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Rob Leininger is an American author that writes thrillers. Before he became an author, Rob was in the navy. The writer has put his engineering degree to good use over the years, using his knowledge in the field to write epic tales that test the mettle of his characters’ abilities to survive the harsh realities of his worlds.


Rob Leininger’s life truly started shortly after he left Las Lomas High School; certainly, there were other notable occurrences in his past, but graduation from high school was definitely a turning point of sorts for the author. After graduating with a GPA of 1.9, it wasn’t long before Rob left Walnut Creek in California and joined the Navy.

Regardless of what anyone thought about this development, it actually paid off in the long run. The author’s career in the navy began with a stint in San Francisco Bay, specifically Treasure Island where Rob attended Electronics Technician ‘A’ School.

Rob Leininger’s natural intelligence seemed to shine through. Not only did he make it through ETA school but he was at the top of his class at graduation time. It was the sort of surprise that no one expected but which everyone definitely welcomed.

Rob was particularly pleased with the results because they validated his confidence in his own abilities. With ETA school behind him, Rob found a place on a heavy cruiser (USS Saint Paul) from where he was finally able to see some real action.

The cruiser took Rob off the coast of Vietnam as they engaged the coastal region, bombarding it for a lengthy period of time. Everyone’s experience of their time in the navy tends to vary.

Everyone tends to remember that one thing that stood out. Rob couldn’t get over how hot and sweaty he always was during his deployment on the USS Saint Paul. He recalls having to take multiple showers in quick succession.

It came as no surprise when Rob eventually ran off to the Antarctic. The opportunity to escape the sweltering heat came when ads began to show up on the ship, calling for volunteers to the navy’s Antarctic Operation to sign up. They called it Deep Freeze, and Rob saw it as his ticket to some semblance of comfort.

Naturally, the Antarctic presented its own fair share of challenges, and the year Rob Leininger spent at the base at McMurdo was hardly the most appealing. When Rob tells you of the times he had to climb onto a roof in order to plant an antenna, this at the geographical south pole where temperatures had fallen several dozen degrees below zero, you can probably understand the relief he felt when he finally came home.

Rob still had three years to go in the navy, so he found work on another Cruiser, bombarded Vietnam a few more times, crossed the Equator on more occasions that he expected, and then finally left the navy in 1971.

Determined to hit the ground outside the navy running, Rob Leininger, attended the University of Reno in Nevada where he studied mechanical engineering. Just like in the military, Rob excelled. The author even became a member of Math societies and engineering associations like Pi Mu Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi.

Even though Rob worked on a few military-related engineering projects, he eventually left all that behind and went into publishing, writing ‘Black Sun’ in 1991. The success of Rob’s writing efforts was such that ‘Killing Suki Flood’, one of his books, was optioned by Warner Brothers for a potential movie adaptation.

He even managed to enter the Writers Guild of America by piquing the interest of New Line Cinema with one of his screenplays. One would think that with his engineering degree and burgeoning writing career, Rob Leininger would finally settle into a life of comfort.

However, financial troubles eventually came knocking, forcing the author to seek actual employment. Rob became a math teacher and he quickly found that he not only loved the field but he enjoyed talking to his students about mathematical concepts.

But even his love for teaching did little to quell his desire to write, a desire he didn’t realize was so strong. Rob eventually left teaching and began to write full-time, this time approaching the writing profession with all the seriousness he could muster.

The author eventually produced ‘Gumshoe’, a book that not only won him a Shamus Award but also finally cemented his place as an author of note in the publishing arena. Rob hasn’t looked back since, continuing to churn out new novels.

+Killing Suki Flood

Frank knew Suki would be trouble the moment he laid eyes on her. The eighteen-year-old was having car trouble in an empty desert, miles away from the nearest highway.

And Frank did not need to see how gorgeous she was to realize that trouble would follow her wherever she went. But he still stopped and showed her how to change a tire. That should have been the end of their encounter. Frank didn’t even think he would ever see Suki again. But he was wrong. Suki was in trouble and he would have to come to her rescue again.

This story appeals to some readers because it has a very fast moving plot about an older gentleman who is drawn into the troubles of a young lady. Other readers tend to frown on the book because it finds a 51-year-old man engaging in a romantic relationship with a 19-year-old.


When the mayor and district attorney of Reno disappear, the only clues available are their vehicles which are found next to each other in the parking lot of an airport. It is suggested that they might have flown out of Nevada together, but the flight manifest doesn’t support that theory.

Even though there is no reason to suspect foul play, the disappearances become a national news topic. It isn’t long before Mortimer Angel comes into the picture. After a thankless career at the IRS, Angel became an apprentice at his nephew’s detective agency.

The newly minted private investigator is at a loss when he stumbles upon the head of the mayor in his ex-wife’s car. Suddenly he is drawn into a high-stakes game that threatens to derail his life in more ways than one.

This is the book that drew the attention of readers to Rob Leininger’s prowess as a writer. The novel finds a former IRS agent trying to solve the disappearances of two very important people in Reno.

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  1. Hunter Paalman: 2 years ago

    I’ve been reading several of Rob’s novels lately while I wait in the car as my wife’s Dr’s appointment chauffeur. As a retired chem engineer I like his technical competence; but the great stories are at the heart of the fun. He went to Las Lomas High School where I live in Walnut Creek, CA. There is a fb page by graduates of that HS and I see their posts once in a while. Today they showed a picture of my neighbor for 60 years who taught industrial arts there. I will comment and also pass along non-scholar Leininger’s link and some of his turn-around career outcome.


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