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Publication Order of Roaring Twenties Books

Jenn Bennett is one of the best American authors who has shown quality work by writing various books. She was born in Frankfurt Main, Germany. Besides being an author, she is also a novelist who has does various genre like historical romance, young adult fiction, paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She has done different books like the Bitter Spirits and Kindling the moon besides the Roaring Twenties. She attended the Troy University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is currently living in Atlanta with her husband. The Roaring Series by Jenn Bennett was first published in January 2013 and the book is known as “Bitter Spirits” and gave a very positive review by almost all the readers. This made the book be the best rated in the Romantci Times. The book has also featured in various competitions as one of the best because of its romantic story. The second book written in the series came almost one and half year later and was officially published in June 2014. This novel is known as the “Grim Shadows”. It also got very positive reviews for all its readers including the Romantic Times. The Roaring Twenties series by Jenn Bennett has a total of only three books that you will find very simple to read just in couple of days for the quick readers. In case you love romantic novels then this is the ultimate series that you will always enjoy reading. Visit your local library today and you will get a copy of these romantic books. They are also available online at very affordable prices hence you can easily find one to read. The whole series are available by just a click and you will make your day very fantastic when you read these books. The latest publication was published this year hence already available in the libraries and even online.

The Bitter Spirits

This is the genesis book in the Roaring Twenties series by Jenn Bennett. The book was published in January 2013 with characters like Aida Palmer. The story begins by showing that San Francisco is the source of all illegal boozing during the roaring twenties. He is also the source of both black magic and raw lust. The bay area is seen covered by fog all over and it is not favorable for those who specialize in the spirits. At this moment, the character Aida Palmer hosts on stage a medium show spirit at the Gris-Gris Speakeasy China town. She also has the same ability to beckon and even expel is very strange because it is not just a normal act. There is another character known as Winter Magnusson who loves the guns shots more than the ghosts. He is a bootlegger who is very notorious and is one of the targets of the malevolent hex. This has rendered him the magnet of hauntings. Just after Aida did her best to save the people through the supernatural aid, she is very determined to do away with the ghosts. Unfortunately, the delightful bootlegger has brought another totally different spell on her this moment that she thinks she is very safe. As the search of the curse workers who are responsible for the hex is on the outlook, we find that Aida and Winter have become very weak after drinking too much of the passion. At this point is when they realize that they possesses their own ghosts that they must jettison by any means possible.

This is the short summary of the romantic novel by Jenn Bennett. The book is available at various places like online and local libraries where you can find your personal copy to read at any time you wish like. It is a very charming story that you will definitely love reading. This is one of the best romantic books.

The Grim Shadows

This is the second book of the Roaring Twenties series by Jenn Bennett. It is a continuation of the first book hence you will not be left in suspense once you are done with the first novel. Its setting is also based in San Francisco. It is very foggy and a lot of inhibition is going on as the dark magic is moving in the city and at the same time prohibition is on. In the city, Lowe Magnusson has just packed where all the people in the town definitely love. He is an archaeologist and the princess Egyptian artifact known as djed amulet is soon bringing a very heavy paycheck to him. The paycheck will be given out by one of the richest San Francisco’s rich men. It is unfortunately that the expected easy money now becomes very complicated when the Swede runs into the uptight daughter of his patron. The situation becomes even worse as everyone expected because of the strange happenings. Hadley Bacall who is a curator also has a very hard task to ensure that she keeps her mouth shut to ensure that she holds her wild and hungry specters. Besides this, she has to ensure the specter does not interfere with anyone or anything in the bay. This is because just at her companion’s constant, she is deadly cursed with the spirits. The big challenge she has in holding the specter is that she is seriously interested in Lowe and on the other hand, her father is in need of the artifact he is travelling in. Hadley is also feeling the power of amulet and the problem comes in because she cannot gage the desire or the destruction. It is therefore a very critical situation for her because it is almost stirring up.

This is just a small overview if the Grim Shadow. You can always follow the complete story by reading online. Alternatively, you can buy the book online and get to read more and more on the whole romantic story. It is very inspiring and motivating story that you will definitely love following. Don’t miss out reading the Roaring Twenties series by Jenn Bennett since it is an excellent romantic book. This is just one of the best work that has been done by Jenn Bennett in her career as an author. There are more of her work you will go online.

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