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Spending much of his life immersed in the world of art, the American writer and academic Richard Vine is well known for his in-depth analysis on the subject. Now moving into the world of fiction, he has managed to start creating his own crime based thriller novels as well. This has seen him make a considerable impact, as many are quickly paying attention to him and what he has to offer.

Early and Personal Life

With an interest in art and art history held from an early age, the author to be Richard Vine was born and raised in America. Also holding a strong passion for the written word, he showed a gift and passion for writing from a very young age. Taking in ideas and inspiration from the world around him, he would continually look to develop himself, always looking to learn and understand more.

Attending the University of Chicago he would go on to gain a Ph.D. In literature, following on from his studies in art history. This would help to give him the background he needed in taking his career forwards as a full-time writer and novelist. Throughout his education he would also be constantly working on his own writing career too, along with protesting in the infamous 1970 Kent State protests as well.

Travelling extensively throughout his life he has seen and witnessed a lot during his time prior to becoming a writer. Curating in a number of different exhibitions, including ones in China and India, he has a lot of knowledge on the subject of art history. Working in steel mills as well as a psychiatric ward too, he has managed to experience a lot too, all of which he has put back into his work.

Spending much of his life working within the art world, he has become somewhat of a global expert on the subject at hand. Using this knowledge to craft his mysteries, he takes his insight of this world and shows the reader the darker side of what it has to offer. Not showing signs of stopping anytime soon either, he will carry on for quite some time to come as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

It was in 2016 that he came out with his first fictional novel ‘Soho Sins’, as it was a crime novel set firmly within the world of hard-boiled genre fiction. Clearly showing an affection for the form, he quickly took to it, something that his many readers picked up on too, thus explaining his success. Providing a solid mystery at the heart of it too, it would manage to keep readers constantly engaged throughout as well.

This title would also be part of the ever popular long-running and still ongoing ‘Hard Case Crime Series’ of novels. With a whole host of different writers writing for it, it has been running since 1961 with the release of the first story ‘Grifter’s Game’, which was brought out by Lawrence Block. Fast achieving a level of popularity a whole host of famous writers would provide work for it, including Richard Vine.

Prior to all this Richard Vine was well known for his insights into art-history, as he worked as an academic for some time. With a whole host of books published in this area, many came to see him as one of the foremost voices within his field. Knowing and understanding the subject matter, he would allow it to inform much of his own writing style in the years to come.

Over time he would gain a lot of recognition as a writer, something which enabled him to continue developing himself and his craft. Then, after some time, his attention would eventually turn to the world of fiction, specifically crime fiction in particular. With reviewers and other writers singing his praises, he would quickly grow in stature within this new industry too.

Still writing to this very day this is only the beginning for Richard Vine as an author of high-quality fiction. Whether he develops it from his time as a crime novelist taking it in new directions still remains to be seen. One thing for sue, though, is that he is very much definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come.

Soho Sins

Brought out as an eBook, this was to be installment number 124 of the ongoing ‘Hard Case Crime’ series of novels. Released in 2016 it was first published on the 7th of June to much acclaim, as it would also be Richard Vine’s debut into the world of fiction. Following many of the tropes of the mystery genre, Vine plays with them and audience’s expectations well, giving a new take on them in the process.

Amanda Oliver and her husband Philip were the perfect couple loved by all on the New York art scene. That is until Amanda is found murdered in her Soho loft apartment, and Philip confesses to committing the murder. One thing, though, is that he was continent away at the time of the killing, leaving Jackson Wyeth, the art dealer, to work out what really happened. Why would someone confess to a murder they didn’t commit? Who is the real killer? What lies behind the Soho sins?

Non-Fiction Art History Work

For some time prior to writing his first fictional novel, Richard Vine was well known for writing books on his first love; art history. The first one of these was a book he worked on as a collaborator for back in 1998 titled ‘Odd Nerdrum, The Drawings’. This would be about the artist ‘Odd Nerdrum’ and all his contributions to the art world over the years in an extensive history of his life.

Over time he has expanded upon this, taking his love of art history and building an entire writing career out of it. This would allow him to gain not only a certain degree of insight into the subject matter, but it would also enable him to develop his writing too. Gaining a place of standing within the field, he has ensured himself as being one of the leading voices within the field for quite some time to come.

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