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Publication Order of Riley Jenson Guardian Books

Full Moon Rising (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kissing Sin (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting Evil (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Games (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Embraced by Darkness (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Kiss (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Desire (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound to Shadows (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon Sworn (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Riley Jenson Guardian is a captivating series written by Keri Arthur. The Riley Jenson Guardian series revolves around Riley Jenson, an unusual hybrid of werewolf and vampire, and his twin brother, Rhoan. Riley Jensen is employed by a Melbourne-based organization known as the Directorate of Other Races, formed to police, supernatural races. Author Keri Arthur began her writing career when she was twelve years old, and as of July 2012, she has written more than twenty-six novels. Her novels have received countless prizes and nominations. Keri is married and has a daughter.

Riley Jenson Guardian Best Books
Full Moon Rising
Riley Jenson, a rare crossbreed between a werewolf and vampire, and Rhoan, her twin brother, work for the Directorate of Other Races in Melbourne. Rhoan is an assassin, and Riley works as an office assistant. Being a werewolf crossbreed, Riley is vulnerable to heat from the moon. When Rhoan goes missing, Riley, who has two partners willing to satisfy all her needs, begin the search for her twin brother. Riley has to tame her urges if she is to find Rhoan. A delectably naked and powerful vampire who raises her temperatures like never before confronts her. The vamp turns out to be a perfect match for Riley, but she has no time to mate.

Kissing Sin
In Kissing Sin, Riley’s world is raging with desire and danger. She wakes up bruised and naked in an inhospitable alley and must run for her dear life. Within a short while, she bumps into a very attractive man, who is also fighting for his life. With old enemies and lovers grouping around Riley, she automatically knows that a new type of criminal is pursuing her. Apparently, in Riley’s blood lies a secret capable of creating the ultimate warrior.

Tempting Evil
In a world full of seduction and sorcery, the nights are no different. They bring out the damned, the desired, and the beautiful. Here, Riley Jenson plays by her rules and trusts her lovers and superiors more than she trusts her enemies. Her mission is to gain entry to Deshon Starr’s pleasure palace, which is heavily guarded. Deshon is a madman scientist and notorious criminal, who has been fooling around in the gene pool for many years. Riley has to remain focused by avoiding the distraction of two sexy men, an irresistibly hot wolf, and a seductive, cool vampire, competing for her attention.

Dangerous Games
This is the fourth book in the series Riley Jenson Guardian. In an urban underworld in Melbourne, there is a fantasy and desire nightclub, and Riley has become extremely obsessed with such clubs. Riley visits this club not in a quest for pleasure, but in pursuit of a killer who has turned steamy nightspots to his hunting grounds. Riley has to find a ticket into the club. A hot-bodied bartender, Jin, might provide the answer to unmasking the unknown killer. Distracted by attention from his ex-lover and taunted by a rogue colleague, Riley Jenson follows Jin into the nightclub.

Embraced by Darkness
Half vampire half werewolf Riley makes her own rules. She makes her own rules in regards to her guardian job as well as her up and down love life. However, when her alpha male family requires that she finds a solution to the obscurity of a disappeared girl, Riley Jenson can sense an ensnare closing in around her. Her job comes with a catch if by any chance she fails, her mother dies. The stakes are extremely high, and the hunt is on. When more women disappear, Riley Jenson is trapped between a club where supernaturals and humans mix, a killer, and a demanding lover.

The Darkest Kiss
Danger turns Riley Jenson on, and Desire turns her extremely dangerous. Riley hunts for wrongdoers in her own style. With a werewolf instinct for danger and vampire blood running through her veins, Riley Jenson wears stilettos and pure attitude when hunting down an extremely dangerous killer, who likes killing the rich and powerful men in the society.
Riley’s hunt takes another turn when a different killer begins pursuing mutilated bodies. Riley has to use her cunning and skill to track down the two killers, until Quinn reenters her life to help in the hunt.

Deadly Desire
Riley Jenson is always facing the worst villains. She threatens Murphy with arrest if he refuses to back off the operation. However, it is Guardian Riley Jenson who feels chained by the lupine charm of Kye. Torn between two natures, wolf and vampire, her desire for Kye and love for Quinn, Riley Jenson knows that she is courting danger and coddling the most lethal desires. She knows that her pursue through the underworld of supernatural will bring her head to head with what prowls in obscurity where even the monsters dread to trample.

Bound to Shadowsa
Half werewolf, half vamp, Guardian Riley Jenson is fully aware of what happens when vampires don’t agree with others. However, she has never seen such horrible things, series of atrocious killings around one of the latest hotspot for human-vamp hookups. The victims are not just killed; they are beheaded. Riley has to launch into action. She tows with a highly suspicious and seductive club owner only to find herself in the middle of yet another ambiguity, killing of women without a single hint of brutality. While Riley is busy juggling her jealous lovers, amber-eyed werewolf Kye Murphy, and elegant and cool vampire Quinn, her detective job takes a brutal turn. Finding a murderer becomes a matter of life and death particularly because the killer has already found her.

Moon Sworn
Shape-shifting vampire and werewolf Riley is through with causing death, surviving it, and solving it. Her lover, Kye, is dead at her own hands. Riley’s other lover, the seductive vampire Quinn, can’t ease her mind completely. She begins questioning everything including her job at Melbourne Directorate of Other Races. The ritually exterminated bodies of ex-cons start turning up. Riley reluctantly takes up the case, but something is about to go terribly wrong. A nasty enemy from Riley’s past is resolute to take everything that means the world to Riley, including her brother, lover, and her identity.

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