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Roadmap to Korean (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Richard Harris is a Canadian author.

Harris was born in Toronto in 1974. He would attend McGill University. He studied political science and graduated from the university in 1996 with his degree.

The author then took the liberty of his new freedom to relocate and move to the country of South Korea. He ended up living there for the better part of a decade. Harris then decided that he wanted to spend some time traveling. He spent a total of two years going around the world and finally returned in 2009 to the city of Toronto.

Richard Harris first came into print with the release of his novel Roadmap to Korean. This nonfiction book is clearly based in his experiences and the author’s time spent in South Korea. It is a practical introduction to the people and the culture as well as the Korean language.

Whether you know something about Korean and speak it fluently or a little or just want to learn, there is no question that this is an extremely informative book from a writer that knows his stuff! A unique book, this is a complete introduction to Korean and the language and goes through a variety of things that will help you understand the country and language as a whole.

The book follows along on a journey that will sweep the reader through history and thousands of years’ time back through a location and a people’s story. This is both a guide to Korea and a story of how the language developed. It is an essential guide for those that want to study the language and learn more Korean.

Whether you are starting out as a novice on your language journey or you are more advanced in your studies, this is a great book that will help anyone that wants to gain an intimate understanding of the people and the country. Get another level of education and start benefiting from the insights and knowledge that this author has accumulated through stories, examples, and more.

With over seventy million individuals speaking the Korean language globally at this very moment, this is a totally unique look at what has formed Koreans, their culture, mindset, food, and more, all while giving the reader a greater insight into this people, land, and language. Pick up a copy for yourself to gain a deeper understanding of how to speak Korean!

Faces of Korea was the second book to come out from this author to focus on Korea and the people that live there. This is a unique journey and the first book like it to truly go so in depth into what living in Korea is like for foreigners.

This book takes a close up look at what their lives are like on a firsthand basis. Real, touching, interesting, and informative, this is a total of forty-seven interviews that have been collected. They were conducted with people that hail from five continents and over twenty countries in total. There is a ton of diversity and if you are interested in stories from people that you don’t know but share something in common, you will definitely be interested in this work of nonfiction!

This narrative format allows the reader to take in the interviews and feel as though they are really there and part of the conversation. Enthralling and also informative, this is the type of book that you cannot help but learn something that you did not know before (or a couple of dozen things that you did not know before).

The author covers various topics in this book. They include the topic of getting a job and working when in Korea, as well as romantic relationships that people tend to form with Koreans. It also goes over people that have come from Korean descent and the topic of teaching while in Korea and learning while in the country.

A thorough study over some forty plus people that have chosen to make Korea their home, these are the interviews of individuals that have adopted the country and culture and even the people of this place into their hearts forever. If you have an interest in traveling, other countries, or Korea, check this fascinating book out for yourself!

A Father’s Son came out in 2013 and is a unique book from Richard Harris that is worth checking out! This is a fictional story and is about a boy that is growing up in the world and may not always have the most solid of support while doing so.

The main character of Justin Maloney has had a rocky family life. His dad has been battling addiction for a long time and doesn’t have a steady job. In 1988, his mother was arrested. It was September, and the only thing worse than hanging around the division for as long as he did was going to his father’s place in a police car.

The teen is a phenomenon when it comes to hockey. At fourteen years old, this kid has to go and live with his father because he has no other choice. Located in the downtown part of Toronto, it’s the last thing that he wants to have to do.

Rick Maloney is having a tough time of it. He has his demons but he also wants to be a good parent to his kid. After all, his son is the only child that he has. It would be nice to be responsible and caring, but he’s an addict.

He quickly betrays his good intentions and starts to descend into the darkness. He will end up having to choose whether he wants to face the old demons that he has always lost to or whether he is going to keep going until he hits rock bottom or worse.

Justin is forced to be an adult earlier than he should be. Will his father recover or will this anti-hero be the greatest inspiration for him to grow and be different? Dealing with betrayal, love, and the fight for identity, this is the story of a child and a parent told to its fullest. Pick up a copy of A Father’s Son to see how it ends.

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