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Publication Order of Dead Man's Rule Books

Dead Man's Rule (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Brothers (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of The Davis Detective Mysteries Books

The Case of the Autumn Rose (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Treasure of Fernando Montoya (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Colleen Coble

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

When the Devil Whistles (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in the Mind's Eye (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guilty Blood (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Think I Was Murdered (With: Colleen Coble) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rick Acker is a reputed American novelist, who likes to write Christian Legal Thrillers, mystery, suspense, young adult, detective fiction, and crime fiction novels. He is well known for writing the Dead Man’s Rule series and the Davis Detective Mystery series, each of which contains two books so far. In addition to writing novels, Acker works as a Supervising Deputy Attorney General and is employed in the Justice Department of California. It fact, it is his real, full-time job. He takes up writing stories only in his spare time or after the work hours of his regular job. To make judicious use of time in pursuing his interest in writing novels, Acker uses to commute time to and from his job to develop outlines or prepare layouts of the stories that he is working on. Other than his popular novel series, Acker has penned several successful standalone novels. One of them is his bestselling book called When The Devil Whistles. This book is based on the lawsuits of corporate fraud and is inspired by the real cases prosecuted by Acker’s unit in the California justice department.

Being associated with the department of law and justice, Acker has led numerous lawsuits and investigations that made front-page headlines all across California. In a recent lawsuit, Acker and his team won a series of record-breaking settlements and judgments against the players on Wall Street, who responsible for creating toxic mortgage securities, leading to the Great Recession. Prior to joining the Department of Justice, Acker worked as a senior litigator at a firm called Bingham McCutchen. He worked on numerous litigation involving high stakes. The highlights of his career as a litigator include a case of multi-billion dollar international fraud and a fight between the owners of San Francisco-based Forty-Niners. Author Acker holds law degrees from Notre Dame University and Oslo University. He has completed his post-graduation with honors. Besides working in the DOJ and writing novels, Acker has contributed a couple of treaties that have been published by the Bar Association of America.

Acker is native of Chicago. He spent the first 35 years of his life living in the Midwest. He moved to California after deciding to trade the certainty of mosquitoes and winter with earthquake risks. He is happily married and has a beautiful wife named Anette. The couple is blessed with four children. When Acker is not busy with his writing work or his lawsuits, he likes to spend time in the company of his family and his cats. Currently, he and his family reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Acker loves to explore the nearby hilly areas, go on trekking, watch movies, and read books. He also likes to interact with his fans through online platforms. Acker feels proud to know that his legal thrillers and detective fiction stories are liked by readers all over the world and are being appreciated by prominent critics as well. He looks forward to adding more titles in his successful series and also write many more interesting novels in the coming years. Acker intends to continue writing on a part-time basis and take up this profession as full-timer only after retiring from his primary job as an attorney.

A successful book series penned by author Rick Acker is known as the Dead Man’s Rule series. It is comprised of two books in total, released between 2005 and 2008. Both the books revolve around the life of a Chicago-based lawyer named Ben Corbin. The other essential characters mentioned in this series by Acker include Dr. Mikhail Ivanosky, Gunnar Bjornsen, Karl, Noelle Corbin, etc. Author Acker has done the setting of the stories in Chicago. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Dead Man’s Rule’. It was released in 2005 by the Kregel Publications. The book opens by introducing Ben Corbin as a lawyer based in Chicago. He launches his private practice and sets up an office in the city. The first case that comes his way is that of a mysterious scientist from Russian named Mikhail Ivanosky. Mikhail hires Ben Corbin to sue the owner of a safe deposit box to take its possession. To defend him in court, the owner of the box hires a lawyer with the highest power in the city. Soon after, the owner is found dead and the case takes a shocking turn.

Ben asks Mikhail Ivanosky to inform the court about the contents of the box or else he won’t be able to save him from a murder charge. He confesses that the box contained an old biowarfare formula is capable of spreading an epidemic of the deadliest disease that mankind has ever known. Ben Corbin faces danger from all sides as there is no one to testify nor any evidence. With the threat of a deadly bioterrorist attack looking large, Ben takes the help of some of his most trustworthy men and begins rebuilding the case in an attempt to get the possession of the box. Ben knows that he will need all his resources and wits along with the specialized knowledge of Mikhail Ivanosky to succeed in this mission. He also realizes that he will have to put his trust in a much higher power.

The sequel to the first book is known as ‘Blood Brothers’. It was also published by Kregel Publications in 2008. This book features the main characters in the form of brothers Gunnar and Karl Bjornsen, Ben Corbin, and Noelle Corbin. Initially, it is depicted that Karl and Gunnar the owners of a big pharmaceutical empire. They have built this empire from scratch with their hard work, determination, dedication, and self-belief. Now, they are in the process of developing a mysterious new drug that is expected to bring about a revolution. The Bjornsen brothers believe that the neural stimulant will help to increase intelligence and strength. But, the potential for the drug’s success makes them go mad. Each one of them tries to take control of the production and the overall company.

Karl files a lawsuit against Gunnar in court. Ben Corbin is hired by Gunnar to represent his case. As Ben works on this case, he finds that it involves more than just sibling rivalry. There are signs of black market trade, embezzlement, etc. Soon after, the effects of the drug begin to show up. As the case takes a violent and personal turn, Ben finds himself in Norway with his wife Noelle. He tries to keep her safe and at the same time, looks to put an end to this case by halting the production of the deadly drug and seizing the company. Ben doesn’t want people to go crazy under the influence of the drug and cause destruction of life and property.

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