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Publication Order of The Children of Eden Books

The Heart of the Earth (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tomb of the Wildman (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gateway to Eden (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Richard H. Wooten was born in Washington State in a military family but grew up on a farm in the Bluegrass area of central Kentucky. He spent much of his time in the woods and fields admiring nature.

He’s an artist with some formal training and much interest in Culture, history, and art. Wooten is also an avid follower of archeology and geology and gets his inspiration from nature and the world.

The Heart of the Earth
The Heart of the Earth is the debut in the Children of Eden series. Quinn Cerra, a GeoArcheologist decides to go to Rio de Janeiro on trip and all she thinks is that it’ll be another boring two weeks of basking on the beach and watching people.

However, after going to a café and a strange man who appears to know more about her approaches her, strange things and frightening events start happening. She gets an invitation to go on an expedition to a village related to her research of the prehistoric colonizing Americans.

Soon, she learns that the natives have been waiting for her for a long time, and she has to complete the mission that began thousands of years ago. She realizes that the whole planet’s fate depends on the quest’s failure or success.

The problem is that a man who has done nothing except cause trouble for her since the first day they met appears to stop at nothing until he defeats her and claims the prize. Quinn will have to experience mind-switching dreams and the depths of ancient Cenote.

She will have to face wild animals and unfriendly tribes in the middle of a landscape that is ready to kill her anytime, and in the end, she’ll have to make a choice. Will she save the world or the man she is attracted to?

The author weaved the novel with interesting characters that’ll keep the reader intrigued from the beginning.

It’s a story of two hearts with one destiny and the world’s fate hanging on a balance. This novel is perfect for fans of adventure and romance novels as it’ll keep you at the edge of your seat as you get to the ancient world of supernatural activities. The characters are well developed to keep the reader fascinated by the last page.

The interplay between the characters is thrilling to keep the readers entertained. Anyone looking for a fast-paced, enjoyable novel, the heart of the earth is an ideal book for you. The journey of Quinn and Jack is enough to keep you engaged, especially how the past and present merge.

Some twists and turns will keep you guessing what will happen next until the final reveal. The novel is thoughtfully written, and you’ll find it hard to put down once you begin reading. Characters are alive and well written, and the action scenes will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Tomb of the Wildman

Tomb of the Wildman is the second installment in the Children of Eden series. In this second novel, Quinn Jackson goes on to some exotic destinations. The Heart of the Earth has already been found in the previous book, and things are calm for both Quinn and Jack. However, the issue is that things are too much settled, and both don’t like it that way.

Six years later, an artifact is discovered on the Malta Island and appears to be directly associated with the strange language discovered on Amazon. Strange things start happening, and Jack suffers a seizure during his forty-second birthday party.

At the same time, someone is trying to kidnap Lilly, their daughter. In the end, after a young woman approaches them and talks about the artifact, they are set to go on a new quest to discover who the Traveler was. The mission will eventually lead them across the ocean, taking them to a mysterious island that has only been seen a couple of times by human eyes throughout history.

It’s believed that they’ll find a tomb of the Wildman there. On the Island, Quinn will discover something about Jack that might change their lives permanently. There, she’ll find out who the Wildman is and get some information about the three Guardians of Eden.

Lilly explains what she learned about the Traveler in her dream, and Jack awakens his memories and discovers that it connects to the three brothers, and they’re required to use it to locate them and open the Gateway to Eden. After all, Quinn can have hopes of saving her family and the entire world.
The novel is fast-paced, taking the reader on a magical journey with a fantastic set of characters. The mystery and twists are enough to keep you at the edge of your seat as some familiar faces come into the picture, keeping you engaged.

Getaway to Eden
Getaway to Eden is the third in the Children of Eden series. All the headlines talk about the same thing: the famous philanthropist and explorer Jackson Williams is dead. They say that he got involved in a fatal accident and that even his remains were nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, Quinn thinks she knows the whole truth that Jack is still alive. The message she found on the antique bottle Jack himself sent confirms her theory through the depths of time.

Even though she is aware that time travel is impossible, she cannot help but only hope that the Great Mother has somehow intervened in the whole matter. Meanwhile, Lilly is still in a coma, and the doctors seem not to explain her state because apparently, she’s in good health.

With the assistance of the Interpol, Lucy and Codey are looking for the Guardians of Eden as Darkness follows them. The watchers have decided to make a public appearance and make a deal with Quinn, hoping to defeat the Darkness.

However, The question remains: will they ever find the Guardians in time and open the Gateway to Eden before the clock stops ticking?
Wooten threw in some actions to keep the reader engaged to the last page.

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