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Publication Order of Riverbend Books

Riverbend (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
In All My Wishes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A saying stipulates that something meant to be will ultimately be. Arguably, this saying has never rang truer that in the case of Ciara Knight, the brains behind Riverbend series that was published to critical acclaim. In the run-up to plunging into writing, Knight used to work in a different sector. It was not until when she injured her foot and settled down to family life that she eventually started writing.

To begin with, Riverbend is the name of a literary series penned by Ciara Knight. Did you know that the name Riverbend may also refer to the title of a prequel in the said series? Ciara Knight, who is an American national, was born in the United States on 16th September. During the tail-end of her teenage, Knight was auditioned by and worked for the Walt Disney World. A physical injury wherein she injured her foot compelled her to discontinue her dancing ambitions; she had worked as a dancer for 18 months.

One of the post-dancing objectives of Ciara Knight included getting college education; as a college student, Knight had a penchant for penning splendid short stories that graced the pages of several literary magazines. A career break saw both Knight alongside her husband shelve their jobs and stay home to take care of their young children. Despite possessing good writing skills, it was not until her husband challenged her to write that she began writing.

Knight, who believes that the future is bright for those that believe in their dreams, was moved by the warm reception that her books received. The novel manuscript of Knight’s first book was titled The End; the book gave Knight the much-needed courage to venture into writing even though the book did not get published. To sum it up, Knight has since identified her niche which ranges from romance to fantasy to contemporary genres.

Riverbend Series: Section on Books
Ciara Knight’s bibliography has two trilogies, one tetralogy and quintet, and an eight-pronged series. In this context, the Riverbend series is the only quintet in the series. The series, whose books were published between 2015 and 2016, comprises of five books of which the first one is a prequel.

The prequel aside, there are three editions of the first book in the Riverbend series. The first edition of the earliest book was originally published in January 2016, titled In All My Wishes; and the book is categorized under the romance genre, particularly the contemporary romance sub-genre.

The featured central characters in Knight’s series named Riverbend are Anna Baker and Liam Harrow. Meet Anna Baker and Liam Harrow. On the one hand, Anna Baker is a self-supporting woman, careerist, and is seemingly heartbroken. Baker is also kind-hearted, trusty to the people she is in love with, and fiercely protective of bosom friends. Baker is a past master at fashion designing. On the flip side, Baker is restless and yearns for an elusive family life.

On the other hand, Liam Harrow is an adored college professor. Harrow has a pathetic love life in virtue of her ceaseless infatuation with Anna Baker dating back to their childhood days. A life-long resident of a town called Riverbend, he gave up on her teenage heartthrob after it dawned on him that she was possibly out of his reach after she discreetly relocated from Riverbend.

The moment that forever changed the lives of Liam Harrow and Anna Baker, who were lovers, happened many years previously. When Baker was aged fifteen, she and her mother relocated from Riverbend a night in a bid to escape from something that Anna has never known to date. However, Anna resolved to go back to the place one day.

Harrow and Baker’s paths cross again after both of them are among the guests invited to the wedding ceremony of a friend. And thus they meet again after many years away from each other. The unfolding story as Harrow and Baker rekindle their teenage love, then team up to investigate the truth behind her mother’s sudden escape from Riverbend will delight the reader.

Riverbend Series Awards
Without seemingly tooting her own horn, Ciara Knight acknowledges that her books have garnered accolades way beyond her imagination. More importantly, one of Knight’s books in the Neumarian Chronicles bagged the Best Cover category of the InD’tale awards; the award-winning novel is the 2014 book titled Balance which is the third one in the aforementioned series.

Best Riverbend Books
The following is a selection of the best books in the Riverbend series. Obviously, the first one is the 2016 book titled In All My Wishes. It has already been discussed. The second one is titled In All My Years. It is the second book in the Riverbend series and was initially published in 2016. This is a sequel to the first book. Basically, it provides an answer as to why Anna Baker’s mother, named Kathleen Baker, left Riverbend in a hurry. Apparently, it is because her husband was not only abusive but also associated with the mafia and drug traffickers. A decade later, she returns because daughter Anna is now married and expectant.

The third one is named In All My Dreams; this is the third book in the Riverbend series and was also originally published in 2016. It revolves around an FBI drug investigation that is being stopped so as to cushion the residents of Riverbend against the wrath of drug cartels.

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The second one is titled Serendipity Falls, a trilogy authored by Patrice Wilton. Serendipity Falls is a small town found in Mammoth upon California whereby people from outsiders go for love expeditions. The third one is named The Best Girls and is penned by Tamie Dearen. The themes explored here include matchmaking, falling in love, and hesitant lovers.

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