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Rob Sinclair is a critically acclaimed writer from The United Kingdom, who is famous for writing crime, fiction, thriller, and mystery books. He is particularly well known for writing the bestselling novel series called The Enemy. This series consists of espionage thriller stories that feature the embattled agent named Carl Logan. This series is known to have sold more than 200,000 printed copies till date. Author Sinclair’s Enemy series has obtained critical acclaim from a number of readers and reviewers worldwide. In fact, the readers have liked the work of author Sinclair so much that they have compared his work with the likes of top authors like Vince Flynn and Lee Child. The 4th book that author Sinclair wrote in his career is the pulsating and suspenseful psychological thriller known as Dark Fragments. It was published by the Bloodbound Books in 2016 and is described as a chilling, cleverly written, and expertly crafted story. The book went on to become one of the top 50 bestsellers on Amazon UK immediately after its publication. As of now, author Sinclair is working on his other exciting mystery series, the James Ryker series. The events in this series take off from where author Sinclair had ended the Enemy series. Just like his bestselling series, this series too shows a lot of promise and is expected to become a huge hit among the masses with its later releases. The first couple of books in this series have already been published and have received moderate success. However, the critics believe that if author Sinclair makes a few necessary modifications in the plots and characters of the upcoming, he might see a tremendous rise in the sale of the James Ryker books.

Author Sinclair was born in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK. He decided to take up writing as a full time career in the year 2009 after making a promise to his wife that he can create an intriguing thriller story on his own. As his wife is a hardcore reader of thriller novels, she did not let him break his promise and was frequently after him until he completed the novel. Before deciding to make a career in the writing field, author Sinclair used to work for an international accounting firm. Sinclair for around 13 years as an accountant after starting immediately after the completion of his graduate studies. He earned his degree from the Nottingham University in 2002 and specialized in the investigations of forensic fraud at the national & international levels. Author Sinclair has now given up his former career completely and focuses mainly on creating many more thrilling and suspenseful stories. He hails from Nort East England originally. However, he has resided and worked in numerous cities having fast paced lives, such as New York. Currently, author Sinclair is happily settled in West Midlands along with his loving wife and a couple of young sons. Sinclair has received praise from a number of literary critics for his dedication towards his work. This has boosted his confidence a lot and has motivated him to continue writing exciting books in the future as well. Author Sinclair hopes that he can keep up with the faith shown in him by his fans and followers.

The Enemy series written by Rob Sinclair is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. The plots of each of the three books revolve around the life of an agent called Carl Logan, who works for the Joint Intelligence Agency and carries out dangerous missions on the orders of his commanding officers. The first book in this series is entitled ‘Dance With The Enemy’. This book was released by the Vesey Manor publication in the year 2016, following its initial release in 2014. Author Sinclair has introduced the chief characters in this book’s story as Carl Logan, Youssef Selim, and few others. The plot takes place in Paris. At the start of the book, it is depicted that Carl Logan is a perfect agent as he is capable of carrying out any job given to him successfully. But, he seems to be a loner as he does not have any family members of any friends. Carl Logan has undergone training to handle any situation without showing any emotion and with great efficiency. Lately, Logan seems to have undergone a certain change that has made him opposite of the man that used to be. Around 5 months ago, Carl Logan was captured on a mission and was tortured extremely. He was left to die by a violent terrorist named Youssef Selim. This has changed his life to a great extent. When Youssef Selim is learnt to be in Paris having connection with the Attorney General of America’s kidnapping, Carl thinks that this is his only chance to have his revenge. He pursues Selim relentlessly and seems totally unaware of the growing destruction trail that he leaves behind. Shortly after, Carl Logan realizes that he has landed in a deep web of deceit and lies. Finally, Logan learns what it actually means to dance with an enemy.

The next novel written and published in the thriller series is called ‘Rise of the Enemy’. It was also published by Vesey Manor in 2016. Once again, author Sinclair has shown Carl Logan at the center of the plot. Apart from him, there are a few other important characters who play needful roles to carry the plot forward. At the beginning of the story, it is described that each and everyone faces a breaking point in his life at some point. It appears that Carl Logan has found his breaking point. He asked by his intelligence agency to go to Russia for carrying out a routine mission. Initially, the mission looks to be a simple one. But, the moment Carl Logan sets his foot in Russia, he finds that his cover has been blown. Following this, he is forced to enter into a world full of hell, which he did not hope to see again after his previous encounter. However, Carl feels that something is different on this occasion. Soon after, doubts begin to arise in Carl Logan’s mind making him wonder why the mission went wrong. Carl’s life has always been full of enemies, wherever he went. But, this time it has so happened that the enemy is very close to his home and he does not realize it. He wonders whether the people at his own agency have back-stabbed him by setting him up. But, he needs solid proof before he could arrive at any conclusion. Till then, the only thing he can do is take each step forward very carefully and get rid of the threats that arrive in his path.

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    I hope that you can produce more books in the trilogy of the sleeper 13. Ending up with no ear and stealing a pushbike is not enough, This is a great story and needs to be continued.


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