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Publication Order of Angela's Epistles Books

The Gap Year (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sins of the Fathers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dancing in the Dark (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Eclipse (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Masquerade (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Close Cuts (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rita Kruger is a renowned South African writer of fantasy, horror, paranormal, thriller, and sci-fi stories. She is particularly popular for writing the Angela’s Epistles book series. Her books are widely popular and have helped her to establish herself in the ranks of the prominent authors of modern time. Author Kruger was born in Welkom and currently resides in Vereeniging. She is a responsible mother, loyal wife, loving daughter, and a happy granddaughter and grandmother. Throughout most of her childhood days, she kept herself indulged in the pages of her favorite books. Kruger was so immersed in the stories that she had no idea of what was happening in the real world. Many a time, she used to feel that the people and places that she was introduced to in the books were much more exciting and happening than her own boring existence.

Kruger is happily married to her profession and work and lives happily with her kids and grandkids in their home in Vereeniging. She likes to surround herself with the people and things that enrich her mind, body, and soul. They include her close friends, family members, great food, nature, good wine, and lots of books. Kruger’s books mainly comprise of the themes that she finds challenging her life and they usually fall in gothic horror and fantasy genres. In addition to writing her well-known book series, Kruger has also penned several mind-blowing standalone books in her career. After getting married at a very young age, Kruger was loaded with the responsibilities of wife and motherhood early in her life. As a result, she had to give up on her dreams of becoming a writer and artist. But, soon after her divorce, Kruger returned to focus on her dreams. She joined a few courses in creative writing and a drawing class to make her dreams turn into reality.

Author Kruger made her debut in the publishing world with her 2017 book called The Woods. After that, she wrote and published several more books and all of them have achieved wide acclaim in most places of their release. The writing style of author Kruger mostly addresses the themes of real life, such as right & wrong, good & evil, love & hate, etc. Kruger has set her Angela’s Epistles novels in 2053. Angela Wright is the main lead. She lives on Earth, but visits different planets in the galaxy to hunt criminals. Some of the other essential characters mentioned by Kruger in the novels include Angelo Wright, Thomas, Sarah, Brenda, and Margaret Wright. Angela Wright is introduced as a 28-year-old woman living on Earth. Her life is filled with difficulties that forced her to go for self-exploration and find a place where she has the liberty to live her life the way she wants.

Angela grows up with her egoistic mother, Margaret, and doesn’t trust anyone easily. Her only friend is Brenda. Margaret chooses a career for Angela in the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau, but she walks away from it and goes on to become a Bounty Hunter. Angelo is the brother of Angela. He is sick and is aware that his days are limited. Angelo lives in an underground cave on Uranus and is a fighter like his parents. After the death of his father a year back, Angelo promised to deliver an important thing to Angela. But, the two have never met and Angela has no idea of Angelo’s existence. Brenda is a close friend of Angela Wright. She is referred to as Bren and loves Angela with all her heart.

Because of Angela’s interest in men, Brenda never disclosed her love to her. When Angela reveals her plan to move to Uranus and work as a bounty hunter to Brenda, she becomes heartbroken. Thomas and Sarah are the housekeeping couple. They hate Margaret very much and later get married to each other. Thomas hails from Mars, while Sarah is from Earth. When Angela’s father, James, faces a death threat, he turns to Thomas to keep his daughter safe in case he dies. Before that, Thomas used to assist James in his research works. Sarah and Thomas keep their promise of keeping Angela safe as long as she remains on Earth. But, when Angela decides to hunt dangerous criminals throughout the galaxy, they fear that their promise to James might get broken.

The Angela’s Epistles series written by author Rita Kruger is comprised of a total of 6 books, all of which were released in 2019. Its debut book is entitled ‘The Gap Year’. The Listless Lizard Publishing released it. Initially, it is depicted that Angela Wright lives a luxurious life due to the money left behind by her father. But, she feels dissatisfied with her life. On the occasion of her 28th birthday, Angela indulges in a fight with her mother and runs away. Margaret Wright, Angela’s mother, has always kept her under her shadow. But, Angela has grown tired of it. She has always made the right decision in life and has always followed her mother’s orders. When Margaret asks her to graduate from the Academy of the Intergalactic Bureau of Investigation, she doesn’t appreciate it and leaves the course during its last semester. Later, Angela signs a contract for bounty hunting criminals in the entire galaxy.

The second volume of this series is called ‘Sins of the Fathers’. It was also published by the Listless Lizard publication. This book opens by showing that Angela Wright is completely new to the world of bounty hunting and takes up her next mission to find a cop-killer named Nuremberg. Angela is also new at loving a woman and living on Uranus. After spending some time on Uranus, she comes to know that the planet is also known as Black Widow. Angela Wright comes across interesting creatures on the new planet and learns that the members of a resistance movement are living in caves. There, she meets her brother Angelo, who hands her over the box containing pictures and journals left behind by her dead father. Meanwhile, someone on Earth is stalking the people close to Angela and has his eyes set on Angela’s best friend and lover, Brenda. The difficulties in her path make Angela wonder if blooming was not what she thought it to be. Nevertheless, she moves on in search of Nuremberg and catches him to fulfill her contract.

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