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Richard C. Hale is an American author of fictional novels that typically fall somewhere in the categories of action, thriller, sci-fi, and adventure. Hale has worked in many different occupations over the course of his life, including working as a musician, a bartender, a keeper of the greens, a veteran air traffic controller, and a respiratory therapist.

Richard C. Hale lives in the southeastern part of the United States where he currently resides with his wife and children. He still works as an air traffic controller directing traffic in the air in the southeastern skies. He is the author of the Near Death series with Jake Townshend, which includes the debut novel Near Death and the sequel, Near Sighted.

Hale is also the author of the Jaxon Jennings series. Frozen Past is the first book, published in 2012. There are six books in the series, ending with Traffic, published in 2017. There is also an omnibus available of the series. He is also the author of the Blank series as well as the Lincoln Delabar series, which features Blank: Threads and Blank: Apocalypse. He has also written three novellas, The Camera, Flash Mob, and The Sandbar.

Near Death was published in 2011. The main character in the Near Death series is Jake Townshend. He is having some trouble getting over the loss of his wife. He can’t stop having flashbacks of the night that his wife died and the last time that he saw her smiling face. Losing her was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and every night that he goes to bed he gets no rest.

It’s horrible to have to relive everything that happened that night, but for Jake, that’s just the way that life is now. It’s been two years since that horrible event and the crash, and he still remembers how there was no moon in the sky and the screams. He just can’t get over what happened and probably has P.T.S.D. from it. While everyone advises him to do his best to move on, it’s not that simple. They don’t understand what he’s going through, even though they mean well.

Jake has no closure from the event or the loss of his wife. Then a message shows up in his dreams with a warning, he pays attention. He’s reluctant to heed the warning, but he still has the omen that has appeared playing about in the back of his mind. He wants to see his wife again and would give almost anything to see her again. So when the chance comes up, will he take it?

Jake would love to see his wife again, but the temptation of that is also balanced against the fact that if he chooses that it could disrupt the veil between life and death. Life and death have maintained a balance that allows them to exist, but Jake has access to highly developed technology– after all, he’s the one that developed it.

What he has made is showing him the path, and he wants desperately to use this technology to go back and fetch his wife. However, if he really goes for it, it may destroy the entire world. Jake is faced with a choice to make between altering what has happened and getting his wife back or potentially choosing something that could ruin everything.

Lisette Brodey calls this book ‘fast-paced’ and ‘thought-provoking … with an intriguing premise’. Chuck Barrett, the author of The Toymaker, says that it is not a book that you want to miss, as Hale takes the reader “on the thrill ride of your life”.

Hale says that he came up with the idea when he was surfing on the web. He landed on a page with recountings of Near Death Experiences by people who had had them and thought it was fascinating but didn’t initially think much of it. He says that a few days later, he was watching a television show that focused on mind-reading tech that was achieved by a set of words and M.R.I. medical equipment and it was then that he got the light bulb idea for the story.

Hale says that he thinks that electronics may be able to read our electrical brain impulses in the near future, a concept that is both “scary” and “cool”. You can check out this thrilling sci-fi novel online and see what Jake chooses for yourself.

Near Sighted is the second book in this series. It was published in 2013. This thrilling sequel to the first book in the series takes the reader where they left off with the brilliant and tortured Jake Townshend. Jake still has access to his uniquely made mind-reading technology and he is trying to balance what he should do with the knowledge and the abilities that he has– and what he wants to do.

Jake feels that he has finally achieved a level of peace with the death of his wife and is gradually navigating moving on. He feels that he has done a decent job of working to move on from what he has experienced. So when his dreams come back and they come back full force, he is concerned. When he sees what could be interpreted as a look into the future timeline that he has, Jake starts to suspect that the nightmares are back. Worse still, this nightmare is one that has only just begun.

Intuitively Jake feels that someone has taken his secrets somewhere. When he learns of who they are and what they intend to do with them, he knows that it is up to him to stop them. If he does not defeat them before they achieve their goal, he may lose everything he cares about in the world. Failure is not an option. As the destiny of the entire human race is about to be decided, Jake is the only one who knows what to do. He has the key– but can he get over his fears and do what he needs to in order to save the world? Pick up this exciting sequel in the series and find out!

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    At the end of The Last Dawn Horizon that The Last Dawn Sunset 2023 but I can’t find it anywhere? Really would like to finish this series.


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