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Publication Order of Riverview Books

Bitter Legacy (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lion's Share (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pride of Place (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fortune's Heirs (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Riverview’ refers to a series of novels written by Kathleen Fuller. Kathleen is most commonly known as an Amish writer because she has produced so much romantic fiction surrounding the Amish community.

As such, it isn’t surprising that very few of her fans are aware of her history with the Riverview series. Though, the books do bare Kathleen’s signature.

+The Story

The Riverview series follows the exploits of a family known as the Stockwells. The Riverview novels are named after a three thousand acre estate in the Hudson Valley also known as Riverview. The books have various layers to them, though everything comes down to the drama of the Stockwell family.

The Stockwells are richer than most people will ever know. And their wealth lies in so much more than money, though they definitely have stupendous amounts of it. Rather, the Stockwells have connections in some truly impressive places, this including the United States government.

The family has stood at the center of many backroom deals and political machinations. However, wealth tends to stir up trouble, and that is exactly what happens when the Stockwells turn on each other.

Not that it all happens at once. By the time the Riverview series begins, things haven’t been right for quite a while. The infighting has only gotten worse, primarily because wrongs that were carried out a long time ago have been allowed to fester and grow.

The first book throws Stockwell against Stockwell as the family struggles to determine its path to the future. There is a lot of money behind the Stockwell name, and a lot of power as well. And, unfortunately, not everyone can shepherd all those resources and dictate the destiny of the family.

Many books have been written about powerful families struggling to get their bearings in the world. Most of those books tend to take the warm and fuzzy route as their authors guide their characters in a direction where they learn the true meaning of family and find a purpose outside the pursuit of money.

The Riverview series isn’t quite as sentimental. The books tend to cast many of the Stockwells in a less than positive light. When so much power and money is on the line, it is only natural for the waters to grow muddy as relatives turn into rivals in a fight for the top spot.

Of course, the strength of these books lays in the varied nature of each character’s intentions. While the novels essentially come down to a fight for power, the drive behind each character tends to vary.

For instance, you have Holly whose role as the favorite granddaughter was such that she saw fit to seek out her home as a sanctuary when her marriage failed. Her story primarily comes down to the unsettling secrets she begins to discover and which forces her to reevaluate many of the things she thought she knew.

Peter had a somewhat challenging childhood, though some of his peers might fight that assertion. Peter might have had more access to privilege than most but he was also a little unfortunate n having a father whose standing was so weak amongst the Stockwells. Peter’s actions in the story of the Riverview series are driven by a need to counter the reputation of his father.

Peter has to prove his worth to everyone, even himself, and he doesn’t care what he has to do or what price he has to pay to achieve the desired outcome.

Patrice, on the other hand, looks like she has everything going for her. Not only is she successful, but her pragmatic nature has made her a notable contributor to the matters of the family, even when her support only manifests as encouragement for her father. However, Patrice is eventually forced to engage in the unsavory drama of the Stockwells when the man she loves expresses unexpected plans.

The Stockwells come in all shapes and sizes, and the Riverview series endeavors to explore their varied personalities and the purposes driving them.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1967. Kathleen’s religious beliefs and her upbringing have always played an important role in the decisions she makes in her life. This includes her decision to pursue a Special Education Master’s Degree, an achievement that emphasized the teaching of the blind and visually impaired.

The author also has an Elementary Education Bachelor’s degree. Kathleen has always harbored a desire to know people and to understand their pain, and she does an effective job of dissecting them and representing all manner of personalities in her books.

There are few occurrences in Kathleen’s life that she holds in the highest regard. One of them is her marriage to her husband and the three children they raised, not to mention all the dogs, pigs, cattle and chickens that came in and out of their family.

The other relates to her religious beliefs. She would also be remiss to not mention her writing career, specifically the day she published her first notable story. At the time, Kathleen wasn’t working. She had chosen to stay at home and care for her children.

She had plenty of opportunities to read and eventually stumbled upon Christian fiction. The genre appealed to her and she decided that her life wouldn’t be complete until she tried her hand at it.

Rather than jumping in head first and writing a novel, Kathleen decided to test her skills by writing a short story. She moved on to a novella and eventually produced a full-length novel.

However, even then, the author wasn’t so certain that she could make it as a successful writer of fiction. But then Thomas Nelson Publishers came in and changed everything. They gave Kathleen Fuller a contract that would allow her to write numerous Amish Romance Novels.

That placed the author on the path to becoming a popular name in Christian fiction.

+Bitter Legacy

The Stockwell Progeny are setting up for a fight on a three thousand acre Hudson Valley Estate. With political intrigue raging in the background and backroom deals on the corporate and political arena acting as a backdrop, the first book in the Riverview series attempts to set the stage for one family’s struggle to control their future.

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