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Blood of Heroes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Earth Defiant (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gardens of Nibiru (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Defined by his trademark war-like books, Richard Fox is an American Military Sci-Fi author who has over ten series and novels under his belt. The theme of war, indisputably defined by his long tenure at the US army, sticks out like a sore thumb in all his writings. He has actually confessed this on his website and said that the horrors, traumas and hair-raising experiences that he faced while in the army will indelibly be printed in his mind and as such, the theme of war is there to stay in his writings. Richard has gone on to win the 2017 Dragon Award because of his immense contribution in the Military Sci-Fi writing. Richard’s debut novel The Red Baron was released to great critical acclaim and this encouraged him to write more military-like novels and series.

Education and Family

Right after he graduated from the US military School in 2001, Richard was welcomed into the military for what would turn out to be a long journey of 10 years as a Field Artillery and a Military Intelligence officer.

While serving the army, he was deployed twice into the war torn Iraq and these two experiences shaped the characters, events and themes in his books. Richard wasn’t too bad of a lad at the army if his earning the Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation are anything to go by.

Richard Fox is the proud father of two boys who have taken to anarchy; probably following in the footsteps of their ex-military dad. Richard, his wife and the two boys live in Las Vegas, a pointer that writing isn’t taking him too badly.
In an interview, Richard Fox has revealed that he was a science fiction fan right from his childhood. This probably shapes his writings which, though mostly based on military life also have scientific fiction cliff-hangers here and there.

Book worth Note

The Red Baron

When the World decided to go mano-a-mano in the 1914, a man Manfred von Richthofen thought that this was the opportune moment to be recognized at home as a man who kept the enemy at bay. And so, he jumps into World War I headfirst as a calvary officer. There he discovers that he has innate talent in the air-to-air combat and things are really good for our boy Richthofen.
Richard Fox paints a beautiful anti-climax by telling us what happened to Richthofen when he realized that air-to-air combat was not as rosy as he thought. It suddenly dawns on him that for recognition to come his way, he has to kill and maim the German enemies. This is a blow to his soul. At the same time, the Germans back at home are all praises about him while his enemies see him as the Red baron, fearsome and blood hungry.

It is then that Richthofen realizes that even heroes war heroes have their own limits. As the war approaches its sunset days, Richthofen has to find strength to keep it till the end despite a bleeding soul.

The Red Baron is penned in the most descriptive language giving it a touch of freshness where the readers sees the events as they unfold. John Cofield, a former F-15 fighter said that it was the most fascinating history book that he had ever read. A military and veteran’s fiction review blog felt that it was the best book that nailed the up close, brutal truth of World War I.
Owing to the success of The Red Baron novel, filmmakers approached Fox and adapted the movie Von Richthofen and Brown, a war film that was produced in 1971. The movie that was directed by Roger Corman and starred by John Phillip Law received immense viewership that resulted in mixed reviews with some critics feeling that the movie was not well done to adequately bring out the themes of World War I as best as Richard Fox had penned them.

Series worth Note

The Ember War

In the Ember War series, Richard Fox combines his love for science fiction and his experience at the millitary to pen a story that is dotted with cliff hangers that will leave any reader asking for more. The Earth is facing extinction after an alien visits with the sole purpose to determine if they have what it takes to survive annihilation from a merciless armada. Richard Fox then introduces us to this geeky young inventor by the name of Marc Ibarra who has a way to save a big fraction of the earth from this annihilation.
The Earth survival therefore rests on the hands of Marc Ibarra who has a secret which if not well handled could mean the extinction of the human race. On the other hand, if he handles it well, he could lead the Earth to safety.

Themes and Motifs in Richard Fox’s work

The theme of war takes a center stage in Richard Fox’s work all the way from his first novel to his latest series. It is a though Richard still vividly sees the war torne Iraq and the trauma that he had to put up with while there in a bid to maintain peace and restore pride in his country.

War according to Richard Fox brings human suffering not only to the war victim but also to the person propagating it. This comes clearly for example in The Red Baron where Manfred Von Richthofen puts up with internal suffering as he brings down one troop after the other from the air. War is uncouth and leaves wounds to both the fighter and victim.

Richard Fox heavily employs the stylistic device of soliloquy where we see his main characters battling within themselves as they try to determine whether what they are doing is just. In most cases, they end feeling dejected and downing their tools; this is probably where he had to down his tools after a 10 year career in the military.

Science fiction is heavily employed in Richard Fox’s work to build the flesh for his thrillers and mysteries. In his series for example, Richard Fox looks at the possibility of there being aliens and their possible plot to invade the earth and annihiliate it.

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  1. Gale: 9 months ago

    Is there going to be more after the Govenor? Hope so it was/is a great start. Am going to try some of your series. Thanks for the work.

    • Richard Fox: 8 months ago

      Book 2 (Rebel) is with the editors and will be published soon.

  2. Becky hester: 2 years ago

    Hello is there going to be a book 5 to the Terranova Chronicles or does another series pick up after that I can’t seem to figure it out any info would be awesome thank you love you books

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I haven’t heard anything about a book 5 and from research I’m not seeing that another series pick it up after Book 4.

      • Richard Fox: 8 months ago

        Elias (Ely) Hale’s story continues in the Ibarra Crusade series.

  3. Charles: 3 years ago

    Is there going to be another exiled fleet book cant leave us hanging like that


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