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Rick Campbell is a retired Navy Commander, who had the opportunity of serving on four nuclear-powered submarines. Campbell completed his career by visiting the Washington Navy Yard and the Pentagon. While serving on the fourth submarine, Rick Campbell was one of the two soldiers, whose signatures was required to launch the nuclear missiles. Once Rick retired from the Navy, St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan Press immediately signed him. Macmillan Press published Rick Campbell’s first installment, The Trident Deception that was hailed by many critics and reviewers as well. Currently, Rick Campbell resides with his children and wife in Washington DC.

Rick Campbell Best Books
The Trident Deception
The Trident Deception is the first installment in the Trident Deception book series. Nuclear weapons are cumbersome destruction tools that come handy when one is looking to annihilate an entire continent or country. Ever since Fat Man and Little Boy were dropped on imperial Japan, a stigma fell upon the atomic bomb. Despite the fact that chances for a nuclear attack have been reduced significantly, the arsenals that were accumulated over the last century are still in place and large quantities. Combined with various failed nations such as Pakistan, which are still in possession of numerous hundreds, the world could come to an end in a split second.

Trident Deception begins, the USS Kentucky, a ballistic missile submarine, which is carrying 192 nuclear warheads, is about to go on its routine patrol. Immediately after the USS Kentucky reaches the open sea, a launch order is sent to the occupants of the submarine. After the launch order was received, the USS Kentucky began its 8-day journey to the launch site and was cut off immediately from receiving any further launch orders. Nonetheless, what the crew inside the submarine are not aware of, is that the launch codes have not been sent by their seniors back in the United States. Various rogue elements working in Mossad, have made the discovery that Iran has already developed its first nuclear bomb and within the next ten days, Iran plans to use the nuclear bomb on Israel.

The suspected weapon complex is located several meters beneath the ground. This, in turn, means that a pre-emptive nuclear strike is the only choice. With limited time left, the rogue group launches an operation known as the Trident Deception. The Trident Deception involves the transmission of false orders and then using the USS Kentucky to launch their attack. With that said, The Trident Deception is a brilliantly written novel, which is filled with continuous suspense and action. Author Rick Campbell has done a brilliant job of making the readers feel as if they are on the submarine with the main characters.

Empire Rising
Empire Rising is the second installment in the Trident Deception book series. In Empire Rising, author Rick Campbell introduces the readers to Christine O’Connor, the national security adviser to the president. In Empire Rising, China is threatened by a United States trade accord, which is going to restrict China’s access to various important resources. In retaliation, China launches an attack on Taiwan, with the aim of dragging the Pacific Fleet right into the strait. By making use of cyber-attacks and malware, China causes havoc on the United States naval forces. Christine O’Connor advises the president against signing the Maer Accord, which revolves around the mutual right to use to environmental resources between the United States and her allies. The Maer Accord severely restricts China’s access to the environmental resources. O’Connor advises the president that signing the accord will lead the United States into war with China. However, the chief of staff to the president thinks otherwise, and O’Connor is in, turn forced to travel to China to offset an impending war.

However, upon her arrival, O’Connor is arrested and placed behind bars. It does not take long before O’Connor manages to escape and ultimately ends up on the U.S Michigan. As China begins its attack, three American submarines are destroyed. China not only possesses sophisticated ballistic missiles and ships but also have more ship than the Pacific Fleet. When China’s intelligence has the Pacific fleet where it wanted, they initiate a cyber-warfare. With that said, Empire Rising is a well-written novel that is filled with non-stop action. The various battle scenes in Empire Rising are realistic and nail bitters as well.

Ice Station Nautilus #3Trident Deception
Ice Station Nautilus is the third installment in the Trident Deception book series. Ice Station Nautilus has been set in a frozen Arctic Ice Cap wasteland. The crew inside the USS North Dakota decides to move in and trail Yuri Dolgoruky, one of the newest ballistic submarines owned by Russia, on its maiden voyage. However, along the way, a collision happens between these two submarines and in the process setting off a chain of events below and above the surface, as the two nations move into place to save the submarines and also to also uncover their secrets.

Ice Station Nautilus begins by thrusting the readers right into a fight. A Russian and an American submarine are engaged in one of the biggest clashes beneath the Arctic Ice Caps. Moves and counter-moves are thrown. After the adrenaline rushing encounter, author Rick Campbell, then takes the readers several days before the incident occurred. A United States naval analyst, informs his superiors that Russia’s premier submarine, Yury Dolgoruky had just been dispatched for the first time.

As one the newest writers, author Rick Campbell has so far penned down three naval thriller novels, with the fourth one being released this year. Like a majority of the authors, Rick Campbell loves to write what he knows. Being a veteran of the United States Navy for more than twenty years, Rick Campbell has served on several submarines.

Blackmail is the fourth installment of the Trident Deception book series. The events in Blackmail picks up closely from where the previous installment had left off from. Despite the fact that Blackmail can be read separately from all the other installments, it is highly advisable to read all the books in continuity because the readers might lose character continuity. In Blackmail, America has emerged from the conflict with China. Despite the fact that America emerged from the war bloodied, it was not completely beaten.

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