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The Kasari Nexus (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Altreian Enigma (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Meridian Ascent (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Mark of Fire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Shattered Trident (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy's End (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Day Trips, Vol. II(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Being born in Roswell, Richard Philips has had the Alien bug injected in his blood from the beginning and his science fiction series also revolves around Aliens and the supposed secrets in his old hood not far from the elusive military and research facility of Area 51. To those who is not aware of it, Area 51 is a hidden research facility and Roswell is where it is said a flying saucer crashed in 1947 and where government officials came and picked up not only the flying object but also the aliens that were in it, both living and some that had died from the crash. It is said to be a hotbed of aliens encounters and an entire industry has grown around the town. Multiple books, documentaries, movies and TV- series has been made about the area and the supposed crash and there is not just a few, but a huge amount and they are all focusing on the government covering up a lot about aliens, the rash, the encounters and the technology that came out of the crash.

He has a bestselling series out there and there is much more to from his pen in the years to come, and he still finds time to develop computer software for the military with his wife in their home in Phoenix.

Richard is a graduate from West Point and he afterwards joined the Army and served his time as ranger and afterwards served in the us army.

He later graduated and god his master in physics and has worked several years as a research assistant, before finishing his tour in the US army. He now lives in Phoenix with his family and is writing exceptional science fiction books with a twist and an innovative view of the technology these aliens lifeforms might be bringing to this world.

Richard Philips combines his knowledge from his place of birth, his time served in the army, his education and his interests in both aliens and UFOs combined with a flair for conspiracy theories making high intense and catching literature.

And with this he created the Rho Agenda, a trilogy where alien technology is available to mankind. The problem is that so many want a piece of the cake – in this case the new technology – and while some are working to benefit the world by advanced technology others seek their own goals. And without spoiling anything you can guess these people do not search for means of world peace.

As you read and remember the title of the book (“The Second Ship”) you will soon discover, that this is not the first accounted alien encounter on planet Earth. The second ship is just the second one found by humans. It leaves you wondering what else might be out there both in space and here on Earth.
At the same time some plot holes will be closed in “The Second Ship”. But not all of them. It is easy to see, that the author has more to tell than just another story about aliens and UFOs in Area 51, that growing up in that area makes you more aware of your surroundings and what an advanced technology in the hands of both the right and the wrong people can do.

And it is a great start for a series of cliffhangers. Where high tech alien equipment and the influence that will have on the entire scientific world meets scrupulous villains, who wants to require that technology for all costs, philanthropic scientists trying to make the world a better place, and regular people, that just happens to be in the vicinity and by chance becomes part in the world of aliens and conspiracy.

The storyline with the characters you have got to know in “The Second Ship” appears again in the follow up called “Immune.”

Richard Phillips has in a clever way managed to write the second book in the Rho Agenda series as a stand-alone and still gives you solutions to plots yet not solved in the first book.

That said you will be better prepared for the story in total by starting with the first book, as you will in any series, but it is impressing how he has managed to get the same feel in a sequel where new readers can join in. It shows his qualities as a great science fiction writer with a great future in this business.

In the second book the plot does not evolve as fast as it did in the first book, it is more like it is building up towards something that we do not what is yet. But the plot is still there, the Immune is still playing on the combination of aliens, conspiracy theories and pulling in government, agencies, and the characters from the first book.

But the second book also brings in drug lords, the suspense of a thriller with corrupt office officials, with the government and the many agendas that is always lurking in the shadows and the complete confusion about who is out to do what to either gain from it, or to start an avalanche that will spiral out of control.

The three main characters are starting to change and it is a change that seems to be passing themselves by without any problems, it is like they do not even realize the change they are going through.

Richard Philips stands on shoulders of science fiction giants like Huxley, Bradbury, wells and he is able to stand on his own, he has taken his background, his place of birth, his education, his knowledge of government and his expensive military career and combined it all in these books. Richard Philips is taking science fiction in to a new corner, sitting it down and letting us get familiar with it before he twists it all on us like he has done from the first to the second book, we are all looking forward to see what it is that will happen and what will be the next twit, the next curve ball we will be thrown and what we can expect from Mr. Philips.

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  1. Terrence Hickey: 1 year ago

    Enjoying your novels, I am writing one myself and find that, while conceptually different. we have some ideas in common. Thank you for your influence.

    Terry Hickey

  2. Mrs Margaret: 2 years ago

    Am loving your creations! Thanks for so many wonder “full” hours.

  3. Phil Eaton: 3 years ago

    Loved the Rho series! Will there be a continuation or a return of the Meridian Ascent crew?


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