as McVey’s friend. On the whole, the novel turned out to be an enjoyable read.

One more interesting book released in the series is called as ‘Browning Battler On’. This book was published in the year 2015, following its first release in 1993. In this book, it is described that Richard Browning lands in a great trouble. He is forced to deal with things that he had never thought of in his life ever. In a description given by him, he says that a bayonet comes to rest below his Adam’s apple. When he looks down at the shiny metal and then through the rifle barrel length, he sees the face of his executioner. The man was wearing thick glasses having metal rims. His teeth were filled with gold fillings. Browning was able to see the teeth because the man was smiling at him. Browning had always expected to go on to make a propaganda movie, live in several fancy hotel’s take up some officer’s role wearing uniforms, and enjoy Sydney’s war time fleshpots. However, what he actually goes through is totally opposite of his expectations. Richard Browning is made to slog around the jungles in Queensland forcefully. His harsh training makes him dodge bombs and bullets. Overall, he is made to endure an army prison’s discomforts. Browning continues to duck and weave through the troubles. He gets companions in the form of a Hawaiian born soldier from Japan named Kaminaga, and a Darlinghurst prostitute called Ushi Tanvier. Richard has a friendship with an actor named Peter Finch. He sees this as an opportunity to escape from the problems and difficult military life. But, the enemies from the Intelligence department do not allow him even a single chance to escape the dangers of the Second World War. This book was also very much appreciated just like all the other books of the series. The wide appreciations and praises helped the novel to become highly successful all across the globe. This enabled author Peter add more fame to his name as an establish author. He also received motivation to continue writing many more similar books in his writing career in the future.

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