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Rob Delany is an author, comedian, and actor that was born in 1977 in Boston Massachusetts. He was born to Robert and Nancy Delaney and spent most of his childhood in the small town of Marblehead in the state.
He went to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he studied musical theater and graduated in 1999.

Delaney is best known as an American comedian who became famous on Twitter before the app became huge. In the very early years, he rapidly amassed millions of followers as he practiced a bizarre form of comedy on the platform.
Delany is also known for his work on the Amazon Prime show “Catastrophe,” which he co-wrote alongside Sharon Horgan. The work would gain massive popularity and is a yardstick for many people on what a funny show needs to be.
In 2016, the Delany family was visited by tragedy as Henry his young son was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain. In 2018, just before Delaney turned forty-one and before the kid turned three, he died.

Rob Delaney published “A Heart That Works,” a novel that he penned with naked honesty, anger, hope, grace, and above all love for his son’s life and death.

In his works, Rob Delaney has made a reputation for inviting his readers into places of intimate family joys and claustrophobic and wrenching grief. Reading any of his works, one comes away feeling they are reenergized and that maybe they have the strength to handle life better.

Delaney first made his name in 2009 when he began posting on his Twitter profile. In seven years, he had more than one million followers on the platform. Even as most comics shied away from sharing their comedic works on social media, he blatantly published his jokes on Twitter.

According to Rob Delaney, Graham Linehan the Irish comedy author was critical of his rise given that she often responded to his tweets. A year after he started posting, he was named one of the funniest people on Twitter by “Paste” magazine.
In 2012, The Comedy Awards named him the “Funniest Person on Twitter” which was a first for any comedian. Apart from his comedy, Rob has also penned articles for the likes of the “Guardian” and “Vice.”

He published his debut work “Mother. Wife. Sister….” in 2013 followed by several other works. He also writes about his experiences losing Henry his two-year child to brain cancer.

In 2011, Delaney was supposed to begin shooting @RobDelaney a variety show but this never happened. It was after this that he began acting and writing “Catastrophe,” alongside the actor and writer Sharon Horgan which was aired on Channel 4 in 2015.

Rob Delaney now makes his home in London alongside his wife Leah with whom he has four children. After losing Henry their child to brain cancer, they had their fourth child in 2018.

Aside from his writing, Delaney also shares his experience dealing with all manner of health concerns such as alcoholism and depression. In 2002, he was involved in a drunk driving incident where he drove into a Los Angeles Department of Power and Water after blacking out.
The accident left him with a broken right arm and left wrist and deep lacerations on both knees. It was that accident that finally forced Rob to commit to dealing with his alcoholism.

In 2018 he was invited to present bedtime stories on BBC in Makaton since he had learned sign language in the year he spent taking care of Henry his son. He has said that Lucia Berlin’s “A Manual for Cleaning Women,” the short story collection is among his favorite works.

Rob Delaney’s novel “A Heart That Works” is a deeply personal and visceral memoir that tells of how the author lost his three-year-old son. In 2016, Henry his one-year-old son received a diagnosis of a tumor in the brain.

After living in many different places, the couple left the United States and moved to London. By then, then Rob and Leah were expecting their third kid Henry. The move to the United Kingdom would become an adventure that ultimately bound them all together.
Together, they navigated the clash of cultures, the novelty of London, and Rob’s fame which resulted in a funhouse experience. Given that he was a costar and cocreator in “Catastrophe” the hit series, he would become one of the most popular people in the United Kingdom.
The cataclysm that changed their lives was when Henry fell ill. Amid the brutal treatments, surgeries, and hospital routine, they would find a new community of fellow parents, nurses, caregivers, and aides that have to contend with the unthinkable.
Henry died two years later and his family watched in horror as their joyful family life was seriously threatened.

“Mother. Wife. Sister” by Rob Delaney tells the story of the author who has the identity of a comedian, father, husband, and author. Over the years, he has been responsible for penning a stream of insane and beautiful jokes on Twitter.
He loves women with saggy naturals and abundant public hair, he is sober, he speaks French and is often driven in all his endeavors.

He is a man that enjoys going head to head with political figures and antagonizing, working out while listening to metal, and farting.

Rob Delaney is among some of the few people who have had the privilege of bungee jumping from the Manhattan Bridge.

He talks about how he once acted in Camelot as Sir Lancelot, the time when he worked with his mother to break into an abandoned hospital just for kicks.

He also recounts his fight with depression though he writes it in a very funny manner and says he is lucky to be alive and be friends with the likes of the very popular author Margaret Atwood.

All in all, these are some heartbreaking and hilarious true stories that offer insights into how Rob came to be the author and comedian that he is today.

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