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Cuddies Strip (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Barossa Street (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A short story prequel called Fresh Watter in this series is found in the anthology Break in Case of Silence.

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Break in Case of Silence: New Writing Scotland 39 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rob McInroy is a published novelist and author of short stories. He has written short stories such as “Phoenix on the Orange River” using the pen name Tom Conoboy.

He is most recognized for authoring the book Cuddies Strip. The fictional novel is based on a true story. it focuses around crimes that took place in Scotland in the 1930s. The book was released for readers to first enjoy by Ringwood Publishing in September of 2020. The novel also made the longlist for the John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award of 2021 from the Crime Writers’ Association.

McInroy says of the Cuddies Strip novel that the historical period of the time was ‘fascinating’ and has a lot that resonates with the global climate of today. Economic depression meant that nationalism was on the rise all across Europe and he described the atmosphere as being ‘febrile’. The author describes the mood as being hostile and people were also not trusting of strangers in what was a unique time.

Rob is originally from Perthshire and sets a lot of his writing there. He typically puts the story as passing anywhere from the early 1920s all the way up to as far as 2010 and modern times. Besides writing full length novels, Rob also writes shorter works. His short stories have also been entered into competitions. He entered his short stories into the Bedford International Writing Competition, Writing Magazine, Chipping Norton Literary Festival Short Story Competition and Hissac, and won all four of them! He has also won the Enizagam Writing Competition with “The Entertainer”.

The author has entered far more contests than just these and has often had the honor of being placed or making it to the shortlists of the competitions. He was also the winner of a Northern Noir Crime Novel competition held by the Bradford Literature Festival in 2019. He was awarded the Darling Axe Novel First Page Prize for Cloudland, his novel, in 2019.

The author was born in Crieff in Perthshire. He currently resides in Yorkshire and enjoys writing there. He would attend the University of Hull and graduate with his M.A. in the field of creative writing and also got his PhD in the field of American Literature. He balances his time between writing and working on his novels and short stories and working in local government in Yorkshire.

Rob McInroy is the author of Cuddies Strip. The novel tells the tale of a true crime, a murder that took place in Scotland in real life. It involves a young man getting murdered and a young woman being raped, all taking place on the well known lovers lane of Cuddies Strip in Perth in 1935. This is where readers get to meet the main character of Bob Kelty, a PC and a police officer that is young and shy but also trying to get over the passing of his father when he was young. He’s a smart guy and decides to take on the case when senior officers prove to be ineffective.

If you have been searching for a dramatic story to read or the perfect beach and relaxing fiction read, this true crime novel is the perfect book to pick up! Travel back in time as you find out all about the real life murder and an unspeakable act. Sensitive readers should be warned that the novel does include graphic acts and those that may be triggered by violence or sexual crimes and things of that nature perhaps should opt not to move ahead with reading this story if they are not comfortable with the subject matter.

The time is August and the year is 1935. Marjory Fenwick and Danny Kerrigan are two young people with the rest of their lives ahead of them. She is 17 years old, while he is 18 years old. The two decide to venture out and go take a walk to enjoy the still nice weather left over from a day full of sunshine.

The two go to Cuddies Strip, which is known for being a lane for lovers. It is located on Scotland’s area of Perth on its outskirts. So even though it may be ten at night, the moon is full and there is more than enough light to see by. There is even heat still there from the sun shining all day. The two of them are set to enjoy a night all to themselves, or at least that is what they think.

Dany and Marjory walk while kissing and holding hands. But the last thing that they ever expected was for their peaceful time together as lovers to be interrupted by trouble in the worst way. Their lives forever change when chaos comes to visit them. Danny falls after the sound of a shotgun, and Marjory doesn’t know what to do.

She attempts to get help but also hears someone behind her that eventually grabs her and takes her into the fields. This is just the start of a horrible moment that may come to define her for as long as she lives. Will Danny be okay? Will Marjory ever recover? Can Inspector Conoboy and PC Bob Kelty find out who committed this horrible act and bring justice?

The police will have to deal with the ineptitude of their coworkers as well as the tough lack of clues to go on. Can they help Marjory heal by catching the person who did this– and stop them before they act again? Read this novel to find out!

Barossa Street is the second novel in the Cuddies Strip series by Rob McInroy. If you love mysteries and historical fiction, check out this sequel and catch all of the action in this series based on the events of a true crime.

When someone clearly innocent is accused of a crime, Bob Kelty must step in and find out what’s really going on. The novel is set in Perth in 1936. Can the officer get to the bottom of things and crack this case? Read the book to find out!

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