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Rob Thurman is one of the famous authors of America and a New York Times bestselling novelist. Her full name is Robyn Thurman and she likes to write her novels based on a variety of genres such as science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy and horror. Till today, she has written 3 novel series’ and two short stories, making a total of around 15 books. The novels written by Thurman have been published in the major countries of the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, etc. The Trickster series and the Cal Leandros series written by Thurman share a common universe and are classified in the urban fantasy genre. The other novel series written by her, Korsak Brothers series falls under the sci-fi thriller. The short stories and anthologies written by Thurman were so popular that she was featured in the list of the most successful urban fantasy authors such as Simon R. Green, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris and Kat Richardson.

During the initial days of her writing career, author Thurman had not revealed her gender. Hence, there used to be always a misunderstanding among the readers as to whether she was a man or a woman. However, she told everyone about the true gender. Almost all the novels and the short stories written by author Rob Thurman have received positive reviews from one and all. The Romantic Times has always rated her books with better ratings and it had also nominated one of her books for the Reviewer’s Choice Award contest in the Best Urban Fantasy category. All the three novel series’ written by author Thurman are currently ongoing. Her writing works have been praised by the critics and the fellow authors as dark with non-stop action from start to end and rife with pure evil sarcasms. They are mostly sharp like a switchblade and as near as illegal, probably. She is of the opinion that those who loved watching the Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction and The Shining will definitely love her writings and get what she aims to deliver to them through her novels and short stories. Author Thurman is a member of the SFWA, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and lives in the rural Indiana, which is full of endless farmlands and infinite cows.

The highly successful Cal Leandros series written by author Rob Thurman consists of a total of 10 novels published between the years 2006 and 2015. The series is currently an ongoing one and author Thurman is about to publish the latest novel of the series any time soon in the coming days. The series is based on the life of the fictional character named Caliban Leandros, who is half human and half monster as his mother was impregnated with a bloodthirsty creature named Auphe, which is also called as Grendel. The series shows Cal living in New York City along with his brother Niko and finding it difficult to keep Cal’s secret. Also, they are battling to survive against the ones who want to see them dead. In the later novels of the series, it is shown that Cal Leandros tries to balance his dark nature with an impulse of defending and protecting other people from the supernatural powers. The first novel of the series was published by the Penguin publishing house in the year 2006. It was titled as ‘Nightlife’ and depicted the lives of the main characters Niko Leandros, Cal Leandros and Robin Goodfellow.

The plot of the novel is set in New York City, New York, United States. In the opening sequence of the novel, Cal Leandros is depicted a narrating his condition of half human and half monster personality to the readers. He lives in New York City along with his brother Niko. He seems to be fascinated by the humans living in New York City, who seem to be oblivious for the preternatural nightlife in their surrounding. He says that the humans only fascinate themselves about the vampires by keeping a troll under the Brooklyn Bridge or a vampire in the penthouse of Upper East Side, but he is aware of the fact he is just half as human as them. Cal’s father had a dark lineage which gives him the nightmares. All of the elf race from the other world after Cal Leandros. He is helped by his brother Niko to survive against the pursuers, gave up his college studies long ago just to save his brother and has been on the run along with him for four years. So far, Cl does not understand the reason why the Grendel monsters want him, but as they have started to show up once again, he is about to know the answers to all questions that he is trying to find. The Grendel monsters regard him as the key to unleash their hell on the earth. Therefore, the fate of the human race depends on the fight for saving the life of Cal Leandros from the Grendel monsters.

The second novel of the Cal Leandros series was published under the title ‘Moonshine’. It was published by the Roc publishing house in the year 2007 and continued to show the struggling life of the main characters Cal Leandros, Niko Leandros and Robin Goodfellow. The plot of the novel is set in Florida and New York in the United States. The plot of the novel opens up with the Cal and his brother trying to settle down in New York after saving the human world defeating the monsters from their fiendish father’s family side. The two brothers begin to work as detectives and bodyguards and this seemed to work for them as the streets of the New York City were stalked by preternatural beings just like the normal humans. In the latest case that comes to them, Cal and Niko are required to go undercover for the werewolf Mafia, Kin. As one of the low level bosses of the Kin thinks that a rival is setting him up for a fall, he recruits the Leandros brothers to bring proof. They are asked to start from the back room of the gambling club for the non-humans called as Moonshine. At first, Cal thinks of it as a simple and easy job, however, he soon realizes that he was wrong in thinking so. Niko and Cal get set up and the ones who did this to them were believed to be very dangerous and ruthless.

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  1. Megan: 2 years ago

    Does anyone know how I could possibly send a letter or note to Rob Thurman? Author of the Leandros series?

    She is my hero. I know she was removed by her publisher, but I am severely dyslexic and she is the only reason that I read to this day.

    Nightlife is the first novel I read and finished and it is how I developed a love for not only reading, but writing. She changed my life and I have regretted that I never took my opportunity to write her a letter before she disappeared.

    It would mean the world to me if I could find a way to telling her my story and the difference she made in my life.

    If anyone who reads this has any ideas, anything what so ever, it would mean the world to me.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      She has a twitter @Rob_Thurman you could try although it doesn’t look like she updates it anymore.


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