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Publication Order of Guardian Of Earth Books

Rigel Carson is a former contract scientist for the United States army and freelancer reporter. Rigel Carson is the pen name of Maggie Toussaint. She has written many books and she is also an award winning author in mystery and suspense fiction. Rigel Carson makes use of real life situations to spice her books. Her rich, excellent, crafted sceneries and easy to relate characters have received much notice.


Her series about the guardian earth clearly put into light human responses to the dire challenges they will experience in future.G-1 is a series in the guardian of earth, published by kindle press it is a fiction book which was released on March 3rd 2015. In G-1 earth resources and epidemics are controlled by a secret society, Dr. Zeke Landry, a water researcher answers a call to action to help in saving the planet from the secret society after his uncle disappears. His efforts to find uncle john put him in serious trouble. The secret society plots to take over the world by destabilizing world governments and by making use of human engineered natural calamities.

“The chameleon” is the name of the secret society. They believe that the hydrology researcher has the keystone, an object that has great power. This gang is more than determined to find the keystone. Eke finds himself in a difficult situation, its either he give them the keystone or else he will be killed.

Another work by Rigel Carson is a book titled Rough waters. it was published by the wild rose press and it’s a book in a series called mossy was released on 29th august, 2014 and its of romantic suspense the book we have a character named rock Mackenzie who is a former Navy seal. Rock wants his gold sovereigns that have been stolen from him to be returned back. Time is not by his side, and he has a loan to settle; if he doesn’t find the coins he will have no choice but to forfeit a family heirloom and also all the hope of finding the sunken ship that is carrying the gold.

In the book there is another character by the name Jeanie Munro, she is a pink haired florist who has learnt her responsibility the difficult way. This is after her ex-husband abandoned her and their two children and she has no choice other than to do everything she can to provide for them. Jeanie, as a child, she had a wild heart full of adventures. She finds herself falling in love with yet another bad boy dreamer. Thieves invades her home and shop and rock Mackenzie reveals that her Ex is to be blamed for the troubles that they are undergoing through. Rock offers to protect Jeanie in condition that she will help him find the missing coins. Jeanie has no choice but to accept, both of them have thirst for adventure. Rough water definitely is a must read book! With many surprise twists, it is a novel filled with romance, adventure and mystery. The story line is well crafted.

MS Toussaint is a creative and imaginative writer full of expertise. She creatively establishes the characters, potential conflict, time and location without beating about the bush. She has the ability of intriguing her scholars with a lively dialog and character you definitely believe in; as her plots smoothly unfolds one page at a time. Through her creative skills you get a vivid picture of where you are going without giving a thought of how you will make it to the final destination.

Through their adventure of searching the stolen gold rock Mackenzie find himself falling for the feisty woman because of her pink tipped hair. There are blown up boats, missing coins, treasure hunts and a lusty young couple ready to face it all. Many twist and turns unfolds in their dramatic adventure. The author gets credit for making the story line thrilling and furthermore interesting. This book is set in the small town of mossy where everyone is aware of everyone’s daily routine. Rough waters is third in Maggie Toussaint mossy bog series. The story hook the reader right from the word go. The book is made up of mysteries, romance betrayal, danger, suspense and I can confidently say that it’s a satisfying book with not only atmosphere but also excellently crafted and engaging characters. Which makes it easy to connect with them.

Another excellent work by Rigel Carson is gone and done it, it is a paranormal mystery, available in large print, digital and hard cover. It is published by star/ Cengage series and it’s a book in dream walker series. It was released in 18th April is based in paranormal mystery. The main character Baxley Powell, is a landscaper and a pet sitter. While undertaking her daily chores Powell digs up a skull. While she waits for the police to come and carry their investigation, she dream walks to identify the victim. Her findings prove helpful and the sheriff agrees to pay her for consulting if she agrees to close the case.

Baxley is a widow and single mother. She is a woman with psychic abilities which she got from her father. She is a “dream walker” and she dearly needs this consulting job, her in laws want the custody of her only daughter so it’s a do or die situation; she has to be self-sufficient. Complications unfolds when a fresh body is found on her job site definitely making her one of the prime suspects. Baxley finds herself in a dilemma especially when her father steps down as a county dream walker passing the mantle to her. People needs her expertise but she barely knows what is expected of her.

In this book gone and done it! Rigel Carson’s portrays a unique style and creates likeable characters. This excellently crafted book is comprised of colorful entertaining of them is bubba Paxton, he is a local preacher and he uses rattle snakes to conduct his services. Several of which Baxley finds herself in. if you read through this novel you will notice that it has a level of immediacy. It is a book, as reader, you will find it hard to put down until you read the very last word!

Her other book is Bubba down released on May 2015.

