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Rick Mofina is a renowned crime fiction and suspense thriller author. The novel writer saw his earlier days in Belleville Ontario where he began as a short story writer in school. He sold his first short story at 15 setting his career path as one of the best writers in the modern day. He continues to also feature as a panelist at mystery conference all over Canada and the United States. This has also been attributed by him being a member of International thrill writers, crime writers’ Association, Crime writers of Canada and Mystery Writers of America. Rock Mofina began writing fiction stories at 15 with his short story appearing on the New Jersey magazine. Rick’s hey days were lived out in Ontario, east of Toronto and Canada too. He wrote a novel about a hitchhiking experience to California that showed his promising future. He did menial jobs ranging from working at a horse race track to car deliveries all the way from Florida. Rick later studies American Detective fiction, English Literature and journalism at Carleton University.

He spent his summers at the Toronto Star as a rookie reporter while studying. He waltzed his way through a number of newsrooms after embarking on his path as a journalist including Calgary Herald, Southern news wire service and The Ottawa citizen. It was here that his reporting put him face to face with some of the most twisted minds in the US and Canada. He came face to face with serial killers and murderers. He covered serial killings in California, police murders in Alberta, an Las Vegas armored car heist and even patrolled with The Royal Canadian police. He has also done reports all the way from Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. All these experienced fueled the now high flying writer. Interviewing mates on death row was not an easy task but put the author on a crime writing scene that he has not turned back from. One of his greatest characters is Jason Wade featuring in a 3 series novel. Some of his other novels include If Angels fall in 2000, Cold Fear in 2001, Blood of Others in 2003 and No way back in 2003 among any others. Rick has also appeared a number of times on television. One of his appearances is on True Pulp Murder, a documentary featuring crime investigations. His insight in crime has been widely sought helping investigators understand how their minds work.

The Dying hour

The Dying hour introduces Rick Mofina’s main character in a series of three novels. Jason Wade is a rookie reporter specializing on crime with a local paper known as The Seattle Minor. The award winning author launches a suspense thriller that sets readers on a path of the rookie with a riveting knack. The loner who saw most of his days in a blue collar neighborhood has nothing working for him expect the desire to have a fulltime job at the paper. The program is however intense and the chances don’t look given the competition. He is disadvantaged by his education credentials thanks to his college education. His counterparts have gone to great schools and have gained some experience in various areas. Alongside his haunting past, the young sleuth struggles with a story concerning Karen Harding. The young girl’s car was found abandoned on the pacific Northway highway without a trace of her. He embarks on solving the story of the beloved young woman unraveling secrets that he never thought possible. The path leads him to a path of no return taking a toll on him as well as his career. Jason Wade has to face his worst nightmares as a cost for finding out the truth about the disappearance of Karen Harding. The riveting story keeps the readers at the edge of their seats turning pages. The master piece by Rick has proven his prowess when it comes to crime fiction and suspense thrillers.

Every fear

In another riveting sequel, Rick introduces Maria Colson, a mother of one. Maria takes her son Dylan on a stroller to a corner store for some supplies only to encounter her worst fears. She looks away for a few second only to turn back to an empty stroller. She sees her son being abducted into an awaiting van and in an adrenaline rush also jumps in. she is thrown out of the van violently and left on the road as the van makes its getaway. The van vanishes with no trace as Maria is left fighting for her life. She is rushed to hospital where her husband watches over her fighting for her life. The FBI, police and the whole state of Washington rises up in a search for baby Dylan. The anguished couple is left at the mercies of the authorities and a little known figure across the city.

Jason Wade is stressed out and under pressure about pulling in a big one. So as to keep his career afloat, Jason needs a really good story fast. He comes across the Colson story and dives in believing that it is the big break he is looking for. The thing about the story is that nothing adds up. Maria and the husband are an ordinary hardworking couple without enemies of ties that suggest a kidnapping. This intrigues Jason all the more as he sets out to uncover the mystery behind the two high school sweethearts and their baby. Jason’s dad is a former detective haunted by his former law enforcer career. He helps Jason uncover the case and soon come across a chilling murder connected to the couple. As time goes, Jason finds himself engulfed by interviews and encounters including ex convicts. The investigation is led by Grace Graner, a homicide detective. As Jason’s parallels the investigation, the case reveals cold revenge. Jason Wade and the cops do not have much time as they discover that the bay is in more danger than they first anticipated. It is up to Jason to put together the puzzle and bring the conspiracy to light before it is too late.

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  1. Phyllis Elaine de Lange: 1 year ago

    Simply the best! Only 15 to go.

  2. John McLelland: 2 years ago

    My favourite author who also happens to be a fellow Canadian. Just a few more and I’ve read just about everything from this wonderful writer. I’m a Clancy/Grisham/Higgins fan and Rick is right in there with them as one of the best.

  3. Donna Becker: 2 years ago

    For years I have been reading Rick’s books and have never read one I didn’t like. Thank you Rick,in this time of covid and recently losing my husband,you are the one thing that keeps me company.There is only one more I have to read.Please Rick,write faster.

  4. mary J. finlay: 2 years ago

    every book of rick mofina that I’ve read has been great.

  5. Shirley Creaser Kuprenas: 2 years ago

    Have enjoyed reading 5 of your books.
    Will order some of the older ones from
    Amazon. Keep writing my favourite author!

  6. janice kubler: 2 years ago

    I,ve read 4 of your books. The best mystery books I have read. And I read a lot. Now I need more. Thank You

  7. Shelley Loan: 2 years ago

    I just finished reading 2 of your books I captivated from the beginning of each book .I enjoyed them so much.I am happy to have discovered a wonderful writer.I have since ordered another book from Amazon,cant wait to start it.Love your style and attention to detail.Thank you,I’m on a journey to read all of your books.


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