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Publication Order of The Leafy Hollow Mysteries Books

From Garden To Grave (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Digging Up Trouble (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Branch Too Far (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Muddy Waters (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowed Under (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grave Truth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Picture Imperfect (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doubt on a Limb (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Ruby Danger Books

Dangerous Allies (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Benefits (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Comforts (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rickie Blair is a Canadian published author of fiction.

Rickie was not always a writer. She spent three decades of her life working as a financial journalist. Then she decided it was time to get back to the thing that she loves the most, writing fiction.

Rickie spends time on her computer writing quite often, where she confesses that she is often speaking to people (characters) in her head. When not busy doing that, she loves to work in her impressive garden that covers a half of an acre and attempting to tame her Jack Chi. She likes watching Netflix and hanging out with her two cats in her home in southern Ontario.

She is known for writing the Ruby Danger series as well as The Leafy Hollow Mysteries. One is a financial thriller series and the other cozy mystery. Rickie says that the Ruby novels show her interest in fraud, while the Leafy Hollow books are lighter in nature and tone.

When it comes to her writing process, the author used to take things down on Post-It notes. She has since organized the process with the writing program Scrivener, which has organizational tools and virtual index cards that lets her contain notes, research, outlines, and first drafts. She uses the tips from author Neil Gaiman to remind her to not wait or obsess over inspiration and writing, but her own advice to other writers is to never give up.

Rickie is a fan of other authors as well, including Alice Munro’s The Progress of Love, Louise Penny and the Inspector Gamache series, the Inspector Barnaby series by Caroline Graham, and Charles Dickens, among others. She also loves traveling and has been to India. Other hobbies include hanging out with friends, her cats, and walking her dog. She also likes collecting designer purses and has a casual wardrobe.

The author likes tea and coffee as well as pie and cake. She has a love of audio books, saying they’re the best invention. Over watching a movie in the theaters, she will opt for Netflix. Her favorite actress is Emily Blunt and her favorite actor is Idris Elba. She’d also take hanging out in a comfortable chair over being active any day. She loves chocolate and would trade places with her cats if she could switch lives (and lifestyles). If she could meet anyone, it would probably be Mahatma Gandhi.

Rickie Blair is the creator and the author of the Ruby Danger series of fictional novels. This series started in 2015 with the publication and release of the debut novel, titled Dangerous Allies. The sequel would come out not too long after, titled Dangerous Benefits. The third novel in this series is Dangerous Comforts.

Dangerous Allies is the first book in the Ruby Danger series by Rickie Blair. In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Ruby Delaney for the first time.

Ruby is in a really bad place. She can feel that she’s progressed from the middle of a spiral to the bottom of one. When her sister passed away, Ruby decided that she was going to handle the pain with pills and alcohol, just like so many other young actresses had done before her.

Ruby wants nothing more to try and get her life together again and make a connection with her husband too and save their marriage. Luckily he’s up for it and they embark on a second honeymoon on a luxury cruise. Things are going great, until Ruby finds an incredible amount of money in their cabin. Who carries around twenty million dollars’ worth of bonds?

But Ruby quickly figures it out and clocks the money as stock fraud. She’s also concerned the Russian mafia may be involved. Then she’s framed for a crime she never committed. Now she’s got to try and escape and get her name clear. She’ll need luck and help to do this, not to mention staying alive long enough to prove she’s innocent.

Can Ruby get out and crack this case? Find out by picking up this financial thriller and reading to the end to catch all of the action!

Dangerous Benefits is the second book in the Ruby Danger series. The adventures continue for this heroine in this sequel!

Ruby Delaney is thrilled when she gets a role on Broadway. She just wants to continue building her acting career and put everything from her past behind her where it belongs. She finds out that things may be getting chaotic again when she thinks that her mentor may be pursued by a con man that wants to get their life savings.

As a result, she pairs up with a fraud investigator to try and find out what’s going on. Hari Bhatt and Ruby work to track down the con man, but instead their investigation leads them to a murder. They still keep at it and are able to track the money to Paris. In the process they find out that it’s linked to one of the biggest men on Wall Street.

Things are now getting complicated. Ruby and Hari are working as fast as they can to shore up and prove their case. But what they don’t know is that someone is watching them too– someone that might want to keep their deadly secret hidden. Are Hari and Ruby in danger? Can they crack this case of missing money before someone gets hurt? Read this book to find out!

Dangerous Comforts is the third novel in the Ruby Danger series by Rickie Blair. In the third installation of this action-packed series, Ruby is back.

Ruby Delaney has teamed up with Hari Bhatt to investigate fraud. But after their last case and how that went, they’ve lost motivation to pursue fraud or be vulnerable. But when Ruby finds a mortgage scam that’s already had victims, she gets Hari to work with her, going undercover and looking into a Las Vegas casino and hotel’s alleged identity theft ring.

When an employee of the casino goes missing, and a body’s discovered in their house, the two are partnering up to find the killer. As they move through the underground of Las Vegas, can Ruby and Hari solve this case? Read this thriller to find out!

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