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Robert James Thomas or Rob Thomas was a former high school football player turned writer-screenwriter-producer. His most remarkable creation is Veronica Mars which also became a television series.

This versatile writer not only engaged himself in book writing. He is also a successful screen writer. His works became important projects for TV networks. He later became involved in many TV series and films, not as writer, but as executive producer.

Thomas was born on August 15, 1965.
Rob Thomas was from Sunnyside, Washington. He finished his high school in San Marcos High School in 1983. The University of Texas was his alma mater. It is here where he received his diploma for BA in history. Before he studied in the University of Texas, he also studied at Texan Christian University. He studied here through a football scholarship. He played several games before he graduated.

Thomas is also a music lover. During the early phase of his career, he played three bands in Austin. This love for music is sometimes hinted in his works. His passion for writing dominated his love for sports and music. After his graduation from college, he easily got offers for several writing opportunities.

How did Rob Thomas reach this pedestal in his career? His career started as a high school teacher. He taught journalism in John Marshall High School and also in John H. Reagan High School. Both schools are in Texas. He also became the campus paper adviser for University of Texas. This stage in his career perhaps became his springboard for his future best sellers. Thomas also worked in Channel One News. This experience was useful for his novel Satellite Down.

His writing career took him to the entertainment arena. His experiences include writing scripts for various series and films. Examples of TV series are Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cupid, Dawson’s Creek, Veronica Mars, Big Shots, 90210, and Party Down. Other television shows where wrote and co-produced are Party Down, Cupid, Good Behavior, Plymouth Rock, and iZombie. His writing expertise also made it to the films. These films include Fortune Cookie, Drive Me Crazy, and Veronica Mars.

Among the books that Rob Thomas is well-acclaimed for are Rats Saw God and Veronica Mars, to name a few. These books both focus on the youth. The talent and skills that the youth has are their tools to face the challenges and struggles in their life. This and other significant themes are found in these novels.

In Rats Saw God, Rob Thomas created the character of Steve York. He is a talented young man but turned to drugs after a break up with his high school sweetheart, Dub. There are also other struggles that depressed him like his parents’ divorce, moving into Texas, and the fear of getting into college. All these became his excuse of going after marijuana.

A guidance counselor and English teacher helped him make realizations. This teacher asked him to make a 100-page essay to help him graduate. This was his one and only requirement before he can leave high school and move into college. This paperwork made Steve realize his mistakes. He did make a turn-around. The majority of the book comprised of the contents of essay making it look like a diary entry. The book used parallel approach between Steve’s monologue and third-person narration.

The novel ends with Steve getting into college. His life became more positive as he dreamed more for his future. This usual happy ending is expected. Many youngsters can relate to the novel making it a great hit from that time even until now.

The book title may seem intriguing at first, Rats Saw God when there is no religious theme throughout the book. The title came from a student group in Steve York’s school. This group called themselves GOD which stands for Grace Order of Dadaists. In their yearbook, the members used ASL or American Sign Language to spell DOG WAS STAR. In reverse, this phrase spells Rats Saw God, the title of the book.

This book will be a good read for teenagers and even for adults who love portrayals of high school life realities. The words, scenes, characters, challenges, goals, and achievements seen in this novel depicted regular American teenage lifestyle. The artistry and writing skills of Rob Thomas are highlighted in this first novel that he created in 1996.

Another great TV series based on Thomas’s work was Veronica Mars. This is also the title of the book series that Thomas is most known for. One episode of this series had a title of Rats Saw God.

Veronica Mars is also the name of the main character of this novel. The novel is a mystery novel which put readers on the edge of their seat. The main character is a private investigator tasked to find about a missing girl. Series of investigation led Veronica into a house of a criminal mastermind. This continued to a major break in her investigation which leads to her past.

This book became the source for a remarkable television mystery series which ended in 2007. The series is phenomenal with its witty humor, down-to-earth scenarios, and fictitious suspense. With the book, readers get a thrill by reading and this allows them to keep on reading. With the TV series, the audience will get tons of thrills after thrill as they watch the story unfolds.

This great writer, although very successful, is still very down-to-earth (just like his masterpieces). He looks back to great mentor, Vince Gilligan. He mentioned in an interview that he always sends mail to Vince. He considers Vince as his model. Thomas also includes “little people” in his works. His associates and co-workers consider him as such. His concern is obvious in the way he handles conflicts with people he is working with. Although there are instances that his works were not published, these did not hinder him to push through with his dream.

At present, Rob Thomas lives in Austin, Texas with his family. He has a beautiful wife name Katie and two children, Greta and Hank. He still receives a lot of support and admiration. His works still causes laughter, suspense, awe, and inspiration.

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