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About Rita Chang-Eppig

Rita Chang-Eppig is a renowned historical novelist with a unique writing talent. She has penned stories that were brought to life in The Best American Short Stories 2021, Conjunctions, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Clarkesworld, Virginia Quarterly Review, and The Rumpus, to name a few.

Chang-Eppig has a knack for crafting remarkable characters and protagonists that bring her stories to life in a way that is both entertaining and engaging. She has an extraordinary ability to effortlessly create stories with heartfelt and compelling narratives, which makes her works must-read resources for any avid reader.

From her words, readers can easily and almost immediately become mesmerized and imagine living in her stories. The vivid imagery she evokes seems almost real. Charming descriptions accompanied by expertly woven tension keep the stories interesting and the reader captivated until the end. Chang-Eppig is an all-around exceptional writer, one you shouldn’t miss out on or pass over.

Her great talent lies in her capacity to blend compelling characters with gripping stories. Every part of her stories is unique, from its language to its content. Her characters appear to be molded using pieces of her own life experiences, making her stories that much richer and poignant. What’s more, her stories are often interspersed with subtle critiques of society and its systems of power.

In her works, she takes readers through a journey of laughter, tears, and sheer entertainment. With a natural ability to incorporate everything from history to mythology into her stories, Chang-Eppig demonstrates an unparalleled creativity and a remarkable imagination. It becomes easy for her readers to both relate to and project themselves into the stories, something she manages to do with style and grace.

Overall, Rita Chang-Eppig has solidified herself as one of the premier historical novelists currently working, due in large part to her ability to capture strong characters with engaging stories that make her works unforgettable. Her words often hit hard and linger in the minds of her readers. Rita Chang-Eppig’s works are nothing short of amazing, and she has a unique ability to make her characters come to life.

Early and Personal Life

Rita Chang-Eppig is a celebrated novelist with an unparalleled writing ability. Having grown up amongst books, she developed a profound passion for reading and writing at an early age. And it was through these she grew into one of today’s most renowned historical writers, providing work for a variety of different and prestigious outlets.

Throughout her career, she has been a recipient of many prestigious fellowships, such as those from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the Writers Grotto, and the Martha Heasley Cox Center based at the San Jose State University. These fellowships have inspired her to take bigger risks with her writing, to take influence from all sorts of environments and to craft stories full of emotion and power.

Chang-Eppig found her niche in creating characters that readers can relate to and stories with a defined stylistic flair. She is able to draw the reader in with her attention-grabbing tales filled with dynamic protagonists and subtle critiques of society. This talent was honed as she received her MFA in fiction from New York University, and it is clear to see her masterful art in her works as they weave together elements of history, mythology, and struggles of the world.

Overall, Rita Chang-Eppig’s works have placed her amongst the forefront of today’s renowned historical novelists. Having grown up in a world of reading, she not only went on to earn an MFA in fiction from NYU, but also receive fellowships from other highly acclaimed institutions. These provided her with ample inspiration to create rich stories and characters, and it is truly amazing to see her journey from childhood to the successful writer she is today. Currently she lives in California, as more writing is expected to follow.

Writing Career

Rita Chang-Eppig is an author who has created a memorable writing career for herself. Her first published novel, Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea released in 2023, and was critically acclaimed straight away. This novel was published by Bloomsbury and was chosen as both an Indie Next selection and Indies Introduce pick. She is currently represented by Michelle Brower of Trellis Literary Management, a testament to her writing prowess.

Not only has Chang-Eppig’s work gained widespread acclaim from literary professionals, but readers around the world have also been drawn in to her stories. Her work continues to receive high praise, and she has since made several appearances in print media and online outlets. Chang-Eppig’s writing career is still in full swing, with more great work on the way.

Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea

Published on May 30, 2023, the historical fantasy novel ‘Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea’ was authored by Rita Chang-Eppig and released through Bloomsbury Publishing. The story proved to be incredibly popular, drawing the attention of readers from around the world shortly after its release. It was both a critical and financial success, proving that Rita Chang-Eppig really had something to say, marking her as a definite writer to watch.

Shek Yeung was determined to continue in the face of her husband’s death. She made a bargain to marry his second-in-command in return for bearing a son and maintaining command of the fleet. The Chinese Emperor, European traders, and her own need for retribution posed various trials as she struggled to protect her people. Despite enormous sacrifice and peril, Shek exacted a victory and saved her army, her child and her own destiny.

This story chronicles the astounding tale of Shek Yeung’s bravado and courage during a tumultuous time. Reader’s will be astounded by Shek’s mastery of her own destiny in the face of such tragedy. The powerful emotions evoked will be inspiring to anyone seeking to overcome adversity.

Beyond that, Shek’s canny navigation of difficult relationships while remaining consistent in her motivations will be an example of extraordinary leadership. It’s a must-read for anybody looking for a story of strength and determination.

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