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Robbie Munro / Best Defense Books In Order

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Publication Order of Robbie Munro / Best Defense Books

Best Defence Series
Best Defence is a mystery series by William H.S. McIntyre. The series introduces Robbie Munro, a Scottish solicitor with many problems and too little time. In the first book, you get to read about a gruesome murder involving a policeman and his young wife. With its unending action, unforeseen twists and turns, and characters you will easily fall in love with, this book sets the pace for the series. Throughout the series, Robbie will be doing all he can to keep his clients out of jail or at least reduce their sentence. He will also be dealing with one personal issue after another, and it is easy to sympathize with this hardworking lawyer who never seems to catch a break.

Relatively Guilty
Relatively Guilty is the first book in the Best Defence series. The book stars Robbie Munro, a lawyer in Scotland. Robbie is swamped at work, and given the cases, he is currently dealing with, there is no denying that crime is booming. On top of his busy caseload, Robbie is required to investigate a homicide. This case involves a policeman who is found with his skull caved in and his wife next to him clutching the murder weapon. Even though this seems to be an open and shut case, Robbie discovers a witness who could throw it in a different direction. However, he is shocked when his murder client is eager to go for a life sentence the nearer Robbie gets to the truth.

Aside from all that is going on at work, Robbie’s personal life is also getting complicated. His brother, Malkie, shows up uninvited only to confess that he had accidentally killed his girlfriend Cat. Malkie has a price on his head for killing a Glasgow gangster’s daughter who also happened to be Robbie’s ex-girlfriend. Robbie’s elder brother is a former soccer legend who always seems to create messes only to leave Robbie to clean them up. To add to all these, Robbie is set to go to the dock once again for a counterfeiting charge that could end his law career. How is one person supposed to deal with all these issues? Why can’t Robbie’s life be as easy as that of Vendee people?

Robbie hunts for his witness along the Loire estuary salt marshes where life is relaxed and peaceful. He finds the people here intriguing, and he couldn’t help but admire their lifestyle and wish that his life could be as blissful. However, he still has to protect Malky from Cat’s father who thinks the accident was all his fault and also deal with his counterfeit case. Robbie is also working to turn Ilsa’s case into a justifiable homicide since her husband was abusive. It is at from the Vendee folks that Robbie hears about the mythical Twinfish, and somehow, this clears everything up. There is a way out for his, his brother, and client. All Robbie need to do is stay on top of his game.

Relatively Guilty is a well-plotted, fast-paced, and captivating story. The story is littered with Scottish vernacular and idioms which add a wonderful flavour to it. This book offers insight into the legal system in Scotland. If you have never understood the relationship between solicitors and barristers, this book will clear all this up. This is a legal thriller, a mystery, and a comedy all in one. It is characterized by humorous yet believable characters, great dialogue, and unending action that starts right from the first page.

Duty Man
Duty Man is the second book in the Best Defence series. The book continues to expose the trials and tribulations of Robbie Munro’s life. When Max Abercrombie, a local lawyer, is killed in cold blood, Linlithgow town is shaken to its core. This is the first assassination case this historic town has witnessed in the last five hundred years. Understandably, the people want the person behind the heinous act punished. Robbie is Max’s childhood friend, and he is horrified when he discovered that duty required him to act as the defence for the accused. How can he even defend a man suspected for coldly killing his friend?
Robbie dives deep into this investigation only to discover a link between Max’s killing and that of a high court judge a while ago. Could his client be as innocent as he claims? How does he prove this given the evidence working against him? Robbie is determined to leave no stone unturned where this case is concerned. However, the deeper he digs into the past, the more the bodies continue to pile up. This story will keep you guessing about the killer to the end. While Robbie’s client seems like the obvious choice, this series has proven that things are not always what they seem. So why was the judge and Max’s friend killed?

Robbie, like any other under-paid yet overworked criminal defence lawyer has his weaknesses. While his clients pay him through the Scottish Legal Aid system, Robbie goes the extra mile for his client. His personal life is just as fast as his professional one, so there is never a dull moment in this book. The rest of the cast is just as entertaining. You will get to meet Robbie’s colleagues, and it is admirable how they all show up for each other. What personal challenges is Robbie dealing with this time around and how well is he handling it all? Read the book to the end to find out.

Duty Man is an ingeniously plotted, highly entertaining read. The book is filled with witty and fascinating insights into human realities in the criminal justice system. Everything from the narration and pacing is just right for this type of story, making this a page-turner. The Scottish charm adds a lot of character to the story. The ending is quite dramatic, and it will send you in search of the next book in this series. If you are looking for an action-filled crime thriller story, this book is ideal. The book is about 360 pages long and a perfect read for a lazy afternoon.

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