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Flight of Passage (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
If We Had Wings (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Job (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shane Comes Home (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oregon Trail (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life on the Mississippi (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Rinker Buck

A renowned American journalist and author of memoirs, Rinker Buck is well known for his interesting and informative work. Keeping readers engaged from all over the world, his writing is non-fiction, charting his real-life exploits, following them in a fun and compelling manner. Whether it’s taking a trip across the United States as was done on The Oregon Trail or flying across it in his youth, he’d always find something exciting to write. Setting himself apart from other writers, he really knows how to keep his many readers invested in the action every single step of the way.

Well researched and always informative, his books seek to impart an otherwise uncharted exploit, keeping the reader on the edge of their set every step of the way. This approach to his work and writing has made him hugely popular all around the world, reaching different readers from far and wide. Making his audience feel as if they’re really there with him, Buck writes in a style that is wholly immersive for them as a reader. Whether he’s portraying an issue in a sensitive manner or simply entertaining the reader with good humor, he always proves to be a gifted and versatile writer.

Capturing people as they really are, too, he knows how to ensure his protagonists are highly engaging for the audience too. Understanding how to bring his subjects to life, he also often provides a first-hand experience, letting the audience feel as though they’re actually a part of it. He also informs his audience with his well-researched material, allowing them to learn something through his journeys along the way. With more and more discovering his work with each passing year, his popularity as an author will only carry on growing.

Early and Personal Life

Charles Rinker Buck was born on the 29th of December, 1950, in Morristown, New Jersey, as the fourth child in his family. Growing up, his parents were Maria Patricia Buck and the Look Magazine publisher and political activist Thomas Francis Buck. Raised with five sisters and five brothers, he had a very active family life, with his brother Nick often accompanying him on his various different adventures.

Attending the Bowdoin College located in Brunswick, Maine, he would go on to study English literature extensively. Following his graduation, Buck would work at the Berkshire Eagle in 1973, as he’d come to understand the craft of journalism and what it meant. Working as a reporter for numerous different publications since then, he continues to write regularly as he draws in more and more readers.

Writing Career

Starting out as a journalist, Rinker Buck would begin as a reporter for several different outlets, including the ‘New York’ magazine, Adweek, Life, and the Hartford Courant, to name a few. The first book he would go on to publish was titled ‘Flight of Passage’ in 1997, and it would be an accurate story account of his own flight over the United States. Winning countless awards for his writing, from the PEN New England Award in 2016 to the Society of Professional Journalists Award in 2003, he’s not without critical acclaim either.

The Oregon Trail

This would first come out in 2015 upon the 30th of June to an already eagerly awaiting audience, many being fans of the author. Released through the ‘Simon Schuster’ publishing imprint, this would be a non-fiction memoir looking back on a period in Buck’s life. In full, the book would be titled ‘The Oregon Trail: A New American Trail,’ and it would be a true account of Buck’s own journey undertaking The Oregon Trail across America.

Covering the 2,000-mile journey that spanned a total of six states, crossing from Missouri through to the Pacific Ocean, this epic migration would take place fifteen years prior to the Civil War. Now there are those that seek to recreate the trip that would originally see 400,000 Americans travel cross-country and defying the odds. Shaping the United States as it currently is today, Rinker Buck hopes to find out for himself what the trip really meant, as his brother Nick accompanies him, along with three mules and his Jack Russell terrier Olive Oyl. How will he fare on this epic journey, can he make it the full way, and what will he see while traveling The Oregon Trail?

This true account is definitely an engaging one, as Rinker Buck makes sure to map it all out fully and his experience with it. Giving the reader an insight into the past and history, too, Buck gives them a full perspective of what it was actually like back then too. It also gives a clear snapshot of the trail as it currently stands, too, really bringing it to life for the reader, allowing them to feel as if they’re actually there.

Flight of Passage

Originally published in 1997, this would come out on the 14th of June through the Hachette Books publishing label. Another stand-alone memoir, the book is a non-fiction title based on a true story in the life of Rinker Buck himself during his adolescence. Easy to read and accessible, it’s a straightforward account of how Rinker and his brother would fly a small plane across the United States.

Looking back 30 years prior, Rinker Buck and his brother would fly across America between New Jersey and California. This trip would be undertaken when they were just fifteen and seventeen years of age, making them the youngest duo to manage the journey. Growing up in an aviation family, the two boys purchase an old Piper Cub plane, fixing it up before heading off on their trip of a lifetime. Where will their journey take them, will they manage to get all the way across America, and what will become of their flight of passage?

Essentially a coming-of-age memoir, this sees Rinker Buck and his brother heading off when they were just teenagers. Working as a fun real-life adventure, too, it really manages to draw the reader in, keeping them there on the edge-of-their-seat. Telling the story from his own perspective, Rinker really brings the story to life, as the story moves along at a brisk and fun pace.

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