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Publication Order of Rise of the Warlords Books

Gina Showalter was born in 1975 in Oklahoma. She is a best selling New York Times and USA Today author of contemporary romance, young adult, and paranormal romance stories. She writes for the adult and young adult (YA) markets.

Ms. Showalter sold her first story when she was twenty-seven and since then she has published dozens of novels. She writes among several genres including sizzling adult and fantastic young adult romances with contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal sub-genres.

Her series of books has included Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Intertwined, Alien Huntress, and White Rabbit Chronicles. Ms. Showalter has also published a nonfiction guide book on how to write a book in a year.

Her novels have been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, and she has had her numerous novels translated in languages all over the world. Her family decided she’s probably a real writer when she got mentioned in the television series Orange is the New Black.

Rise of the Warlords is a spin-off of the Lords of the Underworld Series. Lords of the Underworld is about twelve immortal warriors. Each warrior is dangerous and seductive. They stole and opened Pandora’s box, and in the process they unleashed the evils contained within. Each warrior has been saddled with a an evil. Each is traveling the world searching for a sacred relic of the gods- but it could destroy them all.

In the first novel of the Rise of the Warlords Series, The Warlord, Taliyah Skyhawk (a fan favorite from the Lords of the Underworld series) is an ice maiden who has a brutal enemy. Taliyah has been preparing for centuries to become the Harpy General.

The Harpy General, who must remain a virgin, is the leader of the deadliest female army in existence. Taliyah’s problem is she must marry the leader of the Astra Planeta. By marrying Alaroc Phaethon, she will be able to save her people.

Roc, Taliyah’s brutal enemy, has never found a woman who can tempt him from his designated path. He has never found a warrioress so alluring and with enough power to overcome his immense strength. He has never desired an enchantress enough to make him crazy, burning with desire.

Now it’s time for Roc to sacrifice a new virgin bride to his god. He thinks he may have found the one.

The clock is ticking and war has erupted between
wife and husband. Taliyah is uneasy about the merciless way her husband is challenging her. She is also surprised how their battles have become the thrill of the game. The immediate critical issue is only one spouse can survive. Their love is now a battlefield.

In The Immortal, the second novel in the Rise of the Warlords Series, there is a battle brewing between an obstinate Harpy warrior and a stony, barbarous assassin. Fate has determined that one must die by the hand of the other.

Halo Phaninon is a killing machine who never shows any mercy. He is an assassin of gods and he will cross any line to reach another victory. His crowning achievement will be to kill the twelve fiercest monsters in mythology in the next twenty-four hours. It’s an assignment he is eager to fulfill.

Halo is living his own nightmare. Every morning he wakes to the same day, reliving new horrors. However the beauty who threatens his steel-strength control retains her memory.

Ophelia is a disappointment to her family. She appears to be without special powers and she’s a Harpy warrior without a kill to her name. Ophelia “the Flunk Out” hates her disastrous life.

Nearly every night Ophelia is cursed to live her own murder over and over again. And every morning she goes out again to spar with Halo. Even though he’s a merciless warlord he is determined to save her and beguile her to come to his bed.

The third novel of the Rise of the Warlords Series is The Phantom. There is a battle to the death between a stone-hearted torture master and a vindictive Harpy.

Roux Pyroesis has suffered interminable pain. Being the son of a god of war, he has caused a considerable amount of pain as well. He is skilled and dispatches his enemies with an alarming ease. His current assignment isn’t for the faint of heart as he is ordered to cut out the heart of the formidable queen who is the ruler of an ancient prison housing the most ruthless immortal women in the universe.

Roux has an enemy who is determined to end him. Roux killed the beloved consort to Blythe the Undoing, a highly decorated Harpy warrior and she will stop at nothing to annihilate Roux. She is sworn to despise him and he is sworn to cut her heart out.

Neither are expecting the flames of their mutual hatred to burn out and for them to, instead, crave each other. Only one can live. Who will be the survivor left standing and be left craving the love of the other?

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