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The Sky Blues (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blaine for the Win (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
If I See You Again Tomorrow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Another First Chance (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robbie Couch is a widely popular American writer of young adult, romance, comedy, LGBT, contemporary, and realistic fiction stories. He is particularly famous for creating his debut novel called The Sky Blues. Couch has developed vast fan-following for writing exciting romantic-comedy/young adult stories.

Many of his works have been featured in popular literary publications such as Upworthy, Huggington Post, O-The Oprah Magazine, etc. Author Couch originally hails from a small town in Michigan and currently resides in Los Angeles. His house is surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife creatures, especially aggressive birds.

Couch fears them very much but loves to be surrounded by the natural setup all the time. He likes to spend his free time with a bowl of his favorite noodles in hand and enjoy nature’s beauty in all its glory.

Most of the time, he appears to be working on his next novel or scratching his head over a new idea. Couch feels proud in knowing that he has managed to develop an excellent fan-following in a short period of time and hopes to increase it to a much greater extent in the times to come.

Another thing that he is quite fond of is pizza with a topping of mushroom and pepperoni. Couch never tries to hide the fact that he is gay. He loves himself the way he is and never lets the opinions of others affect him in any way. In his first novel, author Couch has described the story of Sky Baker, a senior high school student.

Sky is gay and has developed feelings of love for his classmate named Ali. He wishes to give a befitting reply to the homophobic haters by planning to asks Ali out for prom in a unique way. Sky makes a list of interesting ideas to make Ali accept his proposal and calls it Promposal Ideas.

Every entry in the list seems quite embarrassing and Sky experiences a nightmare when an unknown hacker leaks that list to the entire school. He feels crushed and doesn’t know how to face his schoolmates, most importantly Ali.

To his surprise, Sky’s classmates come forward in his support and motivate him to put up a fight by making the haters pay for their inhuman deeds. This story was highly appreciated in the LGBTQ community and various queer readers praised Couch for describing the hardships, struggles, love, loss, and unity of their community through this story.

Author Couch thinks that it is extremely important to create stories centering around LGBTQ teenagers and highlighting their joy and resilience. He feels queer kids are forced to face lots of difficulties from society and it is only through telling their stories that those difficulties can be lessened.

In spite of all the hardships and difficulties, Couch feels happy to know that queer teens are tough, magical, and complex. It is their never-say-die attitude that makes them believe that they deserve a happy ending and strive to achieve it by overcoming the struggles and difficulties in their path.

When Couch was a small kid, he had come across a book penned by Patrick Dennis called Auntie Mame. He could not put this book down and gained a lot of inspiration from it. There were other books that he got his hands on as he grew up that made him sob uncontrollably and cemented his love for stories about queers.

In the later years, Couch found his new love in young adult stories and became obsessed with the works of noteworthy authors like Phil Stamper, Angie Thomas, Julian Winters, Becky Albertallu, Ryan La Sala, etc.

Author Couch is deeply satisfied with the way his books have fared in the market. It has made him immensely happy to learn that his stories have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe.

Couch hopes his fans keep liking his work in the future as well and thereby help him in becoming much more successful. His advice to aspiring authors is to make a sincere plan and follow it with their heart. Couch also suggests they map out their stories and try to finish manuscripts by creating timelines and holding themselves accountable. He wants them to know that writing doesn’t always feel like fun.

In fact, the process tends to become downright excruciating on many occasions. So, it is highly important to remain motivated all the time and keep backing themselves up by pushing themselves hard. Couch believes it is of importance that an aspiring author keeps honing their writing skills and remain in constant touch with their mentors, guides, or advisors.

The debut book written by author Robbie Couch is entitled ‘The Sky Blues’. It was released in April 2021 by Simon Schuster publication. This book revolves around the life of its lead character named Sky Baker. He lives in a small town that suddenly becomes claustrophobic when the secret promposal plans made by him get leaked and bring embarrassment to him at the hands of queer haters.

Initially, Sky Baker is introduced as an openly gay teenager. But, because of the orthodox thinking of his insular town’s people, he has always felt that being invisible is much easier than being open about his sexual orientation.

Sky is determined to not allow anything to spoil his senior year and decides to become popular in school by proposing to his crush, Ali, and asking him to accompany him to the annual beach party. He quickly comes up with ideas and plans things as only a month is left.

Sky thinks that the smartest way to go about his plan is to come out open and live loudly and proudly. However, his plans to make the gayest proposal for prom get leaked anonymously by a hacker.

It does not take much time for the leak to become viral and bring shame and embarrassment to Sky Baker. He becomes so disheartened and fed up with the sudden turn of events that he makes up his mind to drop out of school and skip the town as well.

Surprisingly, his pals from school come to support him and make a plan to hunt down the perpetrator that brought him such embarrassment. Sky wonders what would happen when the 30 day period comes to an end. He starts feeling that there is very little hope for him to keep the hard-won visibility and live his life with dignity. But, the people around him keep consoling and giving hope that everything will be fine as time goes by.

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