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Richard Marcinko or “Dick” writes a series of novels that star himself as the main character and have his autobiography as the beginning. He was the first to command Red Cell and SEAL Team Six, and served in the United States Navy for over thirty years. He was a veteran of the Vietnam war where Marcinko completed two tours, and led an assault on Ilo Ilo Hon that was later dubbed the most successful SEAL operation by the US Navy in the Mekong Delta. He would later command SEAL Team Two for a couple years in the mid seventies. After he retired in 1989, he became a host of a radio talk show, an author, consultant for the military and motivational speaker. At the time of his retirement, he was a full commander. He was born in Lansford, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1940, and makes his home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Richard Marcinko has written novels and some non-fiction books, both dealing with his time in the Navy. His career in writing started in 1994 with the release of “Rogue Warrior. His works have spent time on the New York Times bestseller list, including one that spent four months on the business list and another one that was number one. He co-writes with Jim DeFelice and John Weisman. Jim DeFelice became his co-author in 2001 after “Detachment Bravo” came out.

Richard Marcinko is a highly decorated veteran, with four Bronze Stars, one Silver Star, and two Navy Commendation Medals, among other awards. He has also been CEO of Red Cell International (which evaluates the vulnerability of properties and targets) and SOS Temps, Inc (a private security firm that he started). Marcinko also owns a company that focuses on motivating people and building a team.

He was imprisoned for almost two years and fined for ten thousand dollars due to the fact that he misappropriated funds from the government (he also lied to them, conspiracy and paid over a hundred thousand dollars to his company) and was brought up on charges for it.

He has served as adviser for the movies “The Rock” and “GI Jane” and for “24”. He also had a video game made about him and is the main character of called “Rogue Warrior”.

“Rogue Warrior” is the first book in the “Rogue Warrior” series that was co-written by John Weisman that was released in 1994. This book talks about certain things that set the Navy SEALs apart from other units, they kill with any weapon and attack from any direction. The book also shows the inspirations from some of his later characters that would appear in later books; like Indian Jew, the Golddust twins, “Doc” Tremblay, Prince Valiant, and Duckfoot Dewey. It talks about their journeys from their training, how they developed their skills and went from rookies to seasoned veterans. The stories show all the skills you will develop and what it takes to be a SEAL. Real men and real missions here.

Fans of the book thought that the book was well written, and the way he narrates the book gave the stories he was telling a lot of life. Some readers liked that Marcinko writes like he is talking to you, as though you are right next to him and he is telling you his story. This book is full of shocking language that tells it like it is and puts you right into the dirty mess of things that allows you to be there, right along side Marcinko and his team. Some like the way that Marcinko delivers interesting scenes and stories that keep them intrigued while reading them.

Some readers did not like the way Marcinko comes off as arrogant, self serving, and did not feel that it was worth reading the book. They thought he bragged throughout the entire book, feeling that he puffed himself up to make himself even more of a hero than he otherwise would be and to make him sound like even more of a god.

“Red Cell” is the second book in the “Rogue Warrior” series that was co-written by John Weisman that was released in 1994. “Red Cell” is the first actual novel of the series, as “Rogue Warrior” was Marcinko’s autobiography. He wrote this as a fiction due to the fact that the Navy would not let him give away all of the secrets he had. This novel is about Marcinko putting Red Cell together for the military, the group is built of twelve tougher than nails men who are to fight terrorism anyway that they can. They must find ways to fight the Navy’s facilities and installations that are very secure, and what everyone knew would happen, did. Everything went wild and all hell broke loose. Marcinko finds that smugglers are sending nuclear materials to North Korea and they are going through Japan to do it. They have backing from American traitors.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the way the writing keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout the wild ride and requires them to keep on reading it until they have finished it. Once again, Dick takes you there, putting you right into the thick of things. As if you were apart of his team and he recounts all that happened there in the jungle. Some find that he is a great human being, but also feels that he is not invincible. It shows the bureaucracy in all of its corruption, says some. Some enjoyed the novel in how it shows the continuing adventures of Marcinko and his team.

Some readers did not like the book and found that Marcinko is just a joke and a clown. Not only that, but they found him to be a disgrace to the military. The novel embellishes the facts of what actually happened way back then. It is great fiction, but the stuff is not to be taken as something that actually went down. Some find that the book is nothing but why Marcinko knows the right way to do things, but he quickly glosses over why he was in jail. Some even recommend that people read other books that better portray life in the war or as a SEAL.

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    fiction or fact, i think neither. man was a god

  2. Wayne Bjorken: 3 years ago

    These fine books are labeled as fiction. However, I believe their stories are placed in a the real world. As a sailor, Captain. I salute you.


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