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Primarily known for his ‘Locator’ series, which then went on to inspire a hit television show titled ‘The Finder’ that was loosely based upon it, the American author Richard Greener is no stranger to the politics of television networks. Spending a period of over twenty-five years previously working within the television broadcasting industry, he has a full handle on how the form works and operates, giving him a clear idea of what audiences are looking for and what they want. It would make sense then that he’s now turned his hand to writing fiction, creating highly visual and suspense filled stories that readers worldwide are finding hard to put down.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in the bustling center of New York City, Richard Greener was a quick witted and astute individual who could engage people in an easy going and friendly manner. It was also during his upbringing that he discovered his passion for storytelling, something which he was to make his business in his adult career as a television executive and author. Always on the constant lookout for new ideas and ways to grab people’s attention, he had a clear understanding of what it was that would get the audiences in, something that would prove to serve him well throughout his professional life.

Just as much a businessman as he is an award winning essayist, he is lauded for both his writing and his business acumen in equal measure, giving him a clear perspective on the industry as a whole. Educated to a professional standard, he’s always consistently managed to bring his career back to his primary passion, which is the business of storytelling and engaging people. Knowing how to build suspense and tension is one thing, but it is also his talent for crafting unique and interesting characters who are easy to relate to, which also helps to elevate his material to an even higher standard.

Going through a variety of different roles during his life and excelling at each, he’s managed to build himself a strong repertoire of skills, all the while honing and refining his craft. Starting out as an executive in the broadcasting industry, he gained a CEBA Award for his business acumen, along with his high professional standards applied during his professional life. All of this has helped to secure his place as one of leading figures in not just the broadcasting industry, but the publishing industry as well, gaining insights from both trades, which he then fed back into his material.

Undergoing heart transplant he went on to write the book Trapped, a novel which was inspired by his experiences, and something which really resonated with his readers because of this. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he’s always creating new experiences for himself, as he continues to write to this present day, with more books planned just around the corner. Now living in Atlanta with his wife Maria of well over thirty-seven years, he has a lot more books set to be released as he carries on writing into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Whilst he may have left his career as a successful broadcasting executive behind him, Richard Greener is still a major presence in the television industry, with adaptations of his books currently being produced. Creating the show ‘The Finder’; the story of a man returning from the Iraq War with a brain injury, only to find it’s given him the ability to see interconnected event from the seemingly random, he got the show aired for thirteen episodes on the Fox network. Loosely based on his ‘The Locator’ series of novels, it manages to capture the essence of the books, with its detective ‘case of the week’ style and formula.

Garnering awards for his work, he has quickly rose in prominence gaining both critical and commercial success, not only with his television shows, but his books as well. Reaching a worldwide audience, he’s managed to attract readers from far and wide, building upon his success with each subsequent book release. As more books are set to be released in the near future, his writing career is growing from strength-to-strength, something which shall continue for some time yet to come.

The Lacey Confession

First published on the 8th of October, 2006, it was initially brought out on the Midnight Ink label, a publishing house which has been his preferred choice for a number of years now. Marking the second installment in ‘The Locator’ series it follows the homecoming of a Vietnam veteran returning home to discover he has a finely honed set of skills, which fit into the procedural like narrative of the subsequent books that were to follow. Later transposing its period to the aftermath of the Iraq War for the television series, it was to loosely inspire the Fox television series ‘The Finder’, which ran for some thirteen episodes.

Taking on a seemingly normal and transparent case involving the locating of a missing nephew, the reluctant and supposedly retired Walter Sherman begins his search for Harry Levine. It is then that he discovers more than he bargained for as he uncovers some of the details of those that may have been behind the JFK assassination. That and renegade Russian leading him on a wild chase across Europe really puts his now ageing skills to the test in what may be his greatest challenge to date. Can he find the nephew? Will he evade danger? What will become of the Lacey confession?


Initially brought out on the 13th of April 2011, it was a standalone title that was this time released through the Amazon Digital Services, it being a far more personal title for Richard Greener as an author. Based upon the aftermath of his own heart transplant, it features some interesting story elements, drawing the reader into the action through its engaging use of both fact and fiction. Whilst it is only short at a mere nineteen pages, it still captures the seriousness of the situation, giving the reader a clear idea of what such a procedure means and how it could affect them.

Told in a somewhat hallucinatory style, it follows Richard Greener’s progress through his heart transplant surgery and what becomes of it afterwards. How does it affect someone when he believes his family to be in danger, as he has now way of properly reaching them? With the Iraq War playing on the hospital television and visions surrounding him he really does find out what it feels like to be well and truly trapped.

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