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Publication Order of King of a Small World Books

King of a Small World (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Baltimore Truth (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lost Brother (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rick Bennet is a published author.

Bennet first became an author in print with the release of his debut novel, titled King of a Small World. It was released for readers to enjoy for the first time in 1995. He followed that debut novel up with another full length novel, this time not belonging to that series. It is titled The Lost Brother and was released in 1996.

Rick Bennet is the creator and the author of the Small World series. This fictional series started for the first time in 1995. The sequel would take a few more years to come out, but the fictional second installment of the series was released in 2016 and is titled The Baltimore Truth.

The first fictional novel to come out from author Rick Bennet is titled King of a Small World. If you love playing poker or you are interested in games or novels involving poker, then check out this debut book in the series for yourself!

Catch all of the action with this engaging fictional story from an author that is familiar with the world of poker. In this debut noir thriller, readers get the chance to meet the main character of Joey Moore for the first time. A murder fraught with racial tensions could be the tension delivering event that could end up tearing Washington D.C. entirely apart.

Kevin Kellogg is a private investigator that has been living and working in the D.C. area for quite some time now. He has been in this place for a long enough amount of time that when a prominent prosecutor is murdered that he is not shocked. Perhaps a little surprised by the details of the case, but not shocked. Things like this go down in highly populated cities all of the time, and power plays are not just limited to the boardroom and the political offices.

Kellogg does end up being surprised slightly by what happens next. The prosecutor was well known in his field and black. So when a white supremacist leader gets in touch with him and he also happens to be the main suspect in this crime, Kevin doesn’t really know how to respond.

It turns out that even though the man is suspected of killing the prosecutor, he wants the private eye to find out who the killer was. He says it’s not him, and is willing to pay Kevin Kellogg to find the person that is responsible and clear his name.

Things are already heating up in this case. The prosecutor was clearly murdered, and now the only thing that remains is to find the killer. Meanwhile, the brother of the victim is recently out of prison. Long’s been in jail for a long time and now wants to avenge the death of his brother by delivering his own personal brand of justice to the situation.

In order to do so, Kevin must turn to a friend. The pal is another former resident of jail and the ex-con is willing to help him out. He also happens to be the local leader of a black power group. At the same time, Joey Moore is trying to navigate a personal life crisis when one of his gambling opponents ends up killing himself and he finds himself having to deal with a baby. The only thing is that this D.C. to Maryland poker king has no idea what to do with an infant!

The investigation into the prosecutor’s murder and the suicide are going to turn up more dirt than anyone accounted for. The investigations quickly must leave the city streets full of crime and seedy activities and trade them in for different locations where money and power are flowing like water flows down a river. These are the highest power echelons, a place where greed is always going to be placed above morals and the ends justify the means when you are trying to reach your objective.

Now everything is getting more complicated because there are rumors that a video is missing. Allegedly the victim of the murder, the prosecutor, once had it in his possession. It is very important that they track down that video and find out what is on it, because the implications could end up reaching a long way.

The son of the prosecutor has now also gone missing and may have been a witness to the murder on top of that. Suspicious activities are certainly going on, and it appears that someone is targeting this family. The only thing left to figure out for this private eye is why.

Now there are two lit fuses running, and the clock is ticking. In a city that sees violence every single day, things are about to pushed to the edge. Can Washington and this private investigator as well as Joey Moore find a satisfying conclusion to their efforts? Or will the poker and political world be turned totally upside down by what happens next?

You are going to have to find out by picking up a copy of this book for yourself! Check out this debut from Rick Bennet that other authors are calling ‘rare’ and ‘truly authentic’. Considered one of the top novels involving a poker theme ever to be written an released, this fictional story is a true gem from a talented author.

The Baltimore Truth is the second novel in this series by Rick Bennet. Joe Moore is back for more as he gets wrapped up in yet another misadventure.

With the nickname of Pinocchio since he is so good at lying, Joe is back in the world of poker. Now he is going to find out that consequences can come in the most unlikeliest of places. You can even end up paying the price for other people’s sense of what the truth really is.

Long story short, things go south quickly when a simple poker game at home gets robbed. Then a powerful gangster in Baltimore gets shot. When a family belonging to the New York mafia wants to protect their interests and gets involved, it’s impossible to predict how this will end– but you can read this book to find out!

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