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Richard King
Richard King has worked in the book industry for more than forty years and is one of the co-founders of Librarie Paragraphe Bookstore in Montreal. He once worked at the Classics bookstore on St. Catherine Street, and has served on the board of Canadian Booksellers Association, including one year as its president.

Richard is a graduate of McGill, and has spent his entire life in Montreal. He has degrees in history from Concordia University in Montreal and the University of Rochester in America. As part of his graduate work in French history, he spent time doing research in Paris. Richard is a regular contributor of book reports on C.B.C. in Montreal.

Since 2009, he has volunteered in the emergency department of the Jewish General Hospital.

He also works with people that wish to write their autobiographies but need a professional writer’s assistance and researcher in order to do so. Richard helps those with a story to tell to tell it.

Richard’s debut novel, called “A Death at the University”, was released in the year 2016. He has written the “Bookshop Mystery” trilogy and a stand alone novel. His work is from the cozy mystery genre.

“A Death at the University” is the first novel in the “Book Shop Mystery” series and was released in the year 2016. Sam Wiseman owns a cozy bookshop in the middle of Montreal, and has got a special love for detective novels. He leads his simple life, where the only mysteries are those that he reads in his books. Until now.

Sam finds the body of a professor from the nearby university, he is part of the investigation, and not for the reason that he’d hoped. He forms an unlikely friendship with Detective Gaston Lemieux, Sam sets out to follow all the clues and figure out the truth. Because Sam would like to do more than just clear his own name. He actually wants to solve this case.

Fans found this to be entertaining and entirely engaging, and the novel’s fast pace never slows down for a second. Richard delivers a crisply written novel which is captivating in all its plot twists and he is able to keep the reader guessing up until the very end. He grabs your attention immediately and never lets you go.

“A Brush with Death” is the second novel in the “Book Shop Mystery” series and was released in the year 2016. Sam Wiseman has returned to investigate mystery and murder in Montreal.

Ovid Holmes, a famous author, is found murdered in his apartment, Sam Wiseman (wannabe detective and bookshop owner) finds himself getting pulled into the case. While he teams with Gaston again, the investigative duo have got their work cut out for them.

They find an old newspaper clipping relating to one murder in the art world from twenty years prior. It makes them realize Ovid’s research for his next novel might have something to do with his being killed. While they dig deeper, they find some criminals that will do whatever they have to in order to keep their secrets from getting out.

“The Book Review of Death” is the third novel in the “Book Shop Mystery” series and was released in the year 2017. If there is a mystery to solve in Montreal, Sam Wiseman is always going to find himself right in the middle of it all.

A book reviewer, infamous for ruining authors’ careers with his scathing reviews, found dead in his office, every author located in the city is quickly a suspect. Including Ben, Sam’s best friend.

Ever determined to work his way into the case, the amateur sleuth and bookseller teams once more with Detective Lemieux in what might be their most curious case to date.

“Accounting for Crime” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2011. Who says attorneys have all the fun? Robert Scroyle C. A., is the senior partner at Scroyle, Caitiff, Rudisbe and Spavin. He has a girlfriend or two and is married and isn’t any stranger to some shady tax strategy that is just this side of legal. His life will soon to be getting more complex. Lorenzo Villiago, the founder of Ravishing Cosmetics, is one of the most important clients that Scroyle has. He must find a business he can buy in order to solve his cash flow issues.

Agustinho Bastinhado is a figure in the underworld with a huge problem: too much cash. He must hide it some place and quickly. Scroyle must do make both of these men happy or he will lose his business, possibly his life.

In a tale that plays out on the streets of Montreal and in boardrooms that are populated by such characters that are oddly familiar to anybody that’s been in a downtown office building. Scroyle’s life spins out of control and starts unraveling. Undercover cop operations, kidnapping, the netherworld of organized crime, and a love story gone sour. This is nothing that a guy who deals in certainties is supposed to deal with.

“A Stab at Life” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Gilles Bellechasse is a detective working in the Major Crimes Division of the Montreal Police Force and Annie Linton, RN, is a nurse working in the Emergency Department of the Gursky Memorial Hospital in Montreal. Gilles is in charge of investigating the series of murders that have happened in a park and the area that surrounds the Gursky Memorial located in the Cote-des-Neiges part of the city.

Suspects include the vigilante group devoted to removing the drug dealers out of the park, one jealous husband, a mysterious woman of whom nude drawings appear in a murder victim’s bedroom, and the competing drug dealers. Annie’s excellent diagnostic skill plays a critical role in solving the case.

