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Publication Order of Joshua Rabb Mystery Books

The Dividing Line (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Versions Of The Truth (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing But the Truth (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wind and Lies (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending the Truth (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Our Choice of Gods (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abandoned Heart (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ricard Parrish is an English author of mystery books best known for his Joshua Rabb Mystery. He is a director at the Edge Hill University at the center for sports law research exploring the interface between sport and the European Union. He is a member of the European commission’s group of independent sports expert and also gives counsel to The European Commission’s Tailex Program where they have worked in the Albania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Turkey regarding the approximation of European laws connected to sports.

Richard Parrish has authored two monographs and has also co-authored a couple of sports law reports for the European Parliament and the European Commission. He is the author of The Joshua Rabb mystery. Professor Richard sits on the editorial board for some journals among them The International Sports Law Journal and The Sport and Law Journal.

The Dividing Line

The Dividing Line introduces The Joshua Rabb Mystery Series. The book tells the story of an attorney, Joshua Rabb, who finds himself caught in the crossfire between the greedy local politicos and the Papago Indians on his job as an attorney for the Bureau of Indian affairs.

The setting of the story describes the incidences of corruption, brutal murders, and prejudice that loom the time as the attorney is involved in a battle to save a native American. A chain of events put Joshua in a tight spot between the two sides as he tries to secure justice for his client. Mysterious things keep happening in the story as Rabb struggles to deliver his best despite being one-handed, and raising two children without a wife. The element of discrimination comes out in the story not ignoring the struggles that the characters have to go through at the mercies of those in power.

Richard has given his readers a great story with many mysteries all connecting to push you to read on from page to page. His setting brings out the effects of different vices that are involved with the society where ethnicity and discrimination are rampant. Clear descriptions of the situations that he and all the other players are involved in will make you emotional apart from taking your total attention to the read.

Versions of The Truth

Versions of the Truth is the second book in The Joshua Rabb Mystery. Joshua is a hero already having gone through a tough period on a previous case and still not being affected by the same and the physical disability that he has. Parish gives a story that is full of drama, suspense and heart-touching love scenarios in this book.

The Papago tribe is faced with a new problem where they are in the middle of a cholera outbreak that threatens many American lives. It is up to Joshua to contract the new sewer system to save the lives of these native American. The tasks put him into a mil of events through greed and corruption that rules the country at that time. Joshua has to tackle the political menace that is ruling to the extent of going against his moralistic values to get justice to his clients. It would seem rather conflicting when he has to deal with his problems and his conflicting state of soliloquy and blaming God for his loss and still work so tirelessly to serve justice. The time of this story is slightly after the world war two, and things have not fully stabilized implying that getting justice is a rather hard task thus Joshua has to stretch a little more.

Another piece from Parrish with vivid descriptions that incorporate suspense, and mysteries that will make you follow all through to the end. His way of describing the vices and characters is one that is incredible and makes the reader feel as though they are present in the story all through.

Nothing But The Truth

Nothing but the Truth is the third story in The Joshua Rabb Mystery Series. Two murders of Chassidic Jews form the root of this mystery filled story. The story takes more unexpected turns when a known organized crime brain, Meyer Lansky approaches Joshua on the same issue.

An Indian native is accused of having raped and then murdered a young woman, and Rabb takes over to represent him, but little does he know the mess he is getting himself into until things are too much for him. Parrish introduces another conflicting issue where Rabb’s daughter is caught up in an affair with one of the mafias, Joe Bonanno ’s son. Rabb has to solve some things among them the reason as to why the infamous mafia would seek his help on this issue. Things get worse when the Jewish and Italian hitmen come together in what seems like a mysterious turf war with the reward of an unknown prize. The mysteries that are involved in the story are too much, and this pushes him to go to considerable extents to uncover the issue and help in restoring things to sanity.

The puzzle gets hard in each page as things turn to the unexpected for the lawyer. The client that he is representing gets linked to some greasy evidence that raises huge questions on his innocence. At the same time known figures such as Frank Costello, Lucky Luciano, and busy Siegel come into the puzzle. Another issue that seems to create an imbalance in this matter is when his daughter gets involved in a romantic relationship with the son of Bonanno. It is a suspenseful story as scarier things are discovered, and Rabb struggles to join the dots to unearth the root of everything.

Richard Parrish showcases, the various issues that affected the society at the time with much clarity making one feel as though they can almost see everything. The prose is also incredible connection event to the other in a systematic manner making it easy for you to relate things and walk through the story as you try to solve the matter together with Joshua.

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