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About Rio Cortez

Rio Cortez is a highly acclaimed American author and poet whose work has earned her much recognition. Her debut collection of poetry, Golden Ax, released in August of 2022 to resounding praise. Her ability to make complex topics accessible to readers of all ages was celebrated, making her writing both engaging and important.

The New York Times bestseller writer of The ABCs of Black History and other children’s picture books, her works have been lauded for their celebration of black culture and for their aptitude in making complex topics understandable. Cortez has a knack for conveying a strong message without difficulty, allowing readers of all ages to appreciate and learn from her writing.

Frequently praised for her capacity to capture the beauty and complexity of human emotions, her work has been embraced by readers of all backgrounds. Her writing has been described as a source of hope and inspiration, providing an authentic depiction of humanity. Cortez is a powerful and prolific writer, and her work reveals fundamental human truths in an effortless style.

She truly has a gift for making her work fluid and effortless, allowing readers to connect with her material on a deeper level. She crafts her work with a particular focus on the flow of the words, creating a natural rhythm that gently carries the reader from one idea to the next. Her writing has a sense of movement that feels both effortless and engaging, inviting readers to embrace the story she has to tell.

Each sentence is carefully crafted to ensure that the pace of the piece is never too fast or too slow, allowing readers to be fully immersed in the material. Through the use of poetic language and alliteration, she creates a sense of rhythm and flow that carries the reader along with her story.

Cortez is a master of her craft, and her work is a testament to her ability to make complex topics accessible. She is able to craft her writing in such a way that it feels effortless, inviting readers to become fully invested in her stories. Her writing is a beautiful example of how powerful the written word can be when crafted with a sense of fluidity and grace.

Early and Personal Life

Rio Cortez was born and raised in Salt Lake City and has always had an affinity for reading and writing from a young age. As she grew, her love for the written word only intensified, and she eventually moved to Harlem to pursue her writing career. Rio has taken the inspiration she found in her hometown, and combined it with the creative and vibrant energy found in her new home to become the successful author and poet she is today.

Her passion for writing has grown and developed over the years. She reads extensively, exploring the works of other writers and discovering what makes stories captivating. Rio has also been able to find her own voice and develop her own style of writing, creating stories that are filled with emotion and life.

Rio Cortez is an excellent example of a writer who has been able to find their calling and develop it into a successful career. Through her dedication and hard work, she has become a highly respected author and poet, and she continues to use her craft to bring her stories and her voice to life.

Writing Career

Rio Cortez is an American poet and author who has made a name for herself in the literary world. Her debut collection of poetry, Golden Ax, was also longlisted for 2022’s National Book Award for Poetry and the Pen America Open Book Award. This collection was released by Penguin Books and showcased her talents as an emerging poet.

Cortez then wrote two successful picture books; The River Is My Sea (S&S, 2024) and The ABCs of Black History (Workman, 2020). Her works have earned her considerable recognition and established her as an author with a bright future. Cortez continues to write, sharing her voice and stories with readers.

The ABCs of Black History

On December 8th, 2020, ‘The ABCs of Black History’ was released through the Workman Publishing Company. Written by well-known poet Rio Cortez, the book featured beautiful illustrations from Lauren Semmer and was designed to educate young readers about Black history, effectively providing them a fun and informative window into the past.

This children’s picture book is an excellent way to introduce young minds to the inspiring stories of Black history. Simple text and lyrical language make this book a great way for kids to learn their ABCs with names, moments and places from Black history.

The book provides a unique opportunity for children to experience big ideas while developing respect and knowledge for the history of Black culture. Through this fun and engaging book, children will learn about the stories that shape our world.

Designed to be the perfect introduction for young readers, ‘The ABCs of Black History’ will provide children with an unforgettable learning experience. With its beautiful illustrations and inspiring messages, this book is sure to be a treasured addition to any library.

Golden Ax

Rio Cortez’s collection of poetry, ‘Golden Ax’, was released by Workman Publishing Company on August 30, 2022 and was widely acclaimed. It earned a nomination for a National Book Award and was chosen as a Goodreads Choice for the year. The stirring poetic works in this collection resonated with readers of any age.

Cortez invites readers in Golden Ax to contemplate the complexities of Black womanhood, family legacies, and the pursuit of freedom. Through the poems, she offers an insight into the experiences of her family as Afropioneers in the American West, as well as her own reflections on modern life.

This book invites readers to reflect on the struggles and successes of the journey to liberation. It provides a unique and compelling look at the past, present, and future. It is a stirring read that will stay with you long after you finish it. This must-read collection of poetry by Rio Cortez is uplifting and inspiring.

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