Readers found this to be a top notch crime story, and when it comes to masterful storytelling, Richard is a King. He makes good use of his knowledge of hospital procedures in order to develop the plot and the character of Annie Linton, an ER nurse. Richard also excels in weaving in the working-class immigrant life in Cotes-des-Neiges into this intricate plot of passion and crime.

Richard King
Richard King is a cozy mystery writer best known for his debut series The Book Shop Mysteries. It is clear that King writes a lot from his own experience as he happens to be a co-founder of Montreal’s Librarie Paragraphe Bookstore. King previously worked at a classics bookstore before moving into entrepreneurship. The talented author has served as a member of the Canadian Booksellers Association board and also worked as its president for a year. King graduated from McGill, and he has never lived anywhere but in Montreal his whole life.

A Death at the University
A Death at the University is the first book in The Book Shop Mysteries series. The book stars Sam Wiseman, a part-owner of a chain of bookstores, and his detective friend Gaston Lemieux. Sam is known for his ability to locate books for his customers. With just a little information, the successful businessman could find most of the books clients were looking for. This skill earned his many friends, among them a professor at the local university. As one of his best customers, Professor Harold Hilliard enjoys preferential treatment like the delivery of his order to the office.

Sam is passing by Harold’s office to pick a cheque for some books when he finds him dead on the floor. Harold has been bludgeoned using a bust of Hegel, and it is clear that the professor was murdered. Sam is shocked by what he sees, and it seems like he is the first person at the crime scene. After recovering from his shock, Sam sees this as a perfect chance to live his fantasy and get involved in solving a true murder crime. Sam reaches out to Gaston, and the detective not only allows him into the crime scene but also lets him sit when he is interviewing the suspects.

This is all new for Sam, but from reading books and watching crime movies, he knows a thing or two about criminal investigations. The two friends focus all their energies on this case, and while they make many along the way, the ruthless killer is revealed in the end. Sam is going to unknowingly spill the beans to the enemy, but it turns out the killer cannot outsmart this duo. Aside from the murder case, the author lets the reader into Montreal, its unique melding of Anglo and French cultures and the common language in the city. The story is told in the first person by Sam, and through his eyes, we get to see everything that goes on in this investigation.

A Death at the University is an entertaining and cozy mystery story. Sam is a likable character, and his enthusiasm on matters crime and investigations is admirable. He is fortunate to have a friend like Gaston, who lets him get involved in a case is quite interested about. The author has done a great job of fleshing the characters, so you get to know about their lives outside the investigation. If you are looking for a unique cozy mystery story, this book is ideal. Join San and Gaston in their investigation and follow them as they collect one piece of evidence after another. The pace stays consistent throughout, and the tension escalates as the story goes into climax.

A Brush With Death
A Brush With Death is the second book in The Book Shop Mysteries series. Once again, we get to see Sam and Gaston in action. The case, this time around, involves a famous author. Ovid Holmes is found dead in his apartment, and Gaston is called to investigate the circumstances of his death. Sam gets involved because his friend and partner Jennifer, who is also Ovid’s girlfriend, calls him in the middle of the night when she finds her boyfriend dead in his house. Sam quickly goes to help his friend, and Gaston gets involved in solving this mysterious death. How shocking when a murder author turns into the hunted.

Among the first things, Sam notices the newspaper cutting about a murder that happened over two decades ago. Sam thinks that Ovid’s research on the novel he was writing before his death has something to do with what happened to him. Gaston is not as quick to jump into conclusion, but he has not found any other reason why anyone would want the author dead. All the detective needs to do is prove this theory and find out why anyone would want to kill the author for something that happened a long time ago. After taking whatever evidence he can gather in Ovid’s house, Gaston starts his investigations, and just like in the first book, Sam is allowed to participate.

There are quite a number of characters in this story. There is Sam, Gaston, and Jennifer, who are the main ones, and then there are all the suspects and people around them. The story is in Sam’s point of view. Sam is curious, intelligent, and considerate, and even though he has no professional investigative training, his curious nature makes him see things that would escape the normal eye. Jennifer is obviously going through her boyfriend’s loss, but she is able to gather some courage and help the detectives in catching his killer. Gaston is his usual patient self. He meticulously goes over the forensics and takes his time to consider all possibilities before making a conclusion.

A Brush With Death is an intriguing book characterized by a unique storyline, lovable characters, and a solid plot. The story is also believable as it is possible for an author to go too far into research only to raffle feathers and expose hidden secrets. There are many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages, and the ending is just epic. Sam tries his best to draw his own conclusions, but once you meet Gaston, the tension escalates as more details are added. This is another unforgettable cozy mystery story perfect if you have a free weekend. It will be fun following both the amateur and seasoned detectives in their investigative journeys and learning a few things about the murdered author.

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