Rigel Carson is a noteworthy American writer who loves to write novel in the suspense and mystery genres. The name Rigel Carson is actually used as a pen name by the author Maggie Toussaint. Before becoming a full time writer, Rigel used to work as a freelancer and also as a contract scientist in the U.S Army. She hails from the Southern part of America and is well-known as an award-winning and multi-published author of the suspense and mystery fiction genres. She uses all her professional information related to her scientific background, in her science fiction novels. She spent a considerable amount of her lifetime in doing research in environmental science and toxicology.

Rigel has also worked on the water research projects. All this information has laid a great impetus on her writings. All of her novels are depicted in a fictional and futuristic Earth. The novel series written by her ‘The Guardian of Earth’ deals with the responses oh human race towards the dire problems on Earth in the coming future, which does not seem too distant. In the first novel of the series, G-1, she has described how the secret societies in future Earth use the epidemics and the planetary resources to control the planet. Following it, the second novel deals with the arrival of the alien race on future Earth, who have the intent of harvesting the human race for their own benefits. In the last novel of the series, Rigel has shown how the hitchhikers coming down on future Earth from a meteor storm, create havoc all over the Earth and transform the ocean water into sludge.

The main protagonist of the series as described by Rigel Carson is Zeke Landry, who receives the call of duty in the first novel of the series. Although, it comes as a shock at first on learning the fact that he belongs to the alien race and ha embedded his way into the human population on Earth, he helps to save the Earth from time to time using his brilliance and intellectual abilities. He uses his extraterrestrial abilities to connect to the off-planet helpers, who come down to solve the problems of Earth. Each novel of the series shows his essential help as gifts to the people of Earth. The novels also deal with the future global crisis which poses a great risk to the global resources. The series was highly successful among the readers as an eco-thriller. The novels of the series seem highly realistic with likeable characters and action-packed plot. The extraordinary style of writing by author Rigel Carson kept the readers interested till the very end.

The professional life of Rigel as a contract scientist allowed her to gain expertise in more than one research and development fields of science. During the initial phase as a scientist, she used to set up projects, order materials, write proposals and coordinate with other departments. As she grew in experience, her rank also increased with the completion of each project. Following her first job in the Hygiene department of a government facility, Rigel married and moved to Washington along with her husband, who also a government employee. She began working on chemical extractions of soils at Fort Detrick in Maryland. Seeing her devotion and dedication towards her work, the company named one of the products after her real name Maggie. It was called Maggiemycin. She earned her Master’s degree in environmental science after the birth of her kids and landed another job in Aquatic Toxicology. Later, Rigel retired from her job, citing health concerns. After that, she began working on her novels and started dedicating her time as a full time novelist.

The novel series written by Rigel started, The Guardian of Earth started with the publication of the first novel titled ”G-1. It was published by the Kindle Press in early 2015. The novel deals with the problems prevalent on Earth during the time of the year 2065. Earth is depicted to be riddled by plague, earthquakes and locusts. During that time, the main protagonist of the series, Dr. Zeke Landry tries to save the important resources that are vital for the survival of the human race on Earth. He shifts his focus on the water supply, which is vanishing very quickly. Soon, he faces another trouble when his uncle gets disappeared mysteriously. He leaves his water research and goes on to find his Uncle John.

The more Zeke indulges himself to solve the growing problems on Earth, the more he lands himself in deep and dangerous troubles. During that time, the Earth is ruled by a secret society called The Chameleons, who believe that Zeke owns a powerful keystone, which has great powers. They intend to leave no stone unturned in trying to gain the control of the powerful keystone. The Chameleons have already committed brutal murders in the past in order to find the keystone. AS a result, Zeke faces the threat of getting murdered by them if he fails to produce the keystone in front of them. Time keeps running as the life of Zeke and the existence of the Earth seem to be a matter of a few days.

The next installments of the series are titled ‘G-2’ and ‘G-3’respectively, but are yet to be published. Rigel ha finished writing the novels and is planning to publish them soon. In G-2, Zeke is shown keeping a secret. He is believed to be related to the alien race and remains in direct connection with his ancestors, who live on a distant planet. However, the alien race does not pose any threat to the planet of Earth. Rather, they turn up in spaceships and make their way into the hearts of a number of countries, who try to settle trade relations with them in order to explore the riches of the alien race.

Zeke continuously strives to help the planet Earth by saving it from its problems, along with the help of his network. In the next installment of the series, Dr. Zeke continues to work as the Earth’s Savior and is ready to move back to his island home in order to enjoy his stay with his pregnant wife. However, the meteor storms show up on Earth, who prove to be a disaster to the water of the Earth’s oceans. The hitchhikers from the meteor storm turn the oceans into sludge by thickening them. As a result, the estuarine and marine lives become scarce and odd-shaped fishes begin to appear in the oceans. Zeke and his friends are required to reverse these changes as soon as possible in order to save the oceans from dying.

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