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Rick Cahill Books In Order

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Publication Order of Rick Cahill Books

Rick Cahill Series
Rick Cahill is a mystery series by Matt Coyle. The series follows Rick Cahill, a man who manages to attract trouble wherever he goes. At the beginning of the series, we learn that Rick was a cop, but he retired and became a hotel manager after his wife’s brutal murder. However, when trouble follows him in the hotel, Rick decides to become a private investigator. Life is not going to get easier for this man as he will often need to confront seasoned killers, gangs, and hardened men who would kill in an instant to protect themselves. However, you can be sure that you will enjoy following him through his hair-raising adventures.

Yesterday’s Echo
Yesterday’s Echo comes first in the Rick Cahill series. The book introduces Rick Cahill, a former cop now working as a managing partner in an upscale restaurant in San Diego. It has been eight years since Rick’s wife was murdered. While the investigative team did not find enough evidence to convict him, everyone, including the police, thought Rick was the murderer. This guilt coupled with the police suspicion had haunted this ex-cop for all those years. He had done everything to keep a low profile, including moving to the beautiful seaside town in San Diego. However, Rick’s life takes a dramatic turn when a woman enters his life.

The mayor’s wife gets obnoxiously drunk in Rick’s restaurant, and he is forced to swing into action. He expertly escorts the drunk woman without creating a scandal and sends her home in a cab. On the same night, a TV reporter, possibly looking for a story, approaches Rick and spends the night in his bed. Melody Malana is beautiful, and everything Rick hasn’t enjoyed for years. He thinks she is his chance for redemption and finding love again. However, when Melody is arrested for murder and Rick steps in to help, his life is turned upside down. It is like Rick is reliving his past, but this time around, he is in much more trouble.

It turns out that Melody is not who he thought. Thanks to her, Rick is a suspect in another murder, and he doesn’t see a way out. Before long, Rick discovers how much he has entangled himself with Melody, and he has to run if only to save his life. However, to survive, he has to stay a step ahead of people who seem ready to kill if this is what it takes to keep their pasts hidden. Can Rick bring down the murderer before it is too late? How does he disentangle himself from a woman who cannot be trusted? Will the police catch up with Rick and put him behind bars?

Yesterday’s Echo is an intriguing story that will grab your attention and keep you entertained to the last paragraph. The tale comes with a breakneck pace, an interesting storyline, and a protagonist you cannot help but love. Rick is a great guy, but it seems like trouble follows wherever he goes. When deadly forces come to him ready to kill, he has to use his wit to get himself out of trouble. Fortunately, luck seems to be on Rick’s side even when he makes questionable decisions. As the tension rises, you will keep on turning the pages, not wanting to stop until all the details are revealed. This is an enjoyable crime mystery story and a great introduction to the series.

Night Tremors
Night Tremors comes second in the Rick Cahill series. Towards the end of the first book, Rick quit his job as a hotel manager and became a PI. This story starts two years where the first one ended.

Rick has been working as a private investigator throughout this period, and his job is still struggling. The once-successful hotel manager is stuck doing low-level PI jobs like photographing philandering spouses, which is getting boring. However, since the job pays the bills, Rick stays with it. When an attorney requests him to help in a case involving a young man imprisoned for murdering his family, Rick jumps on the opportunity. This is a huge break in his new career, and the hotelier-turned PI immediately dives into the investigation.

Revisiting this case opens a can of worms that put Rick’s life in danger. First, some rogue cops are still looking for a way to put him in jail. There is also a biker gang involved, not to mention the case pits Rick against his mentor. However, there is no easy way out of this mess. Rick has to find the killer and uncover what happened on that bloody night. Having been a suspect in a murder he had nothing about, Rick knows the pains that come with a wrong accusation. If it is true that Randall Eddington, jailed eight years ago for killing his family, is innocent, he is determined to uncover the truth.

Just like the first book, this second installment moves fast. The author takes you on an exhilarating ride in an atmospheric city that you will grow to love. Rick remains a lovable character, damaged yet so charming. You will love following him as he gets himself in and out of trouble and rejoice when he makes a startling discovery. His complicated relationship with Kim also adds a lot to the story. The secondary characters are just as awesome, not to mention the unexpected turns that will leave you at the edge of your seat. There is no boring moment in this story, and the action starts right from page one.

Night Tremors is a must-read if you are a crime thriller fan. In this book, Rick will be working as a legal defense for a convicted murder. The case is not going to be easy since the charges involved are serious, and many people want the truth to stay hidden. Join Rick on yet another exhilarating ride that will see him fighting to stay alive. The twist towards the end is massive and will send you looking for the next installment in the series. Does Rick manage to get the ruling overturned? Read this book for this and more.